Dennis Prager Interviews Howard Zinn (2006)

A comment on my YouTube regarding the full interview by Dennis Prager of Howard Zinn prompted me to do a search. I isolated a small portion of it for the purpose of accentuating a post on the topic… but this interview was widely available. Until – apparently – very recently. Here is my RUMBLE description:

  • Dennis speaks with Howard Zinn, leading leftist, professor emeritus at Boston University and college campus icon. His newest book is Original Zinn: Conversations on History and Politics. Best of Prager Hour. This has gone away from most video sites, even CONSERVATIVE UNIVERISTY’S version is truncated a bit. So I am making the entire interview available. This interview dates from Sept of 2006.

Dennis Prager Interviews Proud Boys Leader, Enrique Tarrio

Dennis Prager interviews Enrique Tarrio, the co-founder of the Proud Boys. (BLUE COLLAR LOGIC has a good “origins” story of the Proud Boys):

It’s a lie they are white supremacists — one of the media’s ???? lies. THE WASHINGTON TIMES has a good article: “Black Professor Insists ‘Proud Boys Aren’t White Supremacists’ As Trump Takes Flak”.

  • “We’ve been called many names, but probably the most inaccurate name you can call us is white supremacists,” Tarrio said. (WESTERN JOURNAL)
  • 10% to 20% of Proud Boys activists are people of color…. “I’m a person of color, I’m a brown person, I’m chairman of the organization.” (WASHINGTON TIMES)
  • “Many people use us as political cannon fodder,” Tarrio said. “It’s right before the election. The country has been rioting for four-plus months, and it is left-wing anarchists that are going out and burning down cities, and liberal politicians, Democratic politicians, need a boogeyman.” (CHRISTIAN POST)

Marx and the Devil (Dennis Prager Interviews Paul Kengor)

Dennis Prager had on author and historian Paul Kengor regarding his new book entitled, “The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration” (Barnes and Noble | Amazon). The Teen Vogue article Paul Kengor mentions in the interview is here: “Teen Vogue To Teen Girls: Marx Good, Reagan Bad: Trendy Ignorance Never Had It So Good

I add some larger montages of video near the end to bring home the ideas being spoken of. A shorter version (talking just about the Devil) is here:

I DO WANT TO MENTION one of the sources used for additional video information, and that is this fuller video that I pull a segment from: “The Vortex — BLM Is Anti-Catholic” I use this video in my post here: “BLM Is Anti-Christian

(Editor’s Note: power, or “kingdom,” is the goal of Leftism. ALSO, A fascination with ethnicity as well seems to be permanently embedded on the Left as well:


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Here are a PLETHORA of racist quotes by Karl Marx.


See also the genocidal claims of Marx and Engels here: “Karl Marx: 1st To Suggest Political Genocide On Massive Order

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John MacArthur Interviewed by Ben Shapiro

Pastor John MacArthur joins Ben to discuss the intersection of the Bible and politics, the proper role of government, and the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity.

An isolated portion surrounding Christ…

William Lane Craig Interviewed by Ben Shapiro

This is with the hat-tip to WINTERY KNIGHT, WK does an excellent job at creating a “contents.” William Lane Craig, philosopher, theologian, and best selling author of numerous books including “On Guard: Defending Your Faith With Reason And Precision,” joins Ben to discuss the hard sciences vs. philosophy, the cosmological and ontological arguments, Jesus, slavery, gay marriage, and much more. (See more recommended books HERE)

An isolated portion surrounding Christ…


Jordan Peterson’s Interview w/Cameos

Walt Heyer is a man I greatly respect. He has “cameos” throughout and wrote an excellent book, PAPER GENDERS (see more). He is also featured on my “TRANSGENDER PAGE.” Professor Peterson is also a champion for free speech. A good interview. Keep in mind that this YouTube channel added to the interview regarding the extreme nature of this movement’s hubris that they control even gender. (h-t- to my mom) The interview was done by John D. Anderson, who served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the rural-based National Party of Australia from July 1999 to July 2005.