Amazon “Sells Nooses” | One Of The Funniest Stories In A While

This is all ACE of SPADES! This story DEFINITELY takes the cake. (Click the pics to enter official store):

Oakland Mayor: We Cannot Tolerate People Hanging Nooses in Parks Even Though They Weren’t Intended to Be Nooses and Even Though They Do Not Look Anything Like Nooses

Zero tolerance for nooses. And not just nooses, but zero tolerance for things that look like nooses.

And even that’s not enough — zero tolerance for things that don’t look like nooses.

Oakland’s mayor said five ropes found hanging from trees in a city park are nooses and racially-charged symbols of terror but a resident said they are merely exercise equipment that he put up there months ago.

He said that, or they are just that?

It’s the latter. The “nooses” are ropes with “plastic pipes” in their ends.

The term the AP is intentionally avoiding is “hand-grips.” These are excercise ropes that have plastic hand-grips at their ends, not nooses.

But the Mayor has to give voice to the lunatics, so we’re now going to pretend that exercise ropes are nooses.

Pictured: TRX Nooses on sale from Amazon,
now outed as a White Supremacist Noose Vendor

They have been removed by city officials.

Thank god. We can’t have people getting sick burns in their lats with those nooses.

Now, the guy who put them up says they’re suspension bands for exercise.

But we can’t believe him.

He’s probably a white supremacist.

Victor Sengbe, who is black, told KGO-TV that the ropes were part of a rigging that he and his friends used as part of a larger swing system. He also shared video of the swing in use.

“Out of the dozen and hundreds and thousands of people that walked by, no one has thought that it looked anywhere close to a noose. Folks have used it for exercise. It was really a fun addition to the park that we tried to create,” Sengbe said.

Black guy doing strength training in a public park?

I gotta say, it checks out

Nooses have been associated with the lynching of black people and used as symbols to taunt or terrorize African Americans.

Thanks, AP.

And sometimes, nooses are used to just absolutely BLAST your triceps and BLOW YOUR DELTS RIGHT THE FUCK OUT…..


Occupy Oakland ~ After Smashing Wells Fargo Bank Windows ~ Deposits $20,000 With Them


Why this is important (transfer money day):


San Jose Mercury News:

Occupy Oakland has voted to deposit $20,000 with Wells Fargo Bank — just days after Occupy protesters shattered windows of one of the bank’s downtown Oakland branches during the group’s attempt to stage a general strike in the embattled East Bay city.


Some members of the assembly, during the meeting, raised concerns about using Wells Fargo for the group’s bank.

“I understand that people aren’t comfortable with that, but this is a time sensitive issue,” one of the leaders of the general assembly stated, according to the minutes.

Occupy Oakland has pilloried Chase Bank, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and other major American financial companies for triggering some of the nation’s economic ailments.

“It takes time to transfer funds to a credit union,” one of the general assembly members stated, according to the minutes posted on the website. “We need to help people in jail now.”

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Here’s the actual vote:

Teachers Close Down Schools To Save Them (Updated With Story of teacher Arrested at Protest Who makes $81,000 a year)

BigGovernment is reporting the following story about teachers and Oakland occupy:

It’s sad that teachers – who have such an influence over the future of America – where right in the mix when the riots and vandalism broke out Wednesday in Oakland, California. Obviously that’s where their hearts are at.

Trouble was brewing when the Oakland Education Association – an affiliate of the National Education Association – endorsed the #Occupy mob’s call for a national strike on Nov. 2. One declaration from the union stated, “We must shut down the schools to save the schools.”

Huh? Perhaps a more accurate statement would be, “We must shut down the schools to protect our pensions and power.”

According to sources within the union, its leaders – including OEA President Betty Olson-Jones – were a part of the plotting to confront Bank of America, Whole Foods, and the sea port.

Do the taxpayers or the media even care? Or is this just how they roll in Oakland?

Education Action Group reported in a recent “Focus on Reform” story:

“Evening all,” read an email from Steve Neat, communications chairman of the Oakland Education Association. “I’ve been talking to Caitlin Esch from KQED radio and she’s enquiring [sic] which schools are honoring the one-day general strike Nov. 2 as an entire staff. At this point I am aware of Bridges Academy and Maxwell Park. I know Oakland High is working on it. Any others that we know of?”

We hope the teachers of Oakland spell better than Mr. Neat. We’re sure he meant to spell ‘inquiring’ rather than ‘enquiring’.

This statement came from a flier distributed to the parents of students who attend Oakland’s Bridges Academy: “We, the teachers at Bridges, are joining the Occupy Oakland protest on Wednesday, Nov. 2. We will not be in our classrooms that day, all day. We are the 99%!!”

Do Oakland schools amount to anything more than indoctrination factories for hardcore leftists?

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From the NYPost via The Blaze:

…David Suker, 43, of The Bronx — who hasn’t showed up for work five times in the past two weeks — was nabbed Wednesday afternoon at Thompson and Prince streets after scuffling with and then shoving a shopping cart into a cop who’d ordered him to stay out of the street.

It’s the second time he’s been arrested in the protests…


A Department of Education source said the $81,000-a-year social studies teacher was out five times in the past two weeks without calling in sick.

He was also fined $1,000 on Aug. 9 for attendance problems, including excessive absences.

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Jew Hating Anti-Military Vet Hit By Projectile from Fellow Protestors, NOT[!] the Oakland Police

(As emotive as the above picture is… the “You” in Scott’s brothers sign are the goons that stood with Scott)

Thank You Gateway Pundit!

Confirmed: Leftist hero, Jew-basher and founder of “I Hate the” website Scott Olsen was not injured at the Oakland riots by local deputies. Olsen was hit by a projectile thrown by the protesters. The Occupy Oakland protesters already admitted that they started throwing rocks and bottles at police before the police took action.


Today the the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department announced that it was not their deputies who injured Scott Olsen. Spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said 35 of the 37 Sheriff’s Department personnel on site for the raid were not carrying projectiles, and the two who were equipped with them did not fire. Sorry libs.


The Mercury News has more.

The only nonlethal weapons San Francisco sheriff deputies brought to Oakland were two Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield rifles that fire 37 mm nonlethal rounds, similar to a roll of quarters. However, no deputies shot those weapons Tuesday night, Hirst said. Asked if someone from another department could have fired a deputy’s weapon, Hirst said, “No, we can’t use equipment we’re not trained in.”

Here is an example of some recent “peaceful” protests at occupy Oakland:Flyer at occupy Oakland calls for violence: