What Is Fascism? Biden Admin and Amazon Explain

The NATIONAL REVIEW article Dennis Prager is reading from can be found here: “Biden White House Pressured Amazon to Censor Vaccine-Skeptical Books, Internal Emails Reveal” The PRAGER U video mentioned (and the excerpt I included) can be found here: “Big Business & Big Brother”. And the other THOMAS SOWELL video is via this YouTube Channel. Must read JIM JORDAN’S Twitter thread as well.

How biased are these pushes? Mollie Hemingway and Laura Ingraham explain:

‘The Federalist’ editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway discusses NewsGuard’s global disinformation index categorizing right-leading media outlets as ‘risky’ and left-leaning outlets as ‘least risky’ for disinformation on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’


Ron DeSantis EXPOSES Book Ban Hoax


On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a news conference to criticize media coverage of Florida’s school library book policies and the Stop WOKE Act, characterizing them as a “hoax.” Speaking at the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office, DeSantis accused those spreading false narratives of attempting to “pollute and sexualize our children.”


Ron DeSantis EXPOSES Book Ban Hoax, Books SO GRAPHIC Twitter CENSORS His Livestream

This morning Governor DeSantis held a press conference exposing the false political narrative that Florida is banning legitimate books from schools. He calls it “Exposing the book ban hoax.”

The press conference starts with a film on some of the books that were banned and it is so graphic that news networks covering the press conference had to cut the feed. DeSantis acknowledged this when he began the press conference.

The film also debunks the lies that Florida is banning the teaching of slavery in schools…..




Amazon’s High-Tech Book Burning

Dennis Prager discusses Amazons attempt to silence freedom in banning Dr. Joseph Nicolosi’s books. The son of the author in question calls into the show. Maybe the updated edition to the book, “120 Banned Books,” can have a “Jeff Bezos” chapter. In fact, If Barnes and Noble were smart, they would have a “Jeff Bezos Box-Set” of banned books during “Banned Books Week.” At any rate, I find it fascinating that Freud was a book burned by Nazis in Germany, and now we have another psychologist’s work being burned. The attack on free speech by the Egalitarian Left since the New Left’s birth is now being “fast tracked” via the WWW. These groups of activists are essentially no different than the jack-boot brown shirts of pre-war Germany: shouting down those who they disagree with, violently attacking those who merely hold another opinion, banning books, and the like…..

….Here are some stories detailing the above:

  • Amazon Bans Books on Conversion Therapy for Homosexuals Who Want to Change Their Lives (RED STATE);
  • Amazon Bans Books on Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ – Is the Bible Next? (LIFESITE);
  • Amazon Bans Books On Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ (DAILY WIRE);
  • Amazon Stops Selling Books by Catholic Psychologist Amid LGBT Activist Pressure (CHRISTIAN POST);
  • Amazon.com Surrenders to The Homintern (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE);
  • Amazon Bans Books On “Conversion Therapy” (DENNY BURK);
  • Amazon Under Fire For Erasing From Its Sales Site Book Critical Of Transgender Movement (DEADLINE)

I just wish to note that I am as conservative of an Evangelical as can be. I am a young-earth creationist, believe the Biblical when it self-ascribes literalness, etc., etc. In my extensive library is the Satanic Bible (LaVey), the Book of Laws (Crowley), most anti-creationist books, most books by atheists, the Communist Manifesto, Mao’s Red Book, Margaret Sanger’s “Pivot of Civilization,” etc., etc.

I also love to meet with like minded fellows and gals in political thought. These include gay men and women. Except all the gay men and women I know would not have wanted ANY book removed from Amazon. Why? Because they love liberty and our Founding principles. That’s why. And as a person who has over a lifetime spent shy of $39,000 on Amazon… taking my business to Barnes and Noble may be my best weapon.