“Worst Wall-To-Wall Shellacking You Will Ever See” ~ (Jedi Update)

A “Special Report” panel tonight weighed in on the results of the 2014 midterm election and President Barack Obama’s response to it.

Mara Liasson, of NPR, called last night’s results a wave, saying that all big races broke in one direction.

”I think there’s a lot of searching through the rubble for lessons for Democrats today about why they weren’t able to hold onto more,” she said.

Meanwhile, Republicans actually “went to school and fixed some problems.”

Charles Krauthammer then discussed how Obama declined to “read the tea leaves on election results.”

“This was the worst, wall-to-wall, national, unmistakable, unequivocal shellacking that you will ever see in a midterm election […] this is a wall-to-wall rejection of Obamaism.”

While this looks impressive… remember, Reagan got 49 states his second term, and lost his opponents home state by about 3,000 votes or so. So I wanna see a candidate for 2016 that will inspire the same thinking. (Click map to enlarge)


Jedi Mind-Trick

Money Spent in Mid-Terms vs. the Voter (Schadenfreude Update)

BAM Campaign Finance

(Link in Pic)

UPDATED via Politico:

Democrats love to cast Republicans as the party of big money, beholden to the out-of-touch billionaires bankrolling their campaigns.

But new numbers tell a very different story — one in which Democrats are actually raising more big money than their adversaries.

Among the groups reporting the biggest political ad spending, the 15 top Democrat-aligned committees have outraised the 15 top Republican ones $453 million to $289 million in the 2014 cycle, according to a POLITICO analysis of the most recent Federal Election Commission reports, including those filed over the weekend — which cover through the end of last month.

The analysis shows the fundraising edge widening in August, when the Democratic groups pulled in more than twice as much as their GOP counterparts — $51 million to $21 million. That’s thanks to a spike in massive checks from increasingly energized labor unions and liberal billionaires like Tom Steyer and Fred Eychaner.

So, even as Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are working methodically to turn conservative megadonors like the big-giving conservative billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch into the boogeymen of 2014, the party itself is increasingly relying on its deepest pockets as the best chance of staving off a midterm wipeout forecast by oddsmakers.

For example, Steyer, a retired San Francisco hedge fund billionaire, on Aug. 15 stroked a $15 million check to his own NextGen Climate Action super PAC that single-handedly exceeded the combined monthly total raised by the two GOP congressional campaign committees. And his political lieutenant, Chris Lehane, hinted that Steyer, one of the biggest individual donors of 2014, may give more to his super PAC than his $50 million pledge, which Lehane said “should not be seen as a ceiling.” Steyer’s spending — and that of other Democratic billionaires — has helped fuel an advertising gap favoring the party’s candidates in key races across the country….

More info at FEC linked in graph at top. See also NewsMax.

(Above) MSNBC Can’t Think of Any Possible ‘Good News’ for Progressives Tonight


The above graphic will change… the race in Alaska will be called for the Republican in the race, this from the Alaskan Dispatch: “With results from all 441 precincts counted, Sullivan led 49 percent to 45 percent. The margin remained essentially the same from the first returns early in the evening.”nine

In December you will have a runoff in Louisiana… in which even CNN says will be a Republican win. (The Democrat lost with T W O Republicans running against her!)

So the number for the Senate will be a plus-nine.

PBS notes that the “wealthiest Americans have spent more money than ever before on these midterms, but there are actually fewer big donors. The top five donors to unrestricted super PACs reads like a billionaire boys club.”

The top-five out of the ten are donating to Democrat “causes.” What is the lesson here? Money doesn’t matter! Here is the NYT’s assessment of outside groups:

…Outside groups working on behalf of Democratic candidates have extended the advantage. Super PACs, environmental organizations and abortion rights groups have spent more than $4.8 million on ground activity in Senate races in Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan and North Carolina. Republican-leaning groups have kicked in only $369,000…

This H U G E win adds to the historic wins in 2010: “Michael Medved goes over just how HUGE this victory was for the Republicans on Nov 2, 2010.”

For example, here are a couple news headlines from this 2014 race:

NY Post

Here is more from Libertarian Republican:

HISTORIC! Thanks Obama

The Republicans have scored one of the largest victories in political history:

(1) Winning control of the Senate by adding eight seats (AK, AR, CO, IA, MT, NC, SD and WV), with LA sure to be added.

Already there are indications that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia will switch over to the Republican Party, and that Senator Angus King of Maine, an independent, will caucus with the Republicans. Were they to do so, the Republicans would have the largest number of Senators in their caucus since the 70th Congress (1929-1930).

(2) Enlarging their majority in the House with a net gain of at 16, with two more to be added in Louisiana. This will be the largest number of Republican Congressmen since the 70th Congress (1929-1930). Among the incoming Republicans are two African Americans: Mike Hurd of Texas and Mia Love of Utah. Let’s grow this number.

(3) Adding to their already large majority of Governors, winning AR, IL, MA and MD, while losing AK and PA. This will bring the number of Republican Governors to 31.

(4) Winning control of at least five state legislative chambers (CO Senate, NM House, NV House and Senate, and WV House). I believe the Republicans now have control of the largest number of state legislative they have ever had. The Democrats are of course seeking to minimize their loses.

A President’s party tends to lose seats in the elections of his sixth year, they say. But the cumulative loses over six years of this President are unprecedented. The President blames the loses on the map. Yet, look at how geographically-dispersed are the states in which we have made gains, including among them some Blue States as well as Red and Purple States. 

FLASHBACK 2009: James Carville Says Democrats Will Dominate Politics for Next Four Decades

And how is the Left taking all this? Gay Patriot points out the despair:

The Democrat Left is dealing with last night’s election results… badly.

“So The American Voters Have Rewarded The ReThugs For Shutting Down The Government….obstructing everything President Obama wanted to accomplish; sticking with the NRA; refusing to raise the minimum wage; refusing to deal with the immigration issue; piling more debt on students/student loans; voting to repeal ACA over 50 times when the American People finally had some relief on health insurance; and the list goes on and on. What is wrong with the American People. They believe the lies. They like to be lied to. They vote against their better interests.”

To hear the lamentations of their women:

“Tonight doesn’t make me wish I had quit smoking. An early death would be merciful compared to a long slow one with insufficient nutrition and no health care, which is what is coming up. I’m torn, can’t decide in which order to cry and vomit and get sick.”

Progressive Lesbian Sally Kohn is alternating between denial and despair. Will Saletan of Slate, OTOH, has firmly come down on the side of denial and insisting that… if you look at the elections a certain way, they are actually an endorsement of Obama’s left-wing policies.

Not to be outdone, a member of the DailyKos Lunatic Asylum demands that leftists must start outbreeding conservatives: [Language Warning]

All of us who are not genetically inclined to vote Republican must start breeding. Incessantly. Enthusiastically. Purposefully. Without pause. Dawn till dusk, fucking and having babies. Because that is the only way to increase our numbers relative to theirs. They cannot be convinced, reasoned with, shamed, embarrassed, educated, or informed. They are freeze-dried shit, and our counsels to them are as winter wind against frozen stone. Save your money – there isn’t enough money in the universe to spend them out of delusion. They must be out-bred, they must be outnumbered. They must become Neanderthal to our Cro-Magnon

Remember when Little Green Footballs used to be the anti-Kos blog? Then, they went full-on leftist and the two are now politically indistinguishable. This LGF election thread contains no fewer than 74 uses of the F-word in response to Republican victories.

…read more…

Just a final example of a “by-county” count in Iowa;

SCV 2014 Voter Guide ~ PapaGiorgio Edition (UPDATED)


  • Governor: Neel Kashkari ~ #9
  • Lt. Governor: Ron Herring ~ #13
  • Sec of State: Pete Peterson ~ #15
  • Controller: Ashley Swearengin ~ #19
  • Treasurer: Greg Conlon ~ #21
  • Att. General: Ronald Gold ~ #28
  • Ins. Commissioner: Ted Gaines ~ #31
  • State Board of Equalization: George Runner ~ #34


  • 25th Dist: Steve Knight ~ #40


  • 38th Dist: Scott Wilk ~ #45



  • Goodwin Liu: NO ~ #65
  • Kathryn Mickle Werdegar: YES ~ #67
  • Mariano‐Florentino Cuéllar: NO ~ #71


  • Francis Rothschild: NO ~ #76
  • Jeffrey W. Johnson: YES ~ #80


  • Brian M. Hoffstadt: NO ~ #84


  • Lee Anne Edmon: NO ~ #87


  • Audrey B. Collins: NO ~ #90
  • Nora M. Manella: YES ~ #92


  • Paul A. Turner: YES ~ #95


Kenneth R. Yegan: YES ~ #98


  • Dennis M. Perluss: NO ~ #102


  • Laurence D. Rubin: NO ~ #107
  • Madeleine I. Flier: NO ~ #110


  • Dayan Mathai ~ #132


  • Andrew M. Stein ~ #136



  • Marshall Tuck ~ #140


  • Jeffrey Prang ~ #146


  • Paul Tanaka ~ #148


  • PROP 1: NO ~ #159
  • PROP 2: YES ~ #162
  • PROP 45: NO ~ #167
  • PROP 46: NO ~ #171
  • PROP 47: NO ~ #175
  • PROP 48: YES ~ #178


NO on P


NO on S



Tom Campbell ~ #195

Gary Martin ~ #196


Stephen P. Daniels ~ #198

Democrats Love Playing the Race Card (Plus: Leaving the Plantation)

Columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” Ann Coulter accused the media of “100% lying” about comments made by GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst in Iowa that she believes in owning a firearm to protect herself from “a government” that wants to trample on her rights on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel. (Read more at Breitbart)

The Intolerance of the Left Exemplified by Mary Cheney

Looking around the legacy medias landscape, headlines are predictable, my favorite however, is this one, “Liz Cheney attacks Mary Cheney’s marriage.”

What? Liz Cheney has said repeatedly this is a states issue… as the Constitution allows. And like many conservative libertarian gay people I know, they also want the courts to stay out of it. HotAir has these two excerpts where Liz explains her position, which the the above article says is “attacking her sisters relationship” .. believing the Constitution and its delegated rights to states is now bigotry.

The unmitigated nerve!

Firstly, it must be pointed out that Tammy Bruce (lesbian) supports Liz… a lot. Mizz’ Bruce likewise has written two books dealing with the militant tendencies of the Left to suppress differing opinions. In her books, “The New Thought Police: Inside the Left’s Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds,” and her later book, “The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on Our Culture and Values,” you are introduced to examples of how the Left tries to suppress not only speech… but thought as well. Two greatly recommended reads from Republitarian.

From the left there seems to be a militarizing of action against divergent thinking. On FaceBook people are unfriended for such thinking, and routinely those who stand for traditional marriage are called bigots. Another example of how this thinking is shoring up comes from The Daily Beast‘s Peter Beinart, who also teaches journalism at the City University of New York.

NewsBusters comments on the above video:

Beinart condemned all opponents of same-sex marriage:

“This has been the right wing’s kind of line for a couple of years now, basically that ‘we just happen to disagree with you about these issues, but of course we love you and respect you and we feel compassion.’ No. We get to a stage as a society which says if you don’t accept that people have the same basic rights as other people, African- Americans, Jews, Muslims, you don’t respect them.”

Liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan said Liz Cheney’s public opposition to same-sex marriage was a “kick in the gut” to her lesbian sister:

“[Y]ou can talk about political matters in an abstract way. But when it comes to your own family, something like someone’s marriage becomes pretty non- negotiable as a matter of respect. And for actually go out there and campaign to deny your sister the very institution that she belongs in, the very marriage that she has cannot but kick Mary in the gut.”

Jeff Toobin perfectly summed up the panel’s liberal New York bias: “And we all sit here on West 58th Street and think the world is changing so quickly. It’s not changing that fast in Wyoming.”

Not to mention that Beinart made a nonsequitur comparison between race and sex:

There are enormous differences between men and women, but there are no differences between people of different races. Men and women are inherently different, but blacks and whites (and yellows and browns) are inherently the same. Therefore, any imposed separation by race can never be moral or even rational; on the other hand, separation by sex can be both morally desirable and rational. Separate bathrooms for men and women is moral and rational; separate bathrooms for blacks and whites is not. (Prager)

Another meme recently seen by myself on — you guessed it — FaceBook, is the following:

Really? Homophobia is defined today as anyone who is for traditional marriage… you know, the idea of male/female marriage that pervades every culture, religion, and time (history). The view that the historical status quo is extreme (read here: traditional marriage supporters)… is… well, extreme.

So this gay man explaining why he is against same-sex marriage is a homophobe?

One of the most respected Canadian sociologist/scholar/homosexual, Paul Nathanson, writes that there are at least five functions that marriage serves–things that every culture must do in order to survive and thrive. They are:

Foster the bonding between men and women
Foster the birth and rearing of children
Foster the bonding between men and children
Foster some form of healthy masculine identity
Foster the transformation of adolescents into sexually responsible adults

Note that Nathanson considers these points critical to the continued survival of any culture. He continues “Because heterosexuality is directly related to both reproduction and survival, … every human societ[y] has had to promote it actively . … Heterosexuality is always fostered by a cultural norm” that limits marriage to unions of men and women. He adds that people “are wrong in assuming that any society can do without it.”

Going further he stated that “same sex marriage is a bad idea” …[he] only opposed “gay marriage, not gay relationships.”

And then I posted this short video of another gay man explaining the importance of marriage and how same-sex marriage will undefine it:

Let us visualize what is being done in the name of “tolerance”

Here is a list of terms liberals apply to virtually every idea or action with which they differ:The "Sweep Under the Rug" Argument

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Homophobic
  • Islamophobic
  • Imperialist
  • Bigoted
  • Intolerant

And here is the list of one-word descriptions of what liberals are for:

  • Peace
  • Fairness
  • Tolerance
  • The poor
  • The disenfranchised
  • The environment

These two lists serve contemporary liberals in at least three ways.

First, they attack the motives of non-liberals and thereby morally dismiss the non-liberal person.

Second, these words make it easy to be a liberal — essentially all one needs to do is to memorize this brief list and apply the right term to any idea or policy. That is one reason young people are more likely to be liberal — they have not had the time or inclination to think issues through, but they know they oppose racism, imperialism and bigotry, and that they are for peace, tolerance and the environment.

Third, they make the liberal feel good about himself — by opposing conservative ideas and policies, he is automatically opposing racism, bigotry, imperialism, etc.

Examples could fill a book.

Harry Reid, as noted above, supplied a classic one. Instead of grappling with the enormously significant question of how to maintain American identity and values with tens of millions of non-Americans coming into America, the Democratic leader and others on the Left simply label attempts to keep English as a unifying language as “racist.”

Another classic example of liberal non-thought was the reaction to former Harvard University President Lawrence Summers’ mere question about whether the female and male brains were wired differently. Again, instead of grappling with the issue, Harvard and other liberals merely dismissed Summers as “sexist.”

A third example is the use of the term “racist” to end debate about race-based affirmative action or even to describe a Capitol police officer who stops a black congresswoman who has no ID badge.

“Phobic” is the current one-word favorite among liberal dismissals of ideological opponents. It combines instant moral dismissal with instant psychological analysis. If you do not support society redefining marriage to include members of the same sex you are “homophobic” — and further thought is unnecessary. If you articulate a concern about the moral state of Islam today, you are “Islamophobic” — and again further thought is unnecessary. And if you seek to retain English as America’s unifying language, you are not only racist, you are, as the New York Times editorial describes you, “xenophobic” and “Latinophobic,” the latest phobia uncovered by the Left.

There is a steep price paid for the liberal one-wording of complex ideas — the decline of liberal thought. But with more and more Americans graduating college and therefore taught the liberal list of one-word reactions instead of critical thinking, many liberals do not see any pressing need to think through issues. They therefore do not believe they have paid any price at all.

But American society is paying a steep price. Every car that has a bumper sticker declaring “War is not the answer” powerfully testifies to the intellectual decline of the well educated and to the devolution of “liberal thought” into an oxymoron.

The lack of introspection from the left is A M A Z I N G !

Biggest Political Blunder in a Hundred Years

Via Libertarian Republican:

Via Breitbart:

Republicans have erased a nine-point deficit on the generic congressional ballot and are tied with Democrats, according to a Quinnipiac poll released this week. 

On the generic ballot, each party received 39 percent of the vote, while “a combined 23 percent of registered voters either prefer another candidate, wouldn’t vote, or are undecided.”

In late September before Obamacare rolled out, Democrats had a nine-point advantage on the generic ballot. Republicans have since won over independents, who had split evenly last month, winning them by “an 11-point margin, 37 percent to 26 percent.” 

Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo makes a ringing endorsement for California Assemblyman Tim Donnelley`s run for Governor of California.

Via The Blaze and PolitiChicks:

(I have started uploading videos from The Daily Caller and other places [Breitbart and PolitiChicks for example] because there seems to be a wave of videos that just start playing on their own and your volume is up loud and you wake your spouse? Come-on! I have made this “blogger friendly” so the user can choose to play it. Choice. This “friendliness” should behoove the video’er — if that’s a word? — to follow suit in order that they can get their site/URL known more widely because it can be embedded without startling the be-Jesus out of someone.)