Douglas Murray Lays Waste to Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur — besides wanting beastiality — is atrocious on most things. Douglas Murray points out one aspect of this “atrociousness.” TWITCHY notes this murder on live TV.

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by host of the Young Turks and pro-Palestinian supporter Cenk Uygur as well as columnist and pro-Israeli supporter Douglas Murray for a fiery head-to-head debate on the Israel and Palestine war unfolding in Gaza and who is to blame for the rising civilian casualties. The pair also get into a heated discussion over whether either of the two show remorse for civilian casualties on the opposite side and what the path to a peaceful resolution looks like.

Here is another debate with Cenk and “The Son of Hamas,” Mosab Hassan Yousef.

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Palestinian ex-militant Mosab Hassan Yousef, Democratic Presidential hopeful and political commentator Cenk Uygur and former Chelsea Football Club and Israel manager Avram Grant for a debate on the IDF’s recent attacks on Palestine and whether they fall into ‘indiscriminate’ bombings. They also discuss whether a peaceful resolution can be found.

Cenk explains that Israel’s bombing of Gaza can only be defined as indiscriminate as they have dropped two thousand pound bombs in residential areas as well as twenty nine thousand bombs on an area the size of Las Vegas. He also reacts to his name being pictured on one of the bombs.

Piers then asks Mohab, whose father is a co-founder of Hamas, if a deal could be made between the terror group and Israel. Mohab, who defected to Israel in 1997, explains that you cannot make a deal with Hamas just as you cannot make a deal with the devil. He then criticises the larger Muslim population for ‘hiding behind’ religious values rather than pointing out the wrongdoings of humanity, referencing Hamas’ attacks on October 7th.

By-the-way, Mosab Hassan Yousef needs to work on his tone and stare… LOL. A funny comment at YouTube is this one:

  • Wait, Cenk is a presidential candidate??? What cosmic wormhole have I fallen into? Pure comical gold.

The NEW/2.0 Russian Conspiracy by the Left

I am starting out with wetting your whistle with some audio by Larry Elder (0.00 to the 8:18 mark) showing the difference between how MSNBC and others are reporting the Hunter Biden lap-top story vs. other European based news channels. Some are even saying it is a new “Russian Conspiracy.”


Which brings me to the following days show by Armstrong and Getty (from the 8:18 mark till the end) , who talk about the same characters involved in the “Russia Hoax” that enraptured the Left and #NeverTrumpers for over two years. They signed a letter saying this is a Russian Undercover Intel Attack (rough synopsis). A friend on Facebook linked to a POLITICO story regarding these 50[+] intel persons signing a letter: “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.”

However, 2-days ago Fox news confirmed with the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) that this laptop in no way is Russian Intel. Yesterday, CBS confirmed via their contacts at the FBI AND DOJ that the fox report is correct. Fox News contacted someone in the “cc” portion of the email discussing the “Big Guy” and who that was… the person involved as a person in the email chain said that was Joe Biden. AND, there are signatures from Hunter dropping it off.

Here is how I responded to my friend:

It shows that without a shred of evidence intel ppl are biased … inflicted with TDS. The DNI said there was no Russian disinformation program (Fox, yesterday). Then CBS confirmed through their sources that both the DOJ and the FBI confirmed that this is true.

The FBI has had the computer since December.

Maybe, the Russians trained a dopey back woods computer repair guy as a mole/sleeper agent for just such a moment, when, a VP’s son would drop off water damaged computers and SIGN for them to be serviced.

“Yeeah… That’s the Ticket”

Here is a Fox News story on the Glenn Greenwald piece: “Glenn Greenwald trashes media ‘cone of silence’ around Hunter Biden email scandal” (VIDEO at link)

Gillette’s War On Masculinity (Video Responses)

You can watch the original HERE.

  • PIERS MORGAN: I’m sick of this war on masculinity. Gillette have just cut their own throat
  • AMERICAN GREATNESS: The takeaway from Gillette’s sloppy and hackneyed characterizations is that “the best a man can be” is a clean-shaven hall monitor. No woman wants him. No man wants to be him. Sad!

Great video of Piers Morgan being sensible (hat-tip to THE GUARDIAN):


Earlier this week I wrote an extended essay defending traditional masculinity from a frontal attack by the American Psychological Association. The APA has drafted new guidelines for psychological practice with men and boys that declared “traditional masculinity” to be harmful. According to the guidelines, “traditional masculinity ideology” has been show to “limit males’ psychological development, constrain their behavior, result in gender role strain and gender role conflict, and negatively influence mental and physical health.”

Yet as our culture grows more disdainful of traditional masculinity, men and boys are hardly flourishing. As I note in my piece, while a powerful male elite unquestionably continues to dominate upper echelons of corporate America, the government, and the military, millions of men are falling behind in school, they’re committing suicide at alarming rates, and their median wages (though higher lately) are lower than they were a generation ago.

In fact, the assault on traditional masculinity — while liberating to men who don’t fit traditional norms — is itself harmful to the millions of young men who seek to be physically and mentally tough, to rise to challenges, and demonstrate leadership under pressure. The assault on traditional masculinity is an assault on their very natures…..

REMEMBER, While I like their rants (Paul Watson, Mark Dice, and others) and these commentaries hold much truth in them, I do wish to caution you… he is part of Info Wars/Prison Planet network of yahoos, a crazy conspiracy arm of Alex Jones shite. Also, I bet if I talked to him he would reveal some pretty-crazy conspiratorial beliefs that would naturally undermine and be at-odds-with some of his rants. Just to be clear, I do not endorse these people or orgs.

Some of these videos are with a hat-tip to MOONBATTERY: “Vlogger Responses to Ultra-Woke Gillette Ad” — keep in mind just because I post he below videos doesn’t mean I agree with everything said in them. Language Warning as well:

As usual, BLUE COLLAR LOGIC lays down the law. Gillette jumps into the toxic masculinity debate and gets it wrong:

A `Memogate` Throw-back

NewsBusters says this about “Memogate”:

…The dishonesty here is extraordinary.

The documents Rather presented that fateful night in September 2004 were clearly forgeries. Not one person has come forward since proving they weren’t.

Yet here he is nine years later saying on national television, “No question the story was true.”

And Morgan didn’t challenge him at all.

Is this really what passes for journalism in our country today?

Mouse Over Cartoon

“To salvage some credibility from his debunked story, Rather is still clinging to the “fake but accurate” line too. The problem is that without specific evidence about specific offenses, the story that Bush received preferential treatment in the TANG was only borderline interesting.” ~ the only thing Charles Johnson said this year worth a hill of beans

Here is Michelle Malkin throwin’ down the gauntlet in 2005:

Gearing up for the rumored release of the CBS Rathergate report today or early next week, here are some quick, handy links:

Buckhead: “I am saying these documents are forgeries, run through a copier for 15 generations to make them look old.”

Power Line: The sixty first minute //// Little Green Footballs: The document experiments (I II) //// INDC Journal: Are the CBS National Guard Documents Fake? //// Wikipedia’s entry on the Killian memos //// CBS’s statement on the review panel, Sept. 22 //// LaShawn Barber: The role of smaller bloggers //// Funny stuff: Top Ten Other Signs Dan Rather’s “Documents” Are Forged //// The role of the Annoying Microsoft Paper Clip Thingy //// Pajamagate //// And get your Ratherbiased bumper stickers here. //// Update: Here’s Cassandra’s primer (item 3). And Right Wing Duck’s.

NAVY Shooter, Gun-Free Zones, 2nd Amendment Examples (CAUTION! the last video is GRAPHIC!)-UPDATED! NO AR-15 (two pistols & Shotgun)

Gateway Pundit posts a great short comment about the NAVY yard shooter:

More than 40 federal agencies are armed to the teeth, including the Library of Congress, the Federal Reserve Board and the EPA.  But our military on military bases? Nope.

That fact is not lost on David Codrea at Gun Rights Examiner:

“While authorities are trying to piece together exactly what happened and who, if anyone besides dead named shooter Aaron Alexis was involved in today’s massacre at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., one fact is indisputable. The killer(s) took advantage of a “gun free zone” at not only the facility, but one that extends throughout Washington. D.C.

(Full exchange can be seen here)

UPDATE! Piers Morgan looks like an ASS! In the above video he says an AR-15 was and purchased in Virginia. What a dope!

Thanks HOT AIR!!!

Breitbart talks Clinton and “gun-free” zones:

It hasn’t always been the case that only MPs can carry firearms on U.S. military bases. A mere twenty years ago, “gun free zones” made their way to these facilities under the watch of President Bill Clinton.

According to a Washington Times editorial written days after the Nov. 5, 2009 attack on soldiers at Fort Hood, one of Clinton’s “first acts upon taking office… was to disarm U.S. soldiers on military bases.”

Clinton’s actions birthed Army regulations “forbidding military personnel from carrying their personal firearms and making it almost impossible for commanders to issue firearms to soldiers in the U.S. for personal protection.”

In other words, thanks to Clinton, citizens who join the military to use guns to defend liberty abroad cannot practice their constitutional right to keep and bear arms while on active duty at home.

As the Times editorial board put it: “Because of Mr. Clinton, terrorists would face more return fire if they attacked a Texas Wal-Mart than the gunman faced at Fort Hood.”

…read more…

Larry Elder Goes After Piers Morgan with a Vengeance

(The Blaze) Larry Elder Goes Off on Piers Morgan During Explosive Race Debate: ‘You’re Making Black People Feel as if They Are Under Siege…It’s an Outrage!’

CNN host Piers Morgan on Wednesday made good on his offer to have conservative personality Larry Elder on his show to debate the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel and race relations in the United States. The exchange was just as confrontational and explosive as you might expect.

Elder told Morgan that his interview with Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel was terrible as he “condescendingly” tried to convince her that she was a “victim.”

“This is a young lady who didn’t apply herself, a 19 year old who is still in high school. Instead of saying, ‘Young lady, take this as an opportunity to take stock of your life,’ you treated her like she was a victim. And that’s how you’re doing this whole thing about race and racism,” Elder said.

He went on to point out that there were 7,000 murders last year of black people, almost all of which were committed by blacks. Elder also said there have been 480 blacks killed in Chicago alone and 75 percent of the cases have gone unsolved.

“Where are the cameras, where are the shows?” Elder asked Morgan. “It’s outrageous to act as if black America should fear some non-black guy stalking some black kid at night. The likelihood of a black person being killed by a non-black person is extremely remote, which is why this became a big national issue in the first place.”

Morgan said he agreed with Elder about the unacceptable levels of violence in Chicago, though Elder doubted his sincerity and called him a “bleeding heart liberal.”

“Half of the murders in this country are committed by black people, even though black people are 12 percent of the population,” Elder countered. “This is why commonsensical people profile.”

…read more…


`Creepy Ass GAY Cracker` (UPDATED)

Via Drudge:

Tue Jul 16 2013 11:55:00 ET

Last night Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel gave CNN her first interview since testifying in the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Jeantel opened up and let loose on the murder case that gripped that nation.

She explained to CNN’s Piers Morgan how she warned her childhood friend that Zimmerman — could be a gay rapist!

MORGAN: You felt that there was no doubt in your mind from what Trayvon was telling you on the phone about the creepy ass cracka and so on, that he absolutely believed that George Zimmerman, this man, you didn’t know who he was at the time, but this man, was pursuing him?


MORGAN: And he was freaked out by it?

JEANTEL: Yes. Definitely after I say may be a rapist, for every boy, for every man, every — who’s not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creep out?

She continued:

“And people need to understand, he didn’t want that creepy ass cracker going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get — mind you, his little brother was there. You know — now, mind you, I told you — I told Trayvon it might have been a rapist.”

(Gateway Pundit mentions that Zimmerman Was a Democrat, Voted For Obama, Tutored Black Kids) Gay Patriot has some interesting tweets posted on his site.

`destroy privacy and anonymity not just in the United States but around the world` ~ Goal of PRISM

I cannot believe I am posting video from the Piers Morgan Show:

From Gateway Pundit:

Glenn Greenwald, a columnist on civil liberties and US national security issues for the Guardian, spoke with Piers Morgan last night on the top secret PRISM program that has direct access to servers of firms including Google, Facebook and Apple.

Greenwald told Piers Morgan the Obama administration “has been very aggressive about bullying and threatening anybody” who thinks about exposing the program.

If you`ve lost Piers, you`ve lost all 3 of his viewers ~ Piers Morgan on Tyranny

Via HotAir:

Via NRO’s Andrew Johnson, Joe Scarborough isn’t the only TV show host rethinking his scorn of gun-rights advocates this week.  Piers Morgan, who engaged in some of the worst demagoguery outside of the White House and Capitol Hill over the last six months on that issue, routinely derided the idea that the American government couldn’t be trusted to abide by the law and tell the truth.  Now, after watching what happened at the IRS — and to the Associated Press — the CNN host admits to Penn Jillette that maybe people had a point about creeping tyranny after all.