Adults, Trump, and Mediocre Negroes (Bonus: Mason Weaver)

Two great posts from GP that should be read in whole. First is the story of some black acolytes meeting with Trump:

Donald J. Trump’s efforts to reach out to African-Americans are not being well-received on the left.

When noted comedian and host of the hit show “Family Feud” Steve Harvey exited from a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump last week calling him “a great man,” to say there was a backlash would be a gross understatement. The word “coon” and “sellout” was immediately thrown out.

Remember, people on the Democrat Left also used the word ‘coon’ to describe America’s foremost neurosurgeon.

Update: “Mediocre Negroes”….


Here we see CNN continuing to implode:

On Monday’s “CNN Tonight,” Morehouse College Professor and CNN Commentator Marc Lamont Hill stated that President-Elect Donald Trump’s diversity coalition was “a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people.”


A more pictorial example via GAY PATRIOT:

To which the left responded, “No! No! No! You can’t make us grow up! We want to stay angry, bitter, and unhinged!” (And also, violently disrupt the peaceful transition of power.) And you really would like to believe that the meme-tantrum below the jump represents just a fraction of the unhinged fringe of the left; but then you remember you have elected Democrat members of Congress calling Trump illegitimate; you have a former Democrat governor calling Trump a “fascist,” you have anti-Trump derangement throughout the mainstream media and the celebrity left. You have a broadly believed insane conspiracy theory that the FBI and the Russian Government conspired to elect Trump. And the very, very few people on the left saying, “Come on, knock it off, you guys,” are being attacked and vilified.

Some Larry Elder Porn:

The Cry Baby Party Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration (+ Flashback)

(The count is now at 50+)

GATEWAY PUNDIT notes the percentage involved in skipping the inauguration:

So far more than 40 DEMOCRATS have announced their intention of boycotting the peaceful transfer of power. After eight years of Obama there are only 194 Democrats left in the US House of Representatives. That means more than 20% of Democrats are boycotting the Trump Inauguration. The Cry Baby Party is having a rough time adjusting to the fact that they have become a coastal minority party.

Some of the reasoning behind this choice can be found here at WCYB 5-NEWS.

I love this.

These actions by Democrats will further split the Democrats and ensure them becoming MORE of a municipal party in 2018 and 2020 — keep it up! As an aside, John Lewis uses so much rhetoric, he forgets what he has done/said in the past.

Lewis vs. Lewis

Mind you, this isn’t the first time he has lied and been caught…

This video tears many aspects of the “racial slur” incident said to of happened by Tea Partiers towards two black congressmen. There has been some back and forth going on on this topic over at POWER LINE BLOG that will enlighten the reader here to what is still going on with this story.

John Lewis’s N-Word Lie Repeated

This comes via TRUTH REVOLT!

In The Independents Monday, Michael Skolnik, political director of Russell Simmons (you read that right), attempted to defend Obama’s abuse of executive orders by blaming racist obstructionism in Congress. When Skolnik cited as proof the claim by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) that Tea Partiers hurled racial slurs at him and Rep. Andre Carson  (D-IN)—a claim Andrew Breitbart famously disproved—Kennedy et al called him out on the “unfounded” and “dangerous” accusation.

After trying to blame Bush for setting the precedent for Obama’s abuse of executive power, Skolnik reverted to the race card. The self-described “civil rights leader” argued that Obama is being forced to resort to executive orders because, unlike Reagan and other presidents before him, “he is black.”

Skolnik: There are people in Congress who do not want to work with him because he is black.

When asked for proof, Skolnik turned to the long-discredited Reps. Lewis and Carson racial slur accusation.

Kennedy immediately called foul, referencing Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge for video evidence of the alleged slurs:

Kennedy: We don’t believe John Lewis. We think he is lying on that…. Did you see Hating Breitbart? Did you see 75 people who had video going at that exact moment who didn’t hear anything. Stop saying that, stop saying that. That is unfounded, it’s dangerous, and how dare you?

After fellow host Kmele Foster underscored that the discredited race-baiting fabrication was the best Skolnik could do for evidence, Skolnik returned to his original talking point:

Skolnik: You do anything to protect the American people. If Congress is not going to work with you, you’ve got executive orders.

(h/t, Gateway Pundit)

More Proof That Democrats Do Not Know What is In the Constitution (Dem Rep John Lewis)

From HotAir:

Yet another embarrassing detour into constitutional theory, progressive-style, via CNS. Serious question: Isn’t it high time for Pelosi to call a caucus meeting so that they can hammer out their talking points on this subject once and for all? The left frets endlessly about its poor “messaging” on ObamaCare, yet I can’t help feeling that not being able to answer a painfully basic question about its constitutionality — again and again and again — might, perhaps, be contributing to negative public perceptions. The obvious answer when this issue is raised is, of course, “the Commerce Clause.” The Commerce Clause, according to the left and generations of Supreme Court precedent, entitles Congress to do virtually anything it wants in regulating the economy. If you can dream it, the Commerce Clause can do it! That’s what a government of “limited powers” is all about, right? And yet, behold the parade of dispiritingly horrible answers offered by top Democrats when confronted about it. Phil Hare and Pelosi herself shrugged off the issue of constitutionality as being almost beneath them; Daniel Akaka flatly admitted he didn’t know of any constitutional basis; Sheila Jackson Lee chimed in yesterday with an incoherent due process defense; and now here’s John Lewis not only bringing equal protection into it but citing the “pursuit of happiness” clause in the Constitution’s preamble. Which, er, doesn’t exist: As CNS notes, that’s a phrase from the Declaration of Independence. What Lewis means, I assume, is the “general welfare” clause of the preamble, which is a lame argument insofar as the preamble doesn’t have the force of law but at least has the virtue of citing a provision that’s actually in the Constitution.

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