The Smithsonian Says “Self-Reliance” Are White Traits

It seems like these people and orgs WANTS to keep black people poor, and dependent on the government.

The Smithsonian joins Seattle in the category of racism like SEATTLE DID… Here is a cute adaption of a popular meme that reeks of common sense — before I post the video:

HerE is MRCTV’s video:


Crowd Size and Corona Bias (Trump vs. BLM)

MRCTV: The Liberal Media Thinks President Trump’s Rallies Are Dangerous, But Praise Protesters Who Gather By The Hundreds Of Thousands

I thought these two examples are perfect to display how the media portrays the issues in a jaundiced way… here is the first example (click to enlarge):

This other example comes by way of NEWSBUSTERS:

Continuing their use of Orwellian tacticsNBC Nightly News featured hypocrisy that jumped out from the pages of Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That notion was on full display during Monday’s newscast as anchor Lester Holt immediately pivoted from a segment bashing President Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to boosting the “crowded” Seattle “Autonomous Zone,” now renamed the Capitol Hill Occupy Protest (CHOP).

Their hypocrisy was stunning. Even just listening to Holt’s introductions to the segments showed that NBC didn’t care about how blatant it was. “The spread of the virus is also a concern as the Trump campaign gets set to resume large scale rallies this coming weekend in Oklahoma,” he decried; only to turn around at the top of the following segment and boast: “In Seattle this evening, protesters continue occupying part of the city and demanding police reform.

Turns out, some people’s ability to exercise their First Amendment rights were more equal than others…..

He also wasn’t happy with how Trump’s campaign director planned to hand out masks and hand sanitizer. “The President’s campaign manager tonight announcing that all attendees will get a temperature check, hand sanitizer, and a mask. But it is not clear whether they will be required to wear it,” Alexander huffed.

For correspondent Jo Ling Kent’s part, she touted how “[p]rotesters [were] showing no signs of leaving this six-block area, after taking it over a week ago. Now, festive, crowded, and peaceful, demonstrators pitching tents and planting gardens this weekend in the newly reclaimed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.”

Besides turning a blind eye to the street fights, gunpoint shakedowns of businesses, and the general lawlessness of the zone, Kent also downplayed their radical list of demands. “Their demands? Reduce funding for the Seattle Police Department, invest in the black community, and release arrested protesters,” she cherry-picked.

Kent didn’t utter a single word about the coronavirus….

Merriam-Webster’s Redefining of “Racism” May Backfire

It’s the kind of story that echoes citations of postmodernist linguistic maneuvering in the decades-long battle over the politicization of language. (See more at MRCTV’s BLOG)

An excellent definition incorporating the old Webster’s and the Safire Political Dictionary:

  • Webster’s says this: a. belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

So we see that Webster’s main definition are based on a belief in a genetic superiority of one ethnicity (falsely called race) over another. A more in-depth definition comes from Safire’s Political Dictionary, and reads (in-part):

racism Originally, an assumption that an individual’s abilities and potential were determined by his biological race, and that some races were inherently superior to others; now, a political-diplomatic accusation of harboring or practicing such theories.

“This word [racism],” wrote Harvard Professor J. Anton De Haas in November 1938, “has come into use the last six months, both in Europe and this country… Since so much has been said about conflicting isms, it is only natural that a form was chosen which suggested some kind of undesirable character.” In fact, racism came into use two years earlier, in his 1936 book The Coming American Fascism, Lawrence Dennis wrote, “If … it be assumed that one of our values should be a type of racism which excludes certain races from citizenship, then the plan of execution should provide for the annihilation, deportation, or sterilization of the excluded races.”

Racism, a shortening of racialism, was at first directed against Jews. In the nineteenth century, anti-Semites who foresaw a secular age in which religion might not be such a popular rallying force against Jews put forward the idea of Jewishness being less a religion than a race. Adolf Hitler, with his “master race” ideology, turned theory into savage practice….

Note also that the above started to get into what Hitler thought. See more via my letter to a teacher at Arroyo Seco [my sons school] many years ago:

Election 2000 – The Florida… by Papa Giorgio on Scribd

Are They Or Aren’t They Protesting the Flag?

Since the death of George Floyd, athletes and activists have been saying that Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protests were misunderstood and that they were never about the American flag. However, Kaepernick’s reasoning back when he first took a knee in 2016 say otherwise. Join MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis for a new edition of Out Of Left Field where he’ll remind everyone that his protest was, at least in part, about the American flag for Kaepernick. If you’re sick of being talked down to like you don’t understand what’s going on, Kangadis dishes out a little common sense, reason and logic that are typically non-existent when people become too self-righteous about a cause.