Good News From Canada!

Dennis Prager discusses some good news from north of the border.

(NBC) MONTREAL — A center-right party that was founded just seven years ago and vows to curb immigration won Monday’s election in Quebec.

The result ends a half a century of rule split between the federalist Liberals and the Parti Quebecois, which wants the predominantly French-speaking province to leave Canada and came close to achieving that in a 1995 referendum.

The triumphant Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) won 74 of the province’s 125 seats. The Liberals, which had held power for 13 out of the last 15 years, got just 32.

CAQ leader François Legault, who co-founded budget airline Air Transat before entering politics, campaigned on a plan to take in 10,000 fewer immigrants a year and to expel new residents who fail tests on French and Quebec values within three years….

Some Crazy Canadian Public School Migrant News!

Faith Goldy of reports: After my investigation into reports that migrant children in Nova Scotia were bullying other students, set up a tip line — (also — for parents whose children were also being bullied.

Using that tip line, a New Brunswick parents says there are migrant “children” at her child’s school as old as 22. These adult males “with full beards” are “hitting on the 14-15 year old girls.” filed a freedom of information request to get to the bottom of this — and over 2000 documents came in, and more are on the way. Emails between teachers reveal what’s going on in their classrooms, and what they say will shock you.

On Thursday, I’ll present my full report, but throughout the week, more previews like this one will be posted. MORE:

See the whole series HERE.

Canadian Spec-Ops Engage I.S. in Iraq (Plus: Breaking News)

Gateway Pundit points out that although Obama said in the above video he “ended the war in Iraq,” allied troops are fighting the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.

Brig. Gen. Michael Rouleau says Special Forces came under direct attack and used sniper fire to neutralize the attackers.

A very interesting headline comes from Digital Journal, entitled: “Boots on the ground – Those putting ISIS on the defensive

From Canadian special forces on the ground in Iraq to Kurdish fighters in Syria ISIS is slowly, but surely, being put on the defensive thanks to those brave men and women who are risking their lives in order to repel that groups murderous onslaughts.


Canadian special forces have recently become the first of any western military forces to engage this enemy on the ground after they came under attack from machine gun and mortar fire while out surveying the front-line firsthand. The act was dubbed a “defensive” one on the part of those Canadian forces. Nevertheless they are the first western force to engage in a firefight with ISIS. They, thankfully, sustained no injuries.

News of this came as the Syrian Kurds defending the town of Kobani continue to make gains in repelling the vicious attempt on the part of ISIS to crush them and ensure they don’t stand as a symbol of resistance to ISIS’s heartfelt efforts to establish their so-called caliphate. The Kurds have defied them and have stood up as an unwavering symbol of resistance having withstood everything ISIS could throw at them for an awe-inspiring 150 days. They have recently re-captured a strategic hill there which they can use to their advantage against an enemy who has already been repelled from most of the town.

Furthermore in Kobani U.S. air strikes have contributed to blunting ISIS’s ability to mount a prolonged siege by bombing its supply lines and also its positions around the town. Turkey has also assisted by allowing Peshmerga fighters from Iraq to cross through its territory to help reinforce those defending Kobani. All form of assistance to people who needed every bit of help they could get, and now the bravery they exhibited in their unwavering stand against this group is finally beginning to pay off….

There is BREAKING news that the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, has been killed. This was stated before… let’s hope it is true this time!

Canada On Verge of Banning Christians from Professional Life

Watchmen News has a great article in regards to this important case that will be heard by the Supreme Court in Canada:

An intense struggle is happening in the realm of professional licensing in Canada. The religious freedom of Christians and others is colliding on a grand scale with the “equality rights” of the LGBTQ identity group, and as the tide turns in favor of equality rights, we are starting to witness socially accepted ostracism of Christians by professional bodies.

On April 24th, the law society of Canada’s largest province voted against admitting among their ranks graduates of Trinity Western University, for the sole reason that the school’s community covenant, which students (and teachers) voluntarily sign upon admission or hiring, reserves sexual intimacy for heterosexual marriage. Nova Scotia followed suit, wording their rejection as approval on the condition that TWU change its community covenant or allow students to opt out. In British Columbia, where the school is located, the law society voted on April 11th to admit TWU graduates to the bar, but momentum is building for the law society to reverse that decision in a special meeting on June 10th.


Christians Are the New Racists

Just a few years ago, it would have sounded absurd to say that Christians who believe in traditional heterosexual marriage are akin to racists. Today this opinion is quite seriously held by an increasing number of our most prominent lawyers. B.C. Bencher Cameron Ward put it this way: “I remember that in the 1960s some people in the deep south of the United States were made to feel unwelcome at lunch counters, at the fronts of buses and, indeed, in some universities…TWU’s community covenant is an anachronism, a throwback that wouldn’t be out of place in the 1960s.” Other Benchers asked “whether we would have the same debate over discrimination against other equity-seeking groups, like women, people with disabilities or racial minorities.”

What is perhaps most concerning about these comparisons of Christianity to racism and other heinous intolerance is that they lead directly to the belief that Christians are simply not capable of practicing their professions without imperilling the rights of minority groups. Just as they would feel justified in excluding those who hold racist or misogynistic beliefs from positions of influence, so many Benchers also found it right and good to exclude Christians from the legal profession. For such lawyers, Christians have become synonymous with bigots who represent a public threat.


The current developments in Canada bring to mind a quote from Princeton Professor Robert George, who recently warned Catholics in Washington, D.C. of a nascent persecution of Christians in our society:

To be a witness to the Gospel today is to make oneself a marked man or woman. It is to expose oneself to scorn and reproach. To unashamedly proclaim the Gospel in its fullness is to place in jeopardy one’s security, one’s personal aspirations and ambitions, the peace and tranquility one enjoys, one’s standing in polite society. One may in consequence of one’s public witness be discriminated against and denied educational opportunities and the prestigious credentials they may offer; one may lose valuable opportunities for employment and professional advancement; one may be excluded from worldly recognition and honors of various sorts; one’s witness may even cost one treasured friendships. It may produce familial discord and even alienation from family members. Yes, there are costs of discipleship—heavy costs…(more)

…read it all…

With the above context in mind, Moonbat asks a series of questions: “Why are the liberals who command the government–media establishment constantly ramming homosexuality and even transsexuality down our throats lately?” Here is an answer he gives that makes sense, and why Liberals [proper] are using gay-leftists like the Palestinians are using “refugees”… for political purposes/gains.

Moonbattery continues:

Answer the second question and you have answered the first. Sexual perversion has been fundamentally transformed into a “civil rights” issue not merely to advance the cultural Marxist divide-and-conquer strategy, but to attack the Christian religion.

The campaign against Canada’s Trinity Western University is illustrative:

On April 24th, the law society of Canada’s largest province voted against admitting among their ranks graduates of Trinity Western University, for the sole reason that the school’s community covenant, which students (and teachers) voluntarily sign upon admission or hiring, reserves sexual intimacy for heterosexual marriage. Nova Scotia followed suit, wording their rejection as approval on the condition that TWU change its community covenant or allow students to opt out. In British Columbia, where the school is located, the law society voted on April 11th to admit TWU graduates to the bar, but momentum is building for the law society to reverse that decision in a special meeting on June 10th.

For TWU to renounce this covenant under pressure would be for it to renounce the faith upon which the school is based. It would be moral suicide. That’s why liberals are trying to force this to happen.

Very likely, TWU will be destroyed, either as a Christian institution, or as a university:

With same-sex marriage legalized, the public debate is now strongly weighed against Christians who believe in traditional marriage [i.e., literally all Christians, by definition], and they face rapidly mounting charges of unreasonable intolerance. During the April 11th debate by the B.C. law society (read the transcript online), some Benchers considered TWU’s covenant discriminatory because it requires gay students to abstain from intimacy “even within a legal marriage,” and because it prevents gay students “from being married by the State, a right that was hard fought and hard won.”

Nothing could be more quintessentially liberal than sanctimoniously screeching the words “discriminatory” and “intolerance” to justify intolerant discrimination against Christians.

As equality rights [i.e., homosexual privileges] have been gaining ground, religious freedom has been on the retreat. Many lawyers now argue that even a private religious school like TWU must not be allowed to “discriminate” in its hiring practices by choosing teachers who abide by its moral tenets or by expecting students to conform their behavior to the beliefs that the school espouses.

Ominously, the case is heading toward Canada’s Supreme Court, where leftists hope to achieve a major victory over Christianity.

…read more…

Much like the polygamy case in Canada, so too will we be watching what the outcome is in Canada. I wonder how long it would take for unrest once Christianity is outlawed, i-f it is outlawed.

Burqa Donning Child-Care Workers (Plus Robert Spencer’s Papal Comments)

(Via VLAD) Above is the Global video with some of my observations built in. Frankly it still amazes me how nearly everyone in the media misses the point. The uniform is a declaration of an ideology that is fully unacceptable to the vast majority of Canadians if they were honest with themselves as to the nature of that ideology.

Canadians, American, and Europeans are cowed into a false narrative that to speak one’s mind about Islam and it’s fascist mentality is somehow wrong. As wrong as it is to speak out against Communism and Nazism.

Are You My Mommy?

Burqa Barbie ~ Mouse Over

(Jihad Watch) …Children need eye contact and to be able to study the mother’s facial expressions for many reasons. Among them are:

1) The child learns to read and understand the emotions of others (empathy).
2) He or she learns about non-verbal communication (which is necessary for developing social skills).
3) They can see on their mother’s face if they are loved and safe, and if a situation is dangerous or not (which is necessary for the child’s basic feeling of security).


…Imagine how your baby would react if you put a mask or a piece of cloth on your face every time you went outside the house. Among the most important consequences are:

a) The child has less time during the day where he or she is stimulated with eye and face contact.
b) The child is not able to see the mother’s non-verbal communication with people outside the family.
c) Not being able to get a loving smile or comforting eye contact, it is very much up to the child itself to estimate whether he or she is loved and safe — and as especially small children are unable to do this, they are deprived of this source of basic security in a lot of situations.

From Vlade Tepes’ “about me” page:

Islam is a religious political and cultural system. Its no more deserving of protection than that of Nazism or Communism with which, by the way, it shares a great deal. Islam is not a race and therefore criticism of it is not racist.

A Golden Eagle Hunts Babies in Montreal Park ~ The Baby Is Fine (Updated: Fake? YES!)

It is being reported that this is CGI… good CGI… but CGI nonetheless.

Yep, CGI, via The Blaze:

According to one of the hoaxers, students were promised a grade of “100″ if their video managed to generate more than 100 views on the web. Grades should not be a problem for this team. At press time, the overachievers are approaching 20 million views for their entry.

Team member Normand Archimbault explained it all to the Today Show:

We did all the basic steps of creating a 3-D element for a film. We rigged the eagle, the kid, and then we integrated it with the clip.

The full “Today” show segment with further explanation is below:

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