Dry Bar Double Feature – Shayne Smith

Double Feature

(Hat-Tip to Kate B.)

The Dry Bar Double Feature is back, this time around we’re featuring fan favorite Shayne Smith. Whether it’s his first full Dry Bar Comedy special Prison For Wizards, or his second special Alligator Boys, both of Shayne Smith’s Dry Bar Comedy specials are packed full of hilarious stories that are sure to have you laughing from start to finish.

Crowd Roasting Comedian (clean) | Jeff Leeson

The best crowd comedian you’ve ever seen might just be Jeff Leeson. In his first ever Dry Bar Comedy special Jeff Leeson reaches into the audience for a lot of his material and his crowd work is absolutely hilarious. Whether you’re someone who is into sports, or you’re looking for the secret to a happy marriage this full Dry Bar Comedy special from Jeff Leeson has something for everyone and is sure to have you laughing from start to finish.

Make America Laugh Again (#MALA)

Dennis Prager invites the “Deplorables Comedy Tour” guys and gals into his studio. The ones in studio are Michael Loftus, Terrence Williams, and the Deplorable Choir. Missing in action are Brian Haner and Steve McGrew (tour members). Some funny stuff. I wish had heard of it earlier. At any rate, you have the names to Google these peeps. Enjoy, it’s a doozie.

Cultural Appropriation Halloween

Curing cancer through cultural appropriation:


Just when you thought joyless, whining social justice warriors couldn’t possibly ruin anything else, they’ve now set their sights on Halloween. (H/T to Gateway Pundit)

GAY PATRIOT comments well on the above PC Police stopping “cultural appropriation”

…Another sanctimonious leftist advises on how to lecture people whose costumes are politically incorrect.

  • Among all the tricks and treats, cultural appropriation is an undeniable problem this time of year.

By “undeniable problem” she means “irresistible opportunity for moralistic preening by social leftists.” In this case, she recommends cornering those whose costumes are deemed “offensive” and delivering a stern lecture on the sin of “cultural appropriation.”

“Cultural Appropriation” is a term created by sanctimonious social leftists to attack white people who enjoy partaking of non-white, non-European culture. White entertainers that incorporate elements of African, Caribbean, or Asian influences into their art and music: jazz, for example or Kabuki-inspired costumes, are guilty of cultural appropriation. Note that “Cultural Appropriation” only goes one way; to suggest that Africans should not attempt “white European art” such as ballet or classical music would be racism. “Cultural appropriation” has been extended by the sanctimonious social left to condemn colleges that serve tacos on campus and people who dress up as ninjas or bandidos for Halloween.

In reality, “cultural appropriation” is something privileged leftists made up to lord over other people because they have no real problems and no real morality. There’s also an element of the Baby Boom Left — for whom race sensitivity rivals only hyper-environmentalism as their religion of choice — that needs to keep their pieties from dying out in the Next Generation; even as racism becomes culturally and socially irrelevant.

“The original cultural appropriators”


(Young Conservatives have a really good post on this) This comes via Gay Patriot’s commentary on “a generation is raised to believe that they are so wonderful and so special that anything that offends them…”

  • They were mad because a professor said in an email that if someone’s Halloween costume offended them, they should try and act like adults about it. (The longer version can be found here)


Seinfeld Comments on PC Colleges and Own Daughter (UPDATED)

One commentator on my LiveLeak said:

  • “When the cleanest comedian out there complains about how overly PC colleges have become and will no longer perform there, we know we have a problem.” …. “Can you imagine if Bill Hicks and George Carlin were alive today?”

Another said:

  • Its all about narcissism…….everyone is a star with social networking and all of that stuff. Everyone is offended on someone elses behalf just so that their friends will think that they are a fantastic wonderful human being that wants to save the world. And everyone will love them and thumbs [them up] on Facebook.