Some Sharia `No-Go` Zones in Sweden ~ Dearborn Michigan Close

Libertarian Republican asks:

Editor’s comment – So how long before we start seeing scenes like this in Dearborn, Michigan, Minneapolis, northern New Jersey and parts of Philadelphia?

Luckily, we have guys fighting against these laws/zones I have posted about in the past (here, here, and here). The atheist Pat Condell says Sweden is lost, but we have areas becoming like this, as LR pointed out, Dearborn, Michigan.

These guys, preaching strongly/holding the front-lines, whips up the crowd in a way that Jesus did… where Jesus (and the apostles) were threatened with stoning — some even martyred in the throws of preaching:

Number of Michigan IP Addresses on Jihadi Websites is `Staggering` ~ FBI

Via Creeping Sharia:

via Counter-terrorism official: No Hizballah training camps in metro Detroit | Detroit Free Press |

Authorities are concerned how Hizballah might react in case Israel or other countries get into a conflict with Iran, which sponsors the terrorist group, said FBI Assistant Special Agent Todd Mayberry, who oversees counter-terrorism in Michigan.


One challenge is being able to keep track of so many potentially radical websites and differentiating what might be a legitimate threat from harmless talk. Estimating there are thousands websites that could have extremist activity, he said:

“If I gave you the number of Michigan IP addresses that are on some of these sites, it’s staggering,” Mayberry said.

Asked by a member of the Jewish Community Council of Metro Detroit about possible Hizballah support in Muslim-American communities, Mayberry said: “There are (some) people who see Hizballah as freedom fighters and as charitable.”

But at the FBI and other federal agencies, he said: “Our position remains the same… they’re terrorists.”

“If you give them (Hizballah) money, and I can show that you’re giving them money, you’re going to jail,” Mayberry said.

He added: “If you preach in your mosque or in…your home, where you espouse Hizballah rhetoric and you say how great they are and everything, you’re going to get a case opened…They are terrorists.”

“Everybody has their opinion…It’s a free country up and to a point. But they are a terrorist group…and until that changes,” the FBI will go after “anyone who supports them whether financially or with material support.”

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Peanuts Create More jobs Im Michigan that Green Energy

Granholm portrait unveiled Friday:

From the Governor’s bio on her website:

Jennifer M. Granholm was elected governor of Michigan 2002. In 2006, she was re-elected with the largest number of votes ever cast for governor in Michigan. As Governor, Granholm led the state through a brutal economic downturn that resulted from a meltdown in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. She worked relentlessly to diversify the state’s economy, strengthen its auto industry, preserve the manufacturing sector, and add new, emerging sectors, such as clean energy, to Michigan’s economic portfolio.

Here is the comparison (thanks to FreeRepublic) of this “innovation”

A miniature wind turbine is featured in former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s official portrait, which was unveiled at the state Capitol on Friday. According to media accounts, Granholm said that the turbine is a symbol “of her administration’s efforts to rebuild the state’s shattered manufacturing base through alternative energy.”

But a can of Planters Peanuts may have been a better choice. Confectionery and nut stores brought more jobs to the state in the past few years than wind and solar combined. Wind energy accounted for 45 jobs in 2008 and 31 jobs in 2009. In 2008, there were 315 jobs generated by the wind and solar industry in the state. By comparison, there were 350 jobs generated in confectionery and nut stores in the state in 2008.

All were but a tiny fraction of the state’s overall economy: Michigan has more than 4 million jobs.

“Green energy hasn’t been the savior it has been hyped to be,” said James Hohman, Mackinac Center for Public Policy fiscal analyst.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics was not able to release 2009 data on wind and solar jobs. Hohman said that’s generally because the data was focused on one facility or not enough facilities to meet privacy standards for reporting jobs.

Granholm said in September 2007 that wind energy would create jobs and help diversify the state’s job base.

Michigan Votes for Change

Libertarian Republican has a story on my birth state and their choice to change direction:

The conservative blog Western Right has an excellent round-up of Michigan election results. They report on a little-noticed shift that is sure to have enormous consequences for the future of Michigan politics. The State Supreme Court now has a Republican majority 4 to 3. The infamous liberal-controlled Court for decades has shot down conservative/libertarian-backed measures such as tax cut initiatives, union-busting measures and most famously, the initiative to repeal Affirmative Action hiring and college admissions quotas.

Republicans in Michigan won a victory of epic proportions in the November election. They won everything. Well, almost every race that they seriously contested.

Bill Scheutte won the Attorney General race 52.6% to 43.5% over David Leyton.

Ruth Johnson won the Secretary of State race 50.7% to 45.2% over Jocelyn Benson.

Republicans have reclaimed a 4-3 majority on the court. This sets Young up to become the Chief Justice next year. This will also protect the rule of law against liberal activists and the market against greedy trial lawyers. It should also protect a Republican redistricting plan.

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Criminal: Abortion Clinics Violate Multiple Laws In Michigan

(A hand of an aborted baby retrieved from the trash behindWoman Care abortion clinic in Lathrup Village, Michigan.)

One News Now reports on three abortion clinics in Michigan that violated many laws, but action was only taken on one of them:

Three Michigan abortion clinics have been cited by the Office for Civil Rights for violating the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), but a pro-lifer is disappointed that no further action has been taken.

In December 2008, Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society discovered the remains of aborted babies in the trash behind the three abortion clinics. She also found hundreds of medical records on women who had undergone the procedure, so she filed complaints and extensive documentation.

“Dumping of these patient records is a violation of Michigan state law, but it’s also a violation of the federal regulations known as the HIPAA laws, and the government agency that oversees the HIPAA law is the Office for Civil Rights,” Miller explains.

Under the law, tThose patient records are supposed to be confidential information, but she contends they are hardly confidential if they are thrown into a dumpster. But even though a citation has finally been issued, the pro-lifer wonders why it has taken two years.

“Finally, the Office for Civil Rights agreed that, in fact, these particular clinics were in violation of federal law and cited them as such,” Miller notes. But in the meantime, she has waited for a determination on any further action that might be taken. She admits to feeling “disappointed” because the investigators have not fined the clinics, even though they have been given every reason to do so.

Two of the clinics are owned by Albert Hodari, who is currently the target of a lawsuit by a young woman who claims she changed her mind about an abortion only to have the abortionist’s assistant hold her down while he killed her unborn baby.

On those babies found in the trash,Bishop John Quinn says a prayer for them:

Southfield — Their deaths at the hands of an abortionist cut short their earthly lives, but the 23 aborted babies, whose remains were found in a local abortion clinic trash receptacle, are assured of eternal life with God, Auxiliary Bishop John Quinn said last Saturday.

“The life which these children received has been destroyed by death, yet Christ has taken them up,” Bishop Quinn said during the graveside ceremony at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Msgr. Robert McClory, chancellor of the Archdiocese of Detroit, prayed, “May these little ones, one day, meet with us in the joy and love of your kingdom.”


“I assumed if you went through an abortionist’s trash long enough, you’d find babies, but nothing prepares you for it,” Kukla continued. “I was changed forever when I first saw the photos of aborted children, but to actually hold one just convicts you all the more,” she added.

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Two Major Differences Between Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans-JOBS!

“…In 1994, nearly two-thirds of U.S.-born teenagers were in the summer labor force; by 2007 it was less than half. At the same time, the overall number of immigrants (legal and illegal) holding a job doubled. The evidence indicates that immigration accounts for a significant share of the decline in teen labor force participation…”

(A Drought of Summer Jobs: Immigration and the Long-Term Decline in Employment Among U.S.-Born Teenagers)

Illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans – by Corine Flores

I am a native-born New Mexico Hispanic. I often write letters to newspapers on a subject which those without an Hispanic last name dare not write: the urgent need for immigration reform.

This nation’s immigration policy, begun in 1965, is a disaster. It hurts minorities, the poor, the environment – as we see dramatically here in the West on an almost daily basis – and immigrants themselves.

Because of my last name, I can call for immigration reform, although I, too, have been labeled a racist – a hurtful claim that is impossible to disprove. As Ventura, Calif., Navy Dispatch editor Samuel Francis wrote in a recent editorial, – ‘Hate’ now includes all opposition to immigration.” Yet, immigration affects us all, and we should be able to talk about it without fear of character assassination.

This trend has its roots in the national news media, where reporters almost invariably report on immigration as being good and those opposed to immigration as being bad or racist. These stories remind us that we are a nation of immigrants, while ignoring that the incredibly high rates of immigration to the United States are largely a recent phenomenon.

From 1915 to 1965, legal immigration ran about 220,000 a year – the number most immigration reform advocates want us to return to, since that number would stabilize our population. Since 1989, legal immigration has averaged about 1,063,000 a year. Another 1 million people a year immigrate illegally, according to one estimate.


On a personal level, I am concerned about over-immigration because it hurts me and others in a state where the tide of immigrants out of Mexico is crushing native-born Hispanics, flooding already stressed schools, and sharply increasing drug trafficking and violent crime.

The rumored economic boom, despite many news reports to the contrary, has left Hispanics behind. The Federal Reserve recently reported that the median Hispanic net worth fell a whopping 24 percent between 1995 and 1998 due to “an accelerating influx of poor immigrants.” Put another way, when workers ask for a raise, they are often reminded that there are many others who will do the same work for less, including for below minimum wage. We all, native-born and immigrants, know there is no “labor shortage” for many of our jobs.

For that matter, do any American workers at any level see employers clamoring to increase their pay? No, they see industry calling for the right to import more cheap workers.

While I care about the world’s poor – roughly 1.5 billion people fall into that category – I believe we cannot possibly welcome all these mostly economic (rarely political) refugees to the United States. Do advocates of high immigration believe our own slums are empty and that we no longer have citizens needing a fair chance at decent-paying jobs?

We must return immigration to traditional levels. To stop the cross-border flow and the peril the trek brings to Mexican nationals, we must impose sharp penalties for those employers who hire illegal immigrants.

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Another significant reason behind this very important job loss for an important segment of our population is minimum wage hikes. First Milton Friedman then a portion of an article:

Here is the excerpt from the article entitled, “Hey, Dude, Where’s My Job?“:

….Unfortunately, teens are also learning personal lessons about price theory and supply and demand. While America’s youth were busy downloading the latest iTunes, those running the country savaged their job prospects. In July 2009, a month distinguished by the then-highest unemployment rate among teens since at least 1948, the latest of three hikes in the minimum wage pushed through by Congress in 2007 went into effect. As a consequence, the cost to hire part-time or unskilled workers jumped to $7.25 per hour, a full 41 percent increase from the 2007 going rate of $5.15. Some considered the hike overdue; a decade had passed since the prior increase. Others argued that carrying through with such a hefty jump was ill conceived, especially in light of the recession. The bottom line: The sharp rise in the minimum wage has almost certainly contributed to an equally harsh increase in unemployment among those not yet old enough to vote.

Why? Because teens account for a disproportionate number of those paid bottom-of-the-barrel rates. In 2009, for example, teens made up 6 percent of all workers paid by the hour, but 23 percent of those paid at or below the minimum rate. Put another way, some 5 percent of the nation’s hourly workers received minimum wage or less; nearly 19 percent of teens fall into this category. At last count, nearly 26 percent of all teenagers were unemployed, up from 24 percent a year earlier. This is a decidedly worse showing than the rate for adult men, for instance. In June, unemployment for men totaled 9.9 percent, actually down slightly from 10 percent the year before.

That higher minimum wages could lead to lower employment isn’t a shocking concept.

Naturally, the recession caused millions of all ages to lose their jobs. However, the disproportionate hit taken by young people can also, according to a recent study, be laid directly at the door of the hike in minimum wage. Economists William Even of Miami University and David MacPherson of Trinity University compared teen job losses in states impacted by the minimum wage hikes with states that were not affected. (Some states had independently passed a minimum wage as high or higher than the national level, thus rendering the federal hike irrelevant.) They conclude that the increase in minimum wage raised teen unemployment by 114,000….

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HotAir h/t:

Now, the 40-year-old is rethinking her lifelong support for the party. She has been without steady work for two years, lost her home and car and began receiving cash assistance from the state for the first time. This year, she says, “I’m willing to take a chance on something different.” Another possibility, she says, is that she won’t vote at all.

Ms. Jones is part of an unmeasured, agitated mass: unemployed Americans who don’t believe the Obama Administration and Congress have done enough to produce jobs. With elections coming up, their unease is especially troublesome for the Democrats, who control both chambers.

A poor economy never bodes well for incumbents. Cook Report, the nonpartisan political newsletter that tracks congressional races, estimates that 73 House seats are vulnerable—including Mr. Schauer’s. This group has two things in common. Almost all (66 of 73) are held by Democrats, and most include counties that have unemployment rates exceeding the national average, according to data assembled by The Wall Street Journal.

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