A bit of my story:

Three things happened – a “Tri-Fecta” of sorts – to make me look seriously at my conspiratorial views of history and the world. MANY years ago, as a newer Christian (as do many new Christians who are reading through the Bible for the first time) – often times [the collective] we get caught-up in an “overabundance” of the eschatological material and issues. This is natural in some respect. It offers a suspensful, fast paced idea to the future. Not only that, but I think God ingrains in us this “the end is coming soon” to make us search for truth a bit. We see it in every generation (literally), and there have been secular versions of it as well all throughout history. The latest being the “Existential Climate Crisis.” In that early fascination of everything “end-times,” my early book collection focused heavily on the New World Order and all that that entails conspiracy-wise. I am still proud [being a bibliophile] that my “conspiracy”/NWO portion of my library holds classics as well as new books on the topic.

I was mesmerized by the conspiratorial view of history. Really, I was. But Y2K came and went without but a murmur, much to the consternation of the many theorists I followed at the time. At that same time, I started listening to the Michael Medved Show who, on every full moon dedicated his 3-hours on that day to taking calls on EVERYTHING under the sun conspiracy-wise. It was the first time I had heard reasonable responses to history I was misinterpreting. So, I started to go through (re-read) many of my books and actually follow the footnotes to see if they “panned-out”… and much of the info I was assuming to be sound was in fact not:

  • Quotes attributed to Founding Fathers were spurious;
  • items in museums were not in fact where they were said to be;
  • fuller readings of the source material showed isolated topics that in a fuller reading (context is king) showed a twisting of the material;
  • ETC
  • (I talk about this a bit in my chapter, pages 7-11).

So with these three issues I was well on the way to recovery. Then 9/11 hit, and all the crazy conspiracies that came from itas well as all the misinformation about Iraq, Big-Oil, Halliburton, WMDs, and the like. Physician, heal thy self.

And so I reject the conspiratorial view for many reasons, not the least of which is one of the same reasons I reject Darwinism.

I have spent a lot of time debunking some issuesnot the least of which are 9/11 truther junk. Glad to see some may have found this page with your thinking helmet on.

A VERY SMALL sample of my library on this topic (remember, my home library boasts over 5,000 books, I have about a hundred-or-so of these books dealing with the conspiratorial view of history). I usually starighten and edit my scans, but the rough scans below are a form of saying, “yes I own them… fool!” Lol.