Men Can Menstruate? (#Science)

Dennis Prager’s FIRESIDE CHAT (found on YOUTUBE as well) discusses the reality of nature (or Nature’s God) on a video series he does. (I say “nature” because whether you believe in a theistic Creator or that millions of years of evolutionary forces and chance has honed the species to survive by being “male and female” by reproduction… then both are objective looks at reality and the Left is #antiscience.) I include – for context – a portion of Steven Crowder’s dealing with the topic Prager mentions in passing (the fuller video of my excerpt can be found here).

Dennis wrote an article on the issue as well, it can be found here: “The Left-Right Divide Is About Reality Itself,” a must read in my opinion.

FAITHWIRE and LIFESITE NEWS have some decent articles up as well. But this should be a good video to show just how nutty the Left really is… and it is to compliments another audio I am working on.

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  • “If you believe in equal rights, then what do ‘women’s rights,’ ‘gay rights,’ etc., mean? Either they are redundant or they are violations of the principle of equal rights for all.” — Thomas Sowell

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FETUS (Latin) That which is born, an offspring (usu of beast occ. of human being, ect) b (sg. collect.) the young (of an animal), the children (of a parent). c the young born at one time, brood, litter. d the young while still in the womb – Oxford Latin Dictionary

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A friend texted this to me:

So I have big news, I’ve decided I’m a doctor, and I want everyone to start addressing me as such. Either Doctor Noble or just Doctor. I’m gonna get a white lab coat, carry a stethoscope, maybe get some scrubs. I’m not going to medical school or getting a degree in medicine, or really anything to acquire the skills and knowledge of other doctors, but I’ll resemble one on the outside and that coupled with my assertion that I am one, makes me a doctor. And if you offer anything less than your complete enthusiastic celebration you’re a bigoted xenohomoroboislamotransaphobe who’s worse than Mussolini!

Also everyone must agree that this is a perfectly healthy lifestyle choice and is no way unnatural. I’m simply forcing the outside to match how I feel on the inside, which in no way indicates a psychological disorder, even though the EXACT same sentiment is echoed by steroid abusers and people with anorexia.

Lastly, Transaphobic? Isn’t that already a thing? Isn’t fear of public transportation?

~ Jason N.