Dylan Mulvaney Celebrates “Womanhood” Even Though Still a Man


Today on the Matt Walsh Show, infamous male TikToker Dylan Mulvaney has a star-studded extravaganza in New York celebrating his “day 365 of girlhood.” The entire Daily Wire lineup made an appearance during the show. We’ll play the clip and talk about it. Joe Biden lashes out at those who want to protect children from abuse, calling us “sinful.” The president also uses an alleged letter from a child to promote the gender wage gap myth. Netflix quietly cancels its kid’s show featuring a non-binary bison. And in our Daily Cancellation, a conservative author is ruthlessly mocked by the Left for not being able to define the word “woke.” But since when is the Left in any position to make fun of anyone else for not being able to define a word?

PJ-MEDIA has this find:

…..I still haven’t quite recovered from the clip of Drew Barrymore kneeling before Dylan Mulvaney like he’s some sort of god, yet now I have to react to yet another clip featuring Mulvaney that is going viral — though, and this one is a real doozy, too.

This new footage features Mulvaney during an appearance on The Price is Right. And it.. well… just watch it.

Upon watching this video, it becomes abundantly clear that Dylan Mulvaney is an individual who has always sought attention in a rather desperate manner. His flamboyant and over-the-top demeanor, coupled with a disposition reminiscent of the iconic Richard Simmons from Sweatin’ to the Oldies, is embarrassing and apparent.

It is true that contestants on The Price is Right are known to get very excited and even extremely animated, but have you ever seen a contestant engage in the kind of behavior exhibited by Mr. Mulvaney here? Upon winning the game he proceeds to flail around on the floor, prance about on stage, dance, and even fall down, and get back up in dramatic fashion. He literally performs for the cameras for close to a full minute.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, patients with gender identity disorder (gender dysphoria) have a disproportionately high frequency of personality disorders. “The frequency of personality disorders was 81.4%. The most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%) and the least was borderline personality disorder. The average number of diagnoses was 3.00 per patient.”….

Dylan Mulvaney has a video from when he was on The Price Is Right a few years ago. If you look closely, it appears he is putting on the same act today as he was then. So, this all an act?

The most absurd sight of the day is courtesy of Dylan Mulvaney. Yesterday, Dylan celebrated “365 Days of Girlhood” by dressing like a girl and putting on a musical at the Rainbow Room in New York. Dylan even gave the Daily Wire crew a shoutout at the end.


Candace Owens discusses Dylan Mulvaney’s celebration of “day 365 of ‘girlhood'” with a strange variety show that included me and the other Daily Wire hosts. What an honor. (Full Candace Owens episode HERE)

A Whistleblower Reveals What’s Going On Inside Gender Transition Clinics

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a whistleblower from inside the child gender transition industry has finally come forward and what she reveals is horrifying. I’ll walk you through the whole story today. Also, a congressional Democrat learns that the old “yelling fire in a crowded theater” trope is not actually a valid argument against free speech. I have one more clip that you haven’t seen yet from that now infamous committee hearing in Tennessee. Plus, reports suggest that Project Veritas is trying to push James O’Keefe out, even though James O’Keefe is Project Veritas. In our Daily Cancellation, Vice holds a panel discussion on race. One guy with common sense made it onto the panel, and proceeded to offend and terrify the rest of them.

Children Butchers (Matt Walsh)

Matt Walsh in this 1st snippet an example of what the Left says is a fiction of conservative right wing conspiracists.

And in this clip Matt Walsh reads from an article regarding the loss of all sexual function if puberty blockers are used early.

Here is the article at THE POSTMILLENNIAL:

At a recent talk at Duke University on “Trans & Gender Diverse Policies, Care, Practices, & Wellbeing,” surgeon and “trans affirming” doctor Marci Bowers, who transitioned at the age of 38, admitted that children who undergo transition before puberty will never have adult sexual function or experience orgasm.

“An observation that I had,” said Bowers, “every single child who was, or adolescent, who was truly blocked at Tanner stage 2,” which is the beginning of physical development, when hormones begin their work of advancing a child to adulthood, “has never experienced orgasm. I mean, it’s really about zero.”

This raises huge and glaring red flags about the concept of “informed consent” for children and teens who are ushered into transition. How can a child, or a pre-teen, who has never experienced sexual satisfaction, orgasm, sexual intimacy, consent to giving that up?….

Caller: Roe v Wade at His Synagogue (Dennis Prager)

A caller notes his experience the day after the Supreme Court announced their Federalist ruling at his synagogue. Dennis Prager makes a great argument from our [pro-life] point of view. I have used a similar “extreme” example to counter the Left’s extreme examples, but a “well-ta-do” family with the means to care and raise the child is a good one as well… uses the Left’s argument of “poor” persons with no means of caring for said child and turning the argument around on them.

This is the quote I always use:

  • “If homosexuality is really genetic, we may soon be able to tell if a fetus is predisposed to homosexuality, in which case many parents might choose to abort it. Will gay rights activists continue to support abortion rights if this occurs?”

Dale A. Berryhill, The Liberal Contradiction: How Contemporary Liberalism Violates Its Own Principles and Endangers Its Own Goals (Lafayette, LA: Vital Issues Press, 1994), 172.

[BTW, this was the first book I read that made excellent arguments using the Left’s positions to show just how vacuous their stance was.]

Even well-known atheists GET IT. And the BIBLE IS CLEAR in the Old Testament about the issue.


White Liberals Colonizing Latino Language

Matt Walsh Zeroes In On The Most Disturbing Point Of “TacoGate”

When I heard this I had to record it. Great point[s] by Matt regarding the real issue of white liberal women colonizing and and subjugating the historic language of other cultures.

Take note that when Trump had some of his kitchens ethnic food for Cinco de Mayo, he was called racist. The same media is making excuses for Jill… lol. But, the Left wishes to change and control language:


If Only Babies Had The Same Rights As Sea Turtles (Matt Walsh)

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Democrats attempt to legalize abortion through every stage of pregnancy up until birth, nationwide. Meanwhile, people are getting sent to prison for killing bald eagles and harassing turtle eggs. Our law — and Democrat policies — literally place animals and bugs above human beings. We’ll discuss. Plus, Handmaid’s Tale cosplayers show up at Amy Coney Barrett’s house and proceed to embarrass themselves. Because what else could they possibly do? And a Republican senate candidate is caught on a tape in shocking video claiming that the gender pay gap is a myth. This is a huge scandal. He’s also completely right. For our Daily Cancellation, we will attempt to make sense of the latest gender innovation: cake gender.

Matt Walsh Discusses the Latest Roe v Wade News

The Left Temporarily Rediscovers Biology | Ep. 946 (May 6, 2022)

00:00 – Opening
02:02 – The Left Temporarily Rediscovers Biology
14:00 – Trying To Figure Out The Mind Of A Leftist Talking About Abortion
23:54 – Jen Psaki Doesn’t Denounce Doxxing Of Supreme Court Justices
29:33 – The Latest On Johnny Depp / Amber Heard Trial
35:56 – Man Accused Of Attacking Dave Chappelle Won’t Face Felony Charges
39:16 – Forbes Article Claims Trump Wanted To Launch Missiles At Mexico Cartel
41:50 – The Comments Section
48:38 – Huff Post Writer, Kelsey Smoot, Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left continues to struggle to find a compromise between their feminist pro-abortion talking points and their trans talking points. Also, the White House refuses to condemn “protesters” who are planning to hunt down conservative Supreme Court Justices and show up at their houses. The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drama continues, but I think the lesson in this story is one that most people are ignoring. Trump allegedly suggested missile strikes against drug cartels. Sounds like a fine plan to me. Plus, the guy who physically assaulted Dave Chapelle on stage during a comedy show will not face felony charges, despite the fact that he was carrying a deadly weapon at the time. It’s almost like they want this kind of thing to happen more often.

Dems And Media Cheer While Pro-Abortion Terrorists Wreak Havoc | Ep. 947 (May 9, 2022)

00:00 – Opening
01:53 – Dems And Media Cheer While Pro-Abortion Terrorists Wreak Havoc
17:27 – Nobody Wants To Buy A Biography Of Jill Biden
19:30 – Media Propaganda On Abortion Is Egregious
33:23 – ABC Still Pushing Theory That A Conservative Leaked The Roe Decision
37:37 – Teacher On TikTok Explains How She Teaches Gender Ideology
40:05 – Chet Hanks, Founder Of White Boy Summer, Doesn’t Bow To The Mob
42:27 – The Comments Section
49:42 – NPR Abortion “Fact-Checker” Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, pro-abortion militants invaded churches, committed arson, harassed Supreme Court Justices at their homes, and did all of this with the implicit and sometimes explicit support of the most powerful Democrats in the country. We’ll discuss. Also, we’ll debunk some of the most outrageous anti-life propaganda we’ve heard from the media over the past week. Speaking of outrageous, a self-described “queer” teacher explains how she uses board games to sexually indoctrinate her kids. And Chet Hanks has an inspiring message for social justice warriors. Plus, we will fact check the fact checkers at NPR.

Democrats Don’t Actually Want To Debate Abortion (Matt Walsh)

I excerpted the main segment of Matt Walsh’s show dated May 4, 2022. I thought it was good enough to render it and upload it on my RPT-FACEBOOK site. (Here is the full episode from Matt’s RUMBLE)

“Don’t Say Gay” Bill and The Trans Agenda

An example of concern from California: Teachers at California school disguise gay club, coach 12 yr-old into transgender behind parents back, then calls CPS on mother

Watch the Campaign/Narrative that Florida Democrats are pushing:


Governor Ron DeSantis questions a reporter where the so called “don’t say gay” bill says “Don’t say gay.” The answer as Gov. DeSantis points out is that it doesn’t. The bill that the Governor has seen stops transgenderism and sexual education of children in elementary school.


REPORTER: “What critics call the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill…” DESANTIS: “Does it say it in the bill? Does it say it in the bill?!” Oh man, this is SO good 🔥🔥🔥


“Don’t Say Gay Bill” Is A Lie (Straw-Man)


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Fox News’ Karol Markowicz, Newsmax’s John Cardillo, and David Reaboi about Joe Biden’s lies about what is being called the “don’t say gay” bill. Joe Biden is spreading the lie that Florida’s parental rights in education bill is actually a hate filled attack on LGBT kids. Democrats have even started calling it the “don’t say gay” bill. Dave and his guests explain what the bill actually says about sex education for young kids.

Dave Rubin puts the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ movement on blast as the left wages war against Florida’s new education bill.


(Hat-tip FOX NEWS) Overtime: Frank Bruni, Batya Ungar-Sargon | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO): Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.


Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as creepy sexuality camps for kids proliferate across the country, video surfaces of Pete Buttigieg’s husband leading children at a gay camp in a pledge of allegiance to the pride flag. Also, Democrats pass a 1.5 trillion dollar spending bill with lots of goodies for left wing causes and Ukraine. Plus, a black man kills a white man for saying a racial slur and is only sentenced to house arrest. In our Daily Cancellation, a married couples claims they’ve never argued in thirty years of marriage. Where’s the fun in that?