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The EU is breaking the law to import rape and jihad.

Germany: Migrant rape epidemic…

Germany in a state of siege.…

Greatest tide yet to come as the EU refuses to control its external border…

Munich’s Commissioner for Social Affairs is overwhelmed by the refugee crisis…

Did Merkel just read out Germany’s suicide note?…

Calais: Women locking themselves in tents to avoid male migrant attacks…

ISIS claims to have smuggled thousands of fighters into Europe…

Germans losing their homes to economic migrants who are only there because Merkel and the EU are breaking the law…

The Dublin Regulation…

Canadian Inmates Beat Down A Jailed Terrorist. Good Job

Here is the original “arrest” story that come by way of Creeping Sharia:

As an ex-felon who has spent a bit of time in jail… I noticed something. This was a segregated beat-down. In other words, even in Canada there seems to be a divide between the races. Not only that, but the whites in there were handling the situation of of a terrorist in their midst thinking he could convert people to the same movement. There are some proud Canadians in that prison facility. LIKE there are proud Americans in our system.(Ex-military guys who have made a few bad choices but still know that this is the best system of governance on earth.)

Another note. I would be tempted to do the same thing, knowing what I do now about Islamo-Fascists. Not only that, but this answers a question, do “patriotic” criminals want to get them some pay-back:

Video of a beating inside an Ottawa jail shows Carlos Larmond, who is facing terrorism-related charges along with his twin brother, being attacked after allegedly trying to convert another inmate to Islam.

The incident occurred March 3 at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. Video of the incident, played in an Ottawa courtroom Thursday, shows two men viciously attack Larmond with a flurry of punches and kicks while surrounded by other inmates. At one point in the video one of the men appears to drop an object on Larmond before he is able to get to his feet and is escorted out by correctional officers.

Terrence Wilson, 24, was sentenced on Thursday to 60 days in jail for assault causing bodily harm related in the attack.

Paolo Giancaterino, the lawyer representing Wilson, told Global News Larmond had tried to convert his client to Islam on several occasions and threatened to kill him when he resisted.

“It first started with some friendly requests for him to convert to Islam and be a soldier of Islam, and my client was having none of it,” Giancaterino said. “It escalated to the point where threats were starting to be made that my client would be killed in his cell if he didn’t convert. That was followed up by another threat that my client’s family would be killed by someone on the outside if he didn’t convert.”

Giancaterino said the threats escalated over a period of several weeks.

Giancaterino said Larmond suffered a broken left hand and a black eye in the beating.

Carlos Larmond and his twin brother, Ashton, are facing terror-related charges after they were arrested by the RCMP in January after allegedly attempting to travel overseas for terrorist purposes.

Both have been charged with participation in the activity of a terrorist group and for attempting to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activity abroad. Ashton has also been charged instruction to carry out activity for a terrorist group.

The Forward Thinking of the party of Death ~ Hillary

Gateway Pundit notes the insane aspect of the above video of Hillary calling Republicans “terrorists” over abortion:

Hillary Clinton compared Republican presidential candidates to terrorists in her latest campaign speech.

Extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be president of the United States. Yet, they espouse out of touch and out-of-date policies. They are dead-wrong for 21st century America.

From the woman who supports Planned Parenthood baby organ harvesting.

In Gateway’s post Jim has a picture of the Islamic State blowing off the heads of captured persons. This has more in common — literally — with Democrats.


Sister of Terrorist Told Fellow Students “Islam Is Peaceful”

It isn’t lack of economic opportunity that causes
Muslims to kill after becoming more religious.
It’s the Jihad. It’s the fact that Islam is different.

Yasmeen Abdulazeez is the sister of the Muslim who killed four Marines in Tennessee. The following statement Gateway Pundit notes is under-informed:

…Before graduating from Red Bank High School, Abdulazeez said some of the students would harass her. She said she saw that as an opportunity to dispel misconceptions about her faith.

“I’m not afraid to go straight toward them and ask them, ‘Do you really know what Islam is?’ ”Abdulazeez said. “There’s this misconception that Islam is a violent religion. Muslims are actually peaceful.”

Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace “Mohammed is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

  • 2015.07.17 (Damaturu, Nigeria) – A 10-year-old girl and elderly woman are strapped with suicide vests and sent onto a rival prayer ground.
  • 2015.07.16 (Mihtarlam, Afghanistan) – Two children are among eight people massacred during a Taliban ambush on their van.
  • 2015.07.15 (Baga, Nigeria) – Eight civilians are summarily shot in the back of the head by Sharia activists along a highway.
  • 2015.07.15 (Deir Ezzor, Syria) – Eight civilians are crucified by the caliph for breaking Ramadan fasting rules.
  • 2015.07.14 (Tetewa, Chad) – Islamists reach an island community and massacre six children.
  • 2015.07.13 (Maidan Wardak, Afghanistan) – A father and son are aerated Religion of Peace ball bearings.

And from the peanut gallery, via the guys here to protect us, comes this jaw dropper of a statement via Jihad Watch. Tom Fuentas’ short bio follows the video:

(Wiki) Tom Fuentes served as an Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 2004 until his retirement in November 2008. His 29-year career in the FBI included 11 years as a member of the U.S. Government’s Senior Executive Service. Mr. Fuentes directed the FBI Office of International Operations, which included offices at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and 76 Legal Attaché offices in U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide. He was responsible for FBI Special Agents and Analysts assigned to the Interpol Washington, D.C. National Central Bureau office, United Nations, and General Secretariat office in Lyon, France as well as Europol Headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands. He also served as a member of the Executive Committee of Interpol from 2006 through 2009. Interpol has 190 member countries.

Here are some entrees from the Muslim Terrorists blog, via Pamela Geller:

The killer of four U.S. Marines in Chattanooga maintained a short-lived blog that hinted at his religious inner life. Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez’s blog had only two posts, both published July 13 and written in a popular style of Islamic religious reasoning. The first post was entitled “A Prison Called Dunya,” referring to the temporal world. In it, Abdulazeez uses the hypothetical example of a prisoner who is told he would be given a test that would either take him out of his earthly prison—or send him into a more restrictive environment.”I would imagine that any sane person would devote their time to mastering the information on the study guide and stay patient with their studies, only giving time for the other things around to keep themselves focused on passing the exam,” Abdulazeez wrote. “They would do this because they know and have been told that they will be rewarded with pleasures that they have never seen.”This life is that test, he wrote, “designed to separate the inhabitants of Paradise from the inhabitants of Hellfire.” The second post is called “Understanding Islam: The Story of the Three Blind Men.” It suggests Abdulazeez felt his fellow Muslims had a “certain understanding of Islam and keep a tunnel vision of what we think Islam is.” He uses the example of blind men who feel an elephant but can’t quite tell what the creature is. He says Muslims have a similar understanding of the earliest companions of the Prophet Muhammad. That they were “like priests living in monasteries is not true,” he says; rather they were “towards the end of the lives were either a mayor of a town, governor of a state, or leader of an army at the frontlines.” “We ask Allah to make us follow their path,” Abdulazeez wrote. “To give us a complete understanding of the message of Islam, and the strength the live by this knowledge, and to know what role we need to play to establish Islam in the world.”— Katie Zavadski

In other news… 

an Idaho Muslim Refugee Planned Suicide Bombing on U.S. Troops, and he trained others as well.

I went to a family event a few years back that was in Boise, Idaho. At the event, in another part of facility, were Sudanese Muslims getting off buses [I could tell because of the clothes the men and women were wearing]. I asked one of the workers what was going on, they said Boise was one of the cities that take in these “refugees.” I remember thinking to myself that this policy was gonna bite them in the ass…. um.

Creeping Sharia continues to note:

Idaho can still expect to receive more Muslim refugees as churches and other humanitarian organizations receive hefty commissions from the federal government to dump them on American communities. While the State Department insists it conducts rigorous background checks on refugees, determining whether or not a Third World Muslim from a war-torn state has terrorist connections is difficult.

The Washington Times reports that a southern Idaho refugee center expects to receive 300 more Muslim refugees from Syria in 2015. Taxpayers will not be notified when the refugees, who will live off their money and strain school district budgets with their inability to speak English or perform basic academic tasks, arrive in their town. Why they should be expected to embrace an alien presence of Syrians who will soak up resources meant to take care of their children and vulnerable members of the community is never explained.

What a crazy, peaceful world we live in. (As I *pound* my head on the keyboard.)

FBI Special Agent Byers Says “Public Clueless to Threat”

“There is no reason to believe that Ohio is special or unique in this. It just happens that a couple of jihadis in Ohio have recently been caught. They are elsewhere as well, but most Americans have no clue about that, and even the FBI, with its official policy of ignoring and denying the ideology that gives rise to this, is not doing nearly enough to prepare citizens for what is coming.” ~ Atlas Shrugs

Jihad Watch has this story that should be on every one’s mind.

FBI: Jihad threat in Ohio is “scary,” public doesn’t get “the gravity of it”

There is no reason to believe that Ohio is special or unique in this. It just happens that a couple of jihadis in Ohio have recently been caught. They are elsewhere as well, but most Americans have no clue about that, and even the FBI, with its official policy of ignoring and denying the ideology that gives rise to this, is not doing nearly enough to prepare citizens for what is coming.

“New FBI official: Terror threat in Ohio is surprising,” by Dan Sewell, Associated Press, May 30, 2015:

CINCINNATI – The new head of the FBI’s wide-ranging Cincinnati division says the threat of homegrown terrorists in her native state is surprising and scary.

Angela Byers became special agent in charge of the office that covers 48 of Ohio’s 88 counties in late February, just after back-to-back arrests of young men in Cincinnati and Columbus in separate cases alleging they were plotting attacks in the United States. Both have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Byers told The Associated Press in an interview she was surprised at the threat level in Ohio, and she suspects many people in the Midwest don’t realize that “violent extremists” can pop up anywhere.

“It’s scary. And it’s scary to us. I’m not sure the general public quite gets the gravity of it,” she said…..

President WAS Going To Tout Yemen In SOTU Speech ~ OOPS!

Jihad Watch note who is backing the rebel takeover in Yemen:

Yemen’s President ‘has no control’ as Iran-backed Shi’ite Houthi rebels storm palace, fire on US Embassy

The Shi’ite Houthi rebels have received weapons, money and training from Iran. So this represents a significant advance for Iran’s power and influence in the Middle East. What will Obama do in response to the firing on the embassy? Surrender, of course: preparations are already being made to evacuate it.

“Yemen’s President ‘has no control’ as Houthi rebels storm palace,” by Josh Levs, Nick Paton Walsh, and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN, January 20, 2015 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

(CNN)Shiite Houthi rebels overtook the presidential palace in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, on Tuesday, marking what a government minister called “the completion of a coup.”

“The President has no control,” Minister of Information Nadia Sakkaf told CNN as clashes raged….

…read more…

The Prez was gonna say something like this tonight: “…while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.”: AND THIS via The Weekly Standard:

….So our strategy in Iraq and Syria is going to replicate “one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years”? According to the president, Yemen and Somalia are examples of success? I’m no expert on either place, but I have the impression both are in pretty bad shape, have probably been getting worse, and that our government is pretty worried about the export of terrorism near and far from both….

…read it all!…

And Gateway Pundit notes the Prez’s 2014 statements:

In September 2014, Obama bragged that Yemen was a foreign policy success story. On Tuesday Houthi rebels seized the Presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen after a brief gun battle.

Expose: The Islamic Society of Boston Mosques

Via Creeping Sharia

The Islamic Society of Boston mosques have been home to 11 members, including the Tsarnayev brothers, who are either dead, in jail, or on the run due to terrorist activity. Extreme Muslim leaders in Boston have established a blueprint to radicalize and brainwash America’s kids to become fighters…and this pattern is being replicated in communities all across the country.