The Cry Baby Party Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration (+ Flashback)

(The count is now at 50+)

GATEWAY PUNDIT notes the percentage involved in skipping the inauguration:

So far more than 40 DEMOCRATS have announced their intention of boycotting the peaceful transfer of power. After eight years of Obama there are only 194 Democrats left in the US House of Representatives. That means more than 20% of Democrats are boycotting the Trump Inauguration. The Cry Baby Party is having a rough time adjusting to the fact that they have become a coastal minority party.

Some of the reasoning behind this choice can be found here at WCYB 5-NEWS.

I love this.

These actions by Democrats will further split the Democrats and ensure them becoming MORE of a municipal party in 2018 and 2020 — keep it up! As an aside, John Lewis uses so much rhetoric, he forgets what he has done/said in the past.

Lewis vs. Lewis

Mind you, this isn’t the first time he has lied and been caught…

This video tears many aspects of the “racial slur” incident said to of happened by Tea Partiers towards two black congressmen. There has been some back and forth going on on this topic over at POWER LINE BLOG that will enlighten the reader here to what is still going on with this story.

The “Sage of South Central” [Larry Elder] Goes On A Tirade!

Video description:

Larry Elder was on a role today! He uses Thomas Sowell’s article, “Republicans and Blacks” (, as a backdrop to his long rant. He lit into Democratic and Media distortions (Hollywood too) that help convince people (especially the Black community) that many economic choices made are actually harmful ones. Black unemployment, affirmative action, minimum wage, etc… this is Larry at his best.

He is the master of facts, and goes as far as politely trying to explain to a caller that blacks are more of an ideological voting-bloc than whites.

Good stuff Maynard!

For more clear thinking like this from Larry Elder… I invite you to visit:

Via Thomas Sowell:

…But, if Republicans can reduce the 90 percent of the black vote that goes to Democrats to 80 percent, that can be enough to swing a couple of close Congressional elections — as a start.

Even to achieve that, however, will require targeting those particular segments of the black population that are not irrevocably committed to the Democrats. Parents who want their children to get a decent education are one obvious example. But if Republicans aim a one-size-fits-all message at all blacks they will fail to connect with the particular people they have some chance of reaching….

Breitbart exemplifies the Paul Ryan “indecent”

Earlier this month, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) responded to comments made by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for his remarks about the generations of people in the “inner cities” not “learning the value and culture of work.” She accused the Wisconsin Republican of racism…. MORE…

I agree with O’Reilly… they don’t want to talk.