Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Joins Osama (DOA)

Between 50 and 70 members of the US Army Delta Force and Rangers flew in on six helicopters and surrounded al-Baghdadi during the overnight raid in Syria’s Idlib province, an official source told Fox News.  

The JAMES FOLEY FOUNDATION released the following statement on Twitter about Bagdadi’s death: “I am grateful to our President and brave troops for finding ISIS leader Al-Bagdadi. I hope this will hinder the resurgence of terror groups and pray that captured ISIS fighters will be brought to trial and held accountable.”

The DAILY MAIL has the story that my wife pointed out was similar to the THREE AMIGOS (following headline).

‘He died like a dog’ Donald Trump addresses the nation and confirms that ‘coward’ ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by U.S. Special Forces and died ‘whimpering and crying and screaming’ after being cornered inside his Syrian lair and detonated his suicide vest

  • Donald Trump announced Sunday morning that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead
  • U.S.-led forces descended on al-Baghdadi’s lair in Idlib, Syria overnight
  • The president said al-Baghdadi ‘died like a dog’ after being run down a dead-end tunnel and cornered
  • Baghdadi detonated his suicide vest, killing himself and three of his children
  • Eleven children were cleared from the lair
  • Baghdadi’s two wives were killed during the operation without their suicide vests being detonated
  • Trump teased Saturday night that he would be making a ‘major statement’
  • Al-Baghdadi issued a chilling call to arms in 2014 declaring an Islamic ‘caliphate’
  • Under his leadership, smaller-scale higher-frequency attacks became the norm
  • Trump says he does not regret pulling U.S. forces from northern Syria

NED NEDERLANDER: “Tell us, ‘we will die like dogs’.”

EL GUAPO: “What?”

NED NEDERLANDER: “Tell us, ‘we will die like dogs’.”

EL GUAPO: “You will die like dogs.”

DUSTY BOTTOMS: “No we will not die like dogs! We will fight like lions! Because we are!…”



Inside the raid that killed al-Baghdadi: ISIS leader detonated suicide vest as US Army Delta Force and Rangers closed in on his lair in overnight firefight

  • Major ISIS target, believed to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reportedly killed in Syria
  • Between 50 and 70 members of the US Army Delta Force and Rangers flew in on six helicopters and conducted Sunday’s overnight raid in Syria’s Idlib province
  • Al-Baghdadi is believed to have detonated a suicide vest as forces closed in  
  • Unverified video showed the moment he was killed, along with his three children
  • President Donald Trump held a morning press conference on Sunday and confirmed al-Baghdadi ‘died like a dog’ in the extended firefight 
  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper said there were two minor injuries to US soldiers after Trump indicated that a US K-9 was injured 
  • Al-Baghdadi issued a chilling call to arms in 2014 declaring an Islamic ‘caliphate’ 
  • Under his leadership, smaller-scale higher-frequency attacks became the norm
  • Trump said Al-Baghdadi was surveilled for a few weeks before the raid

Canadian Spec-Ops Engage I.S. in Iraq (Plus: Breaking News)

Gateway Pundit points out that although Obama said in the above video he “ended the war in Iraq,” allied troops are fighting the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.

Brig. Gen. Michael Rouleau says Special Forces came under direct attack and used sniper fire to neutralize the attackers.

A very interesting headline comes from Digital Journal, entitled: “Boots on the ground – Those putting ISIS on the defensive

From Canadian special forces on the ground in Iraq to Kurdish fighters in Syria ISIS is slowly, but surely, being put on the defensive thanks to those brave men and women who are risking their lives in order to repel that groups murderous onslaughts.


Canadian special forces have recently become the first of any western military forces to engage this enemy on the ground after they came under attack from machine gun and mortar fire while out surveying the front-line firsthand. The act was dubbed a “defensive” one on the part of those Canadian forces. Nevertheless they are the first western force to engage in a firefight with ISIS. They, thankfully, sustained no injuries.

News of this came as the Syrian Kurds defending the town of Kobani continue to make gains in repelling the vicious attempt on the part of ISIS to crush them and ensure they don’t stand as a symbol of resistance to ISIS’s heartfelt efforts to establish their so-called caliphate. The Kurds have defied them and have stood up as an unwavering symbol of resistance having withstood everything ISIS could throw at them for an awe-inspiring 150 days. They have recently re-captured a strategic hill there which they can use to their advantage against an enemy who has already been repelled from most of the town.

Furthermore in Kobani U.S. air strikes have contributed to blunting ISIS’s ability to mount a prolonged siege by bombing its supply lines and also its positions around the town. Turkey has also assisted by allowing Peshmerga fighters from Iraq to cross through its territory to help reinforce those defending Kobani. All form of assistance to people who needed every bit of help they could get, and now the bravery they exhibited in their unwavering stand against this group is finally beginning to pay off….

There is BREAKING news that the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, has been killed. This was stated before… let’s hope it is true this time!