Open Season On Police Officers w/Thanks To Obama


…According to Clarke, their rhetoric has caused an “open season” on police officers.

“I am too pissed off tonight to be diplomatic with what’s going on and I’m not going to stick my head in the sand about it,” Clarke said. “I said last December war had been declared on the American police officer led by some high profile people, one coming out of the White House, and one coming out of the United State Department of Justice. And it’s open season right now. No doubt about it.”

“I’m tired of people calling these black activists,” he added. “They’re not black activists. This is black slime and it needs to be eradicated from American society. I need every law abiding person in America to stand up and start pushing back against this slime.”

Does Free Speech Offend You? (Greg Lukianoff)

Video Description:

Should offensive speech be banned? Where should we, as a society, draw the line where permitted speech is on one side, and forbidden speech is on the other? Should we even have that line? And should free speech be limited by things like trigger warnings and punishments for microaggressions? Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, answers these questions and more.

“Beam Me Up Scotty!” ~ Larry Elder Day of WDBJ Murders

These are part of the opening minutes of Larry Elder’s Show the day of the murders. He ends this segment with “beam me up Scotty.” Perfect. Larry is insightful mainly because of his litany of Democratic hypocrisies noted (almost daily).

And in the case of Vester Lee Flanagan II (AKA, Bryce Williams), like Floyd Lee Corkins II, these and the many others seemed to be groomed by the left to feel soo disadvantaged that it requires a sort of “war.”

The latest example coming from Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton on Thursday likened the Republican presidential field to terrorist extremists based on their views of women.

“Extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups,” Clinton said during a campaign speech at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. ”We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be president of the United States. Yet, they espouse out of touch and out-of-date policies. They are dead-wrong for 21st century America. We are going forward. We are not going back.”

(The Blaze)

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Trumps Church Clarifies Involvement (Plus: #TrumpBible)

…in a statement to TheBlaze regarding Trump’s membership status, Marble Collegiate Church said that while the Republican presidential candidate has a “longstanding history,” he is not an “active member.”

  • “Donald Trump has had a longstanding history with Marble Collegiate Church, where his parents were for years active members and one of his children was baptized. However, as he indicates, he is a Presbyterian, and is not an active member of Marble,” the church said.

Eric Metaxas puts together the likely Bible Trump uses, to which I added a few from others via Twitter (h/t J. Giordano):

Donald Trump recently said the Bible is by far his favorite book, but when asked to share a favorite verse or two, he declined, saying religion was a private thing and he didn’t want to get specific. Many concluded he doesn’t read the Bible. But to silence his critics, Trump today shot off the following “25 of my favorite Bible verses”…

  • In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was TERRIFIC. And also YUUUUGE.
  • Look, I prefer Messiahs who don’t get crucified, okay? I mean, I’ve given a lot to his churches. A LOT. Face it, he let us down.
  • Moses. What a dope. Had to go into the wilderness. I’d have negotiated a deal with Pharaoh, day one. A great deal. The best.
  • And Jesus went out into the desert. But he should have invested in hotels there. I mean I’m killing it in Vegas. A LOT of money.
  • Nathan said to David: “You are the man!” And David said, “No YOU are the man!” And they high-fived each other. It was fabulous.
  • Take a little wine for thy stomach’s sake. And if you’re eating the Surf & Turf you can go with the red OR the white. Your call.
  • Jesus? Nice guy, but LOW, LOW energy, I mean, bleeding out of his hands, his feet, his wherever…
  • God took six days to create the universe & then needed a day of rest? Lazy & inefficient. Would have taken me three days. Tops
  • Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. For a season.
  • He rebuked the wind and said to the sea “Silence, be still!” But Jorge Ramos kept talking and talking.
  • At the Last Supper, Jesus said to Judas: “What you must do, do quickly. And do it under budget if possible. Unheard of, right?”
  • The Israelites were illegal immigrants fleeing Pharaoh so they could have anchor babies in the Promised Land.
  • Why do the heathen rage? Because they want jobs. And I’m the greatest job creator God ever made. And then some. Am I right?
  • A sower went out to sow. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love sowers. But they’re killing us. They’re sending us their worst sowers.
  • A man went to Jericho & he was set upon by thieves. Because they have lousy security in Jericho. The Unions destroyed it there.
  • Judas? Bad leadership on Jesus’ part. Would never have happened on #CelebrityDisciple.
  • Foxes have holes and birds have nests, but I have duplexes with views of the East River. The Chinese are buying them like crazy.
  • You’ve heard it said, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” but I say unto you that’s lousy negotiating. Why break even?
  • A good name is better than fine perfume. But nothing’s better than Trump Cologne.
  • A good wife, who can find? I found three.
  • Moses saw that the Bush was on fire but was not consumed, because face it, the Bush was low-energy.
  • A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown. But I was born in Queens, so who cares?
  • When Paul & Silas were praying, an earthquake shook the jail & all the doors were opened, because none of it was built to code.
  • A man named Ananias, with Saphira his wife, sold a piece of property. But they were the worst negotiators. They got killed.
  • And Jesus came to them walking on the waves and said, “Have you seen the polls? I’m like WAY ahead. It’s not even close.”
  • And Pharoah said to Moses: “Do you know how many Hispanics I have working for me?”
  • Love covers a multitude of sins. Sure. But you’d be nuts not to get a prenup. I mean, c’mon.
  • Then there came a tax-collector & I said “Good luck, because I’ve got the best tax lawyers. I mean they’re monsters. Forget it.”
  • And after the wind came an earthquake & he was not in the earthquake. So I’m like, c’mon already. Where are you? I’m a busy man.
  • Among whom was Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Joses, and the mother of James & John. Three classy ladies. Tremendous class.
  • Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. Wait a minute…I don’t want to get that specific.
  • Hide it under a bushel? No. But I do keep all my Bibles in a very nice place.
  • Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes and GAVE THEM AWAY? Terrible business strategy.


Democrat Vicimology Creating an Aggrieved and Violent Class

There will be more of this as the Democrats and left leaning professors instill vicimhood in their “believers.”

…An on-duty uniformed deputy in Texas was shot and killed Friday night while pumping gas into his cruiser, authorities said.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that a male suspect with a dark complexion, wearing a white shirt and red shorts, opened fire on Darren Goforth, 47, at a gas station just outside Houston.

“A male suspect came up from behind the deputy and shot the deputy multiple times. The deputy then fell to ground. The suspect then continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he laid on the ground,” deputy Thomas Gilliland told reporters….

(The Blaze)

I was in Starbucks yesterday and overheard two moms talking… one said her son just got back from college and was talking about white privileged and how the blacks are kept down by white people, etc. Its sad.

The Forward Thinking of the party of Death ~ Hillary

Gateway Pundit notes the insane aspect of the above video of Hillary calling Republicans “terrorists” over abortion:

Hillary Clinton compared Republican presidential candidates to terrorists in her latest campaign speech.

Extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be president of the United States. Yet, they espouse out of touch and out-of-date policies. They are dead-wrong for 21st century America.

From the woman who supports Planned Parenthood baby organ harvesting.

In Gateway’s post Jim has a picture of the Islamic State blowing off the heads of captured persons. This has more in common — literally — with Democrats.


“She Was Just Getting Started” ~ Camille Paglia

I am reading a book that is making me pull up some old Paglia stuff. The new addition is the first quote. Enjoy:

More than twenty years ago, the influential lesbian author Camille Paglia had this to say about the “born gay” myth: “Homosexuality is not normal. On the contrary it is a challenge to the norm…. Nature exists whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single relentless rule. That is the norm…. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction…. No one is born gay. The idea is ridiculous… homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait.”

But she was just getting started as she asked:

“Is the gay identity so fragile that it cannot bear the thought that some people may not wish to be gay? Sexuality is highly fluid, and reversals are theoretically possible. However, habit is refractory, once sensory pathways have been blazed and deepened by repetition—a phenomenon obvious with obesity, smoking, alcoholism or drug addiction—helping gays to learn how to function heterosexually, if they wish is a perfectly worthy aim. We should be honest enough to consider whether or not homosexuality may not indeed, be a pausing at the prepubescent stage where children band together by gender…. Current gay cant insists that homosexuality is not a choice; that no one would choose to be gay in a homophobic society. But there is an element of choice in all behavior, sexual or otherwise. It takes an effort to deal with the opposite sex; it is safer with your own kind. The issue is one of challenge versus comfort.”

Michael L. Brown, Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide (Washington, DC: WND Books, 2015), 162.

Here is a portion of the interview Prager spoke of in the above radio interview of Camille Paglia from the Wall Street Journal:

…But no subject gets her going more than when I ask if she really sees a connection between society’s attempts to paper over the biological distinction between men and women and the collapse of Western civilization.

She starts by pointing to the diminished status of military service. “The entire elite class now, in finance, in politics and so on, none of them have military service—hardly anyone, there are a few. But there is no prestige attached to it anymore. That is a recipe for disaster,” she says. “These people don’t think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.”

The results, she says, can be seen in everything from the dysfunction in Washington (where politicians “lack practical skills of analysis and construction”) to what women wear. “So many women don’t realize how vulnerable they are by what they’re doing on the street,” she says, referring to women who wear sexy clothes.

When she has made this point in the past, Ms. Paglia—who dresses in androgynous jackets and slacks—has been told that she believes “women are at fault for their own victimization.” Nonsense, she says. “I believe that every person, male and female, needs to be in a protective mode at all times of alertness to potential danger. The world is full of potential attacks, potential disasters.” She calls it “street-smart feminism.”

Ms. Paglia argues that the softening of modern American society begins as early as kindergarten. “Primary-school education is a crock, basically. It’s oppressive to anyone with physical energy, especially guys,” she says, pointing to the most obvious example: the way many schools have cut recess. “They’re making a toxic environment for boys. Primary education does everything in its power to turn boys into neuters.”

She is not the first to make this argument, as Ms. Paglia readily notes. Fellow feminist Christina Hoff Sommers has written about the “war against boys” for more than a decade. The notion was once met with derision, but now data back it up: Almost one in five high-school-age boys has been diagnosed with ADHD, boys get worse grades than girls and are less likely to go to college.

Ms. Paglia observes this phenomenon up close with her 11-year-old son, Lucien, whom she is raising with her ex-partner, Alison Maddex, an artist and public-school teacher who lives 2 miles away. She sees the tacit elevation of “female values”—such as sensitivity, socialization and cooperation—as the main aim of teachers, rather than fostering creative energy and teaching hard geographical and historical facts.

By her lights, things only get worse in higher education. “This PC gender politics thing—the way gender is being taught in the universities—in a very anti-male way, it’s all about neutralization of maleness.” The result: Upper-middle-class men who are “intimidated” and “can’t say anything. . . . They understand the agenda.” In other words: They avoid goring certain sacred cows by “never telling the truth to women” about sex, and by keeping “raunchy” thoughts and sexual fantasies to themselves and their laptops.

Politically correct, inadequate education, along with the decline of America’s brawny industrial base, leaves many men with “no models of manhood,” she says. “Masculinity is just becoming something that is imitated from the movies. There’s nothing left. There’s no room for anything manly right now.” The only place you can hear what men really feel these days, she claims, is on sports radio. No surprise, she is an avid listener. The energy and enthusiasm “inspires me as a writer,” she says, adding: “If we had to go to war,” the callers “are the men that would save the nation.”

And men aren’t the only ones suffering from the decline of men. Women, particularly elite upper-middle-class women, have become “clones” condemned to “Pilates for the next 30 years,” Ms. Paglia says. “Our culture doesn’t allow women to know how to be womanly,” adding that online pornography is increasingly the only place where men and women in our sexless culture tap into “primal energy” in a way they can’t in real life.

A key part of the remedy, she believes, is a “revalorization” of traditional male trades—the ones that allow women’s studies professors to drive to work (roads), take the elevator to their office (construction), read in the library (electricity), and go to gender-neutral restrooms (plumbing)…

…read more…

I will end with Christina Hoff Sommers

Denver City Council Leans Towards Totalitarianism ~ Prager

From Fox News:

Some Denver City Council members have stalled consideration of Chick-fil-A’s bid for a 7-year concession to operate a restaurant at the Denver International Airport, citing the company’s stance against same-sex marriage.

According to the Denver Post, Business Development Committee member Paul Lopez believes that having the chicken chain at the airport is a “moral issue on the city.”

Openly gay councilwoman Robin Kniech, while addressing the council Tuesday, said: “We really want to look into the policies and practices of these companies, and just make sure that they conform to ours in the city, the State of Colorado. We have a marriage decision nationally. This is really about policies and it’s about practices.”

During the meeting none of the 10 members in attendance defended Chick-fil-A.

Kniech later told the Denver Post she was worried about a franchise in Denver generating “corporate profits used to fund and fuel discrimination.”….

“Modern Family” ~ Mitch & Cam Eat at a Boycotted Restaurant

Gay Patriot notes the story and comments well [as usual] on the issue facing freedom loving Americans:

…It’s kind of a sour-leftist twofer. They get to revel in that smug exclusion of alternative viewpoints the left calls “tolerance,” and they get to deny people the pleasure of eating a chicken sandwich and waffle fries.

Meanwhile, the Christians who were attacked  by the Lesbian Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT) and nearly lost their business for declining the opportunity to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding, in an act of charity and forgiveness, sent cakes to 10 gay rights groups with messages of love.

What do you bet at least 9 of those cakes were tossed in the dumpster amid a string of profanity that would shame a sailor?

News Media vs. Video Games (#GamerGate)

ABC joins Fox News, MSNBC and the rest of the news media who have been attacking the games industry for decades. Their bias knows no bounds, their research knows no objectivity, and their reporters know not a damn thing. Welcome to Gaming.

Gay Patriot adds to the real narrative well:

It would be nice to live in a society where we could play our video games, go to our sporting events, watch our entertainment programs and not be assaulted by the dogma of Social Justice Warriors. It would be just as nice to live in a society where journalists reported facts accurately, instead of molding them to fit a narrative.