My “Stickered” Van

Here are some of my stickers on my new van (click to enlarge):

2023 Round of Stickers

When you click on the pic, a larger one opens…. but then right click that and say to “openĀ  in new tab” — that will be the really big one.

Older Sets


(Arrows point to stickers I made)

Here are some of my stickers on my old van:

My COEXIST response — pictured above — is 13-inches in length. I will post a video explaining a bit of the reason for it.


Here is the video.

Of course my favorite sticker is the Christian fish… made a little meaner (2 Corinthians 10:4):

FISH (when making a note — specify white or black)

I have black and white versions (they are about 5-inches in length):

And finally, my response to the “equal” sign. A friend explained that the equal sign looks like a “pause” button on a remote control. So this is my rendition of it:


On my older van:

Party Democrat Republican Evolution Bumper Sticker Political Christian Fish Same-Sex Marriage Gay Same Sex Pause Equal Equality COEXIST Islam World Religions Religion Ecumenical EcumenismĀ