A Stand-Up Comedian Shows Us Irony In Real Life

TMZ sets up the video for us… I will post a few comments from Heather McDonald’s YouTube Channel and her post of the video. Here is TMZ:

Comedian Heather McDonald fell hard during a show in Tempe, Arizona, but it was no joke it was a medical emergency.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZthe former “Chelsea Lately” star was headlining the sold-out show, when she delivered her second joke “I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted and flu shot and shingle shot and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most.”

As soon as she delivered the joke, she just collapsed and hit her head on the floor. Everyone thought at first it was all part of the act, but it was not. She was conscious, but clearly, all was not well. An EMT and a nurse happened to be in the audience they rushed up on stage to provide first aid.


Heather says she got a cat scan as well as other tests, but so far it’s unclear what caused her to faint…..

This occurred on Saturday 2/5/22 at the Tempe Improv during her stand up show.

Some comments:

  • Proving again that the best comedy is always tragedy + time
  • She killed it !
  • This is hands down the hardest I’ve ever seen someone get slapped in the face by irony.
  • They say “Comedy is about timing” and they also say “Gods timing is perfect” 😁
  • The best stand up performance she’ll ever do right here.
  • Never challenge God to a comedy showdown. The dude invented comedy.
  • Yup, you sure showed us purebloods. Well done!
  • The timing of her fall couldn’t have been executed any better.  What a show! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’m gonna give God the credit on that one.
  • This is probably One of the strongest testimonies I’ve ever seen.
  • This is beautiful. Just beautiful. A work of art by God in front of everyone! He’s the real comedian!
  • The hardest thing about labelled a conspiracy theorist is the part where you’re proven right 😢
  • Best performance ever! Thank you Jesus !!!!
  • Luckily for the audience they didn’t have to listen to her do a full hour
  • WOW. I can’t believe this actually happened just as she “brags” about taking the jabs. Unbelievable.
  • It’s rare to find an instance where someone falling backwards hard on their head makes me laugh out loud but here is one. Your hubris got the best of you. Will never get old.
  • Someone talked about the “Comedian who bragged about being vaxxed and triple boosted and then blacked out on stage”. I was like….no way. And here I am.
  • This will be her best stand up, fall down performance she will ever do. God works l s in mysterious ways!
  • “I’ve made plenty of poor decisions, hasn’t caught up with me yet!” *thump* hilarious
  • She’s the punch line of her own joke.

John Cleese on Brexit, The MSM, and Leaving The UK

John Cleese (Monty Python star) explains to Emily Maitlis why newspapers have driven him to the Caribbean. Some comments via YouTube (just a sample):

  • John Cleese laughing in her face is priceless.
  • Great interview. He basically shat all over the BBC while on the BBC.
  • The BBC is a farce … absolutely not an independent news media .. very biased and not informative
  • Hey BBC we’re clicking like because John Cleese 1: BBC 0
  • John Cleese knows the score, lying scumbags the MSM.
  • This presenter is so annoyingly rude, a true BBC presenter. She is exactly why he is leaving, too many liars.
  • He seems like just a nice guy who wants to chat, she’s a robot trying to get through the list of questions. Interesting contrast between a genuine personality and an artificial one.
  • “Can I have my standard living money back, its about £20 living a month for a concentration camp ???” ~ G.L. Proffitt ~ Thank You John Cleese ?
  • Watching Cleese dismantle the lying press puppet is just delicious!

Make America Laugh Again (#MALA)

Dennis Prager invites the “Deplorables Comedy Tour” guys and gals into his studio. The ones in studio are Michael Loftus, Terrence Williams, and the Deplorable Choir. Missing in action are Brian Haner and Steve McGrew (tour members). Some funny stuff. I wish had heard of it earlier. At any rate, you have the names to Google these peeps. Enjoy, it’s a doozie.

Snowflake TV – Norm Macdonald Ostracized

Wow, welcome to Snowflake TV… even commenting on stuff keeps you from the late night shows. BREITBART reports on these millennials:

….The New York Post reports:

Macdonald said that he had arrived early at the late-night show to pre-tape a “True Confessions” segment with fellow guest Matthew McConaughey when “some people, from NBC or ‘The Tonight Show,’ I don’t know who they were,” stopped by his dressing room and questioned the prudence of doing that particular bit at this time.


Eventually, a “concerned”-looking Fallon himself stopped by Macdonald’s dressing room to ask, “How should we play this?” As Macdonald told Stern, “Part of the reason I love [Jimmy] is because he does nothing about the news. He’s just a song-and-dance man. He’s not a political comedian.”


Fallon and Macdonald agreed they would address his #MeToo remarks at the end of their interview, following some reminiscing about the late Burt Reynolds (whom Macdonald used to imitate on “Saturday Night Live”). After Macdonald rebuffed the producers’ idea to open the show with an apology, Fallon returned to say that he was feeling a lot of pressure from people, noting that some senior producers were “crying” over the idea of letting Macdonald appear on-air.

“He was very broken up about it, he didn’t want this,” the comedian told Stern. “Jimmy said, ‘Come back whenever you want, but I think it will hurt the show tonight,” to which Macdonald replied, “‘Jimmy, that’s the last thing I want to do, is hurt your show.’”

Career Ending Humor (Monty Python)

POWERLINE has an excellent post about making jokes and today’s PC-culture:

Monty Python fans may remember the long sketch about the “lethal joke” that was so funny you would die from laughter, and which was weaponized for battlefield use in World War II… [below/right]…The sketch culminates in the worldwide banning of jokes of mass destruction through the Geneva Convention, but it seems the University of Oregon takes the idea seriously. Get a load of this story:

British conductor sacked by US music festival after ‘innocent’ joke with his African-American friend was labelled racist

An acclaimed British conductor has been fired from a prestigious American music festival after a seemingly innocent joke he made to a black friend was labelled racist.

Matthew Halls was removed as artistic director of the Oregon Bach Festival following an incident in which he imitated a southern American accent while talking to his longstanding friend, the African-American classical singer Reginald Mobley.

It is understood a white woman who overheard the joke reported it to officials at the University of Oregon, which runs the festival, claiming it amounted to a racial slur.

Shortly after Halls, who has worked with orchestras and opera houses across Europe and the US, was told by a university official his four year contract, which was to have run until 2020, was being terminated………..

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