Larry Elder DESTROYS Leo Terrell (5-Rounds)

Sean Hannity had Larry Elder (lawyer/radio talk show host, author) and Leo Terrell (a well-known civil rights attorney and radio talk show host) on his radio program to discuss the event in Minnesota. Apparently, Larry has been chomping at the bit to lay into Leo? I know why… the lie that the Left, the Media, and lawyers like Leo spread about racist cops and racial divides in America are what have contributed in great part (as well as other areas where the Left hurts the minority community — welfare, affirmative action, fatherless homes, etc.) to what we see happening in parts of our nation as I type. And Leo is a figure head in protecting this horribly negative ethos in the black community. Larry takes it personally.


PART ONE is the opening salvo… Leo Terrell had no idea “The Sage from South Central” came to scrap… and Leo never recovered. You will notice at times Hannity trying to be referee, because Leo is in the ring with someone above his weight class.


PART TWO Larry discusses police shooting stats by ethnicity, the absence of fathers, Hannity defends Leo because Leo is in the ring with someone above his weight class and Sean feels bad.


PART THREE Hannity discusses Trump responding quickly, as well as bringing up the Minneapolis prosecutor saying he has evidence that does not meet the charges. Leo because Leo is in the ring with someone above his weight class and Sean feels bad.

  • “I will say this. That video is graphic, horrific and terrible and no person should do that. But my job in the end is to prove that he violated a criminal statute. And there is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge. We need to wade through all of that evidence to come to a meaningful determination and we are doing that to the best of our ability.” – Michael Freeman (RIGHT SCOOP)


PART FOUR Hannity brings up Obama’s quote about the issue of these recent riots (see RED STATE for more). Leo Terrell slams Obama, then Larry brings up Obama’s abysmal record on racial issues during his Presidency.


PART FIVE Hannity notes there are a high majority of great police officers, Leo basically agree… sorta. Larry Elder gets his parting shots in and he expands on “institutional racism” canard.

My Call Into the Larry Elder Show

Gonna be gone for a few days… I will leave you with my call into the Larry Elder Show:

I was just curious about a stat that I always hear… which is that about half of the violent murders in America are done by black men. What is the percentage of this group. Most blacks I know are hard working, law abiding citizens (that is due maybe to my area I live?). At any rate I wonder what the percentage in the black community is that commits these crimes.

I had a question I wanted to bounce off The Sage. While he confirmed it is a small percentage that commit these types of crimes… I would still think maybe it’s even smaller?

In 1985 an article in the Orlando Sentinel notes-black-on-black crime:

  • “Only 10 percent of blacks commit crimes against other blacks. So 90 percent of the black population is being terrorized by a small minority. Criminals should not automatically be defended simply because of their race, because there are some blacks who should be incarcerated.”

What is the stat? Is there a study on this? As of now this is our reality of what many black law enforcement officials call “urban terrorism”

…Heather Mac Donald, author of “The War On Cops,” has done a stunning and thorough amount of research which has yielded, among other things, the fact that blacks make up just 15 percent of the population in the nation’s 75 largest counties (2009), yet comprise 45 percent of all assault defendants, 62 percent of all robbery defendants, and 57 percent of all murder defendants. In New York City alone, where blacks comprise 23 percent of the population, they account for 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, and 66 percent of all violent crime.

The wonder therefore, isn’t that a group so highly represented in violent crime comprises 26 percent of deaths that occur in altercations with authority, but rather that the rate isn’t higher still. Whites, who account for 33 percent of New York City’s population, commit less than 2 percent of all shootings, 4 percent of robberies and 5 percent of all violent crime while having the highest fatality rate in confrontations with police. Happily, they haven’t resorted to blocking interstate highways and targeting the police and show no interest in doing so….

(The Federalist)

Chicago Files: 4-Dead and 6-year-old girl Shot ~ But Hey, Let`s March for Trayvon

Via Gateway Pundit:

  • Hundreds attended the ‘Justice for Trayvon Martin’ rally yesterday in Chicago.
  • Meanwhile, a six year-old girl was shot Friday while at a memorial for a loved one gunned down five years ago.
  • And at least four people were killed and nine wounded in Chicago shootings on Saturday night.


Dennis Prager Comments on Heather Mac Donald’s Article About Racism In Education

In a must read article, “Undisciplined: The Obama administration undermines classroom order in pursuit of phantom racism,” Heather Mac Donald lays out how teachers are being blamed for racism rather than the parents and students and culture for misbehavior.

…Black elementary and high school students are disciplined at a higher rate than whites are. To Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, that disparity can mean only one thing: schools [teachers] are discriminating… (The fact that white boys were over two times as likely to be suspended as Asian and Pacific Islander boys was discreetly ignored, though it would seem to imply antiwhite bias as well.)…

…The feds have reached their conclusions, however, without answering the obvious question: Are black students suspended more often because they misbehave more? Arne Duncan, of all people, should be aware of inner-city students’ self-discipline problems, having headed the Chicago school system before becoming secretary of education. Chicago’s minority youth murder one another with abandon. Since 2008, more than 530 people under the age of 21 have been killed in the city, mostly by their peers, according to the Chicago Reporter; virtually all the perpetrators were black or Hispanic. In 2009, the widely publicized beating death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert by his fellow students sent Duncan hurrying back to the Windy City, accompanied by Attorney General Eric Holder, to try to contain the fallout in advance of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics (see “Chicago’s Real Crime Story,” Winter 2010). Between September 2011 and February 2012, 25 times more black Chicago students than white ones were arrested at school, mostly for battery; black students outnumbered whites by four to one. (In response to the inevitable outcry over the arrest data, a Chicago teacher commented: “I feel bad for kids being arrested, . . . but I feel worse seeing a kid get his head smashed on the floor and almost die. Or a teacher being threatened with his life.”) So when Duncan lamented, upon the release of the 2012 discipline report, that “some of the worst [discipline] discrepancies are in my hometown of Chicago,” one could only ask: What does he expect?

Nationally, the picture is no better. The homicide rate among males between the ages of 14 and 17 is nearly ten times higher for blacks than for whites and Hispanics combined. Such data make no impact on the Obama administration and its orbiting advocates, who apparently believe that the lack of self-control and socialization that results in this disproportionate criminal violence does not manifest itself in classroom comportment as well….

The following comes from a post on Trayvon Martin, via Larry Elder:

….True, black men, especially young ones, stand a much greater chance of being murdered than white males. But almost all murders involve a victim and a killer of the same race. Yes, instances of black-white murder — as, for example, when James Byrd, a black man of Jasper, Texas, was dragged to his death by three white men — do exist.  But nationally, according to the Department of Justice, 53 percent of known homicide suspects in 2010 were identified as black – although blacks comprise only 13 percent of the population. And in murders involving a single black victim and a single offender, 90 percent of the time it is a black perpetrator who murders the black victim. Similarly, 83 percent of whites are murdered by other whites.

What happened in Sanford, Fla. — a white person killing a black person — is extremely infrequent, occurring in 8 percent of black homicides. In saying “blacks are under attack,” Jackson paints a picture of whites targeting and hunting down black males….