The Media’s 5 Most Outrageous Lies of 2021 (MRC)

The media made their fair share of nasty comments and skewed remarks in 2021, but there were also instances where reporters (or entire networks) deliberately misled their audiences. Below is the MRC’S ROUNDUP of some of the worst intentional media deceptions from the past year:

  1. CBS’s 60 Minutes Deceptively Edits Ron DeSantis To Make Him Appear Guilty
  2. The Washington Post Denies Reality At The Border
  3. CNN Claims Joe Rogan Is Treating His Covid With Horse Dewormer
  4. NBC Deceptively Edits A 911 Call While Covering A Police Shooting
  5. Critical Race Theory Isn’t Taught In Schools

Remember, there is a reason for this “narrative building”

Political Correctness Exposed!
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At the end of the presentation Bill Whittle via AFTERBURNER recommends a three part series on the Frankfurt School. That can be found combined into one video, HERE.