Tucker Carlson vs. Justin Trudeau


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the subject of Tucker Carlson’s ire on Monday night, after a weekend where the Canadian head-of-state isolated, quarantined, absconded to a secret location, and then blasted the working class truckers who brought their Freedom Convoy to gridlock the streets of Ottawa.

“There’s no one more fearful and desperate in the world than Justin Trudeau of Canada,” Carlson said.

“Trudeau has systematically COVID to short circuit democracy in Canada and to end organized Christianity there Canadians can no longer travel freely within their own country,” he said after slamming Trudeau for his Covid restrictions…..

Tucker Carlson BLASTS Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his Covid tyranny and for hiding from the trucker protest.

Tucker Carlson rips the media for covering for Trudeau.

Tucker Carlson mocks Trudeau’s love for playing dress-up in racist costumes.