Crowd Size and Corona Bias (Trump vs. BLM)

MRCTV: The Liberal Media Thinks President Trump’s Rallies Are Dangerous, But Praise Protesters Who Gather By The Hundreds Of Thousands

I thought these two examples are perfect to display how the media portrays the issues in a jaundiced way… here is the first example (click to enlarge):

This other example comes by way of NEWSBUSTERS:

Continuing their use of Orwellian tacticsNBC Nightly News featured hypocrisy that jumped out from the pages of Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That notion was on full display during Monday’s newscast as anchor Lester Holt immediately pivoted from a segment bashing President Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to boosting the “crowded” Seattle “Autonomous Zone,” now renamed the Capitol Hill Occupy Protest (CHOP).

Their hypocrisy was stunning. Even just listening to Holt’s introductions to the segments showed that NBC didn’t care about how blatant it was. “The spread of the virus is also a concern as the Trump campaign gets set to resume large scale rallies this coming weekend in Oklahoma,” he decried; only to turn around at the top of the following segment and boast: “In Seattle this evening, protesters continue occupying part of the city and demanding police reform.

Turns out, some people’s ability to exercise their First Amendment rights were more equal than others…..

He also wasn’t happy with how Trump’s campaign director planned to hand out masks and hand sanitizer. “The President’s campaign manager tonight announcing that all attendees will get a temperature check, hand sanitizer, and a mask. But it is not clear whether they will be required to wear it,” Alexander huffed.

For correspondent Jo Ling Kent’s part, she touted how “[p]rotesters [were] showing no signs of leaving this six-block area, after taking it over a week ago. Now, festive, crowded, and peaceful, demonstrators pitching tents and planting gardens this weekend in the newly reclaimed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.”

Besides turning a blind eye to the street fights, gunpoint shakedowns of businesses, and the general lawlessness of the zone, Kent also downplayed their radical list of demands. “Their demands? Reduce funding for the Seattle Police Department, invest in the black community, and release arrested protesters,” she cherry-picked.

Kent didn’t utter a single word about the coronavirus….

The MSM Painting C.H.A.Z. As “a Street Fair” (LOL)

An MSNBC reporter made the mistake of calling the CHAZ CHOP takeover of a portion of downtown Seattle a “street festival”, and that did not go over with the protesters there at all (RIGHT SCOOP):

Here are some stories cataloged by NEWSBUSTERS:

Going through some stuff today on the interwebs… I came across a destruction of this Tweet by Oliver Darcy (senior media reporter for CNN).

This is CNN at their best — in other words, all about #FakeNews. Here are some Tweets by Cassandra Fairbanks calling out the baseness of CNN’s Darcy:


And Zach Vorhies has the Warlord of C.H.A.Z (some are now calling it CHOP) running guns from his Tesla. LOLZ… Tesla… he is a “green” warlord. And Andy Ngo also has some weaponry to share… before their Tweets however, lets quote GATEWAY PUNDIT’S story a bit:

On Thursday CNN political reporter Oliver Darcy, who defended the anarchist Seattle Autonomous Zone, published a hit piece on conservative publishers including The Gateway Pundit.

Oliver Darcy, whose primary purpose at the network is to silence conservative voices, published a hit piece on The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, and others. Darcy insisted there were no armed Antifa members in CHAZ — the antifa automous zone in Seattle….

I also wanted to pass along a longer video documenting some of the sugar coating by the media of what is going on up in Seattle. BUT FIRST, I always preface anything by Paul Joseph Watson and some others with this:

  • While I like their rants (Paul Watson, Mark Dice, and others) and these commentaries hold much truth in them, I do wish to caution you… he is part of Info Wars/Prison Planet and Summit News network of yahoos, a crazy conspiracy arm of Alex Jones shite. Also, I bet if I talked to him he would reveal some pretty-crazy conspiratorial beliefs that would naturally undermine and be at-odds-with some of his rants. Just to be clear, I do not endorse these people or orgs.

The video was found over at MOONBATTERY’S site, who notes: “Seattle is our short-term future unless pushback against the liberal establishment and the mob it has mobilized gets serious quickly. The medium-term future will be totalitarian.”