Jew Hating Anti-Military Vet Hit By Projectile from Fellow Protestors, NOT[!] the Oakland Police

(As emotive as the above picture is… the “You” in Scott’s brothers sign are the goons that stood with Scott)

Thank You Gateway Pundit!

Confirmed: Leftist hero, Jew-basher and founder of “I Hate the” website Scott Olsen was not injured at the Oakland riots by local deputies. Olsen was hit by a projectile thrown by the protesters. The Occupy Oakland protesters already admitted that they started throwing rocks and bottles at police before the police took action.


Today the the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department announced that it was not their deputies who injured Scott Olsen. Spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said 35 of the 37 Sheriff’s Department personnel on site for the raid were not carrying projectiles, and the two who were equipped with them did not fire. Sorry libs.


The Mercury News has more.

The only nonlethal weapons San Francisco sheriff deputies brought to Oakland were two Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield rifles that fire 37 mm nonlethal rounds, similar to a roll of quarters. However, no deputies shot those weapons Tuesday night, Hirst said. Asked if someone from another department could have fired a deputy’s weapon, Hirst said, “No, we can’t use equipment we’re not trained in.”

Here is an example of some recent “peaceful” protests at occupy Oakland:Flyer at occupy Oakland calls for violence: