Ex-Democrat, Sen. Elbert Guillory of Louisiana, Calls for Black America To Destroy Liberalism!

Via Weekly Standard:

Republican state senator Elbert Guillory of Louisiana, who recently switched from the Democratic party, has announced the creation of a new political action committee with the goal of electing black conservatives. Guillory will serve as honorary chairman of Free At Last PAC, which purports to promote “Republican values in all communities.”

“Liberalism has nearly destroyed black America,” says Guillory. “And now it’s time for black America to return the favor.”

Sen. Elbert Guillory Explains Why He Switched Parties (to the GOP)

Via The Blaze:

I will include my message to him on FaceBook, as, it will offer people here some resources as well:

Sen. Guillory. I loved your video. I would be honored if you read (no need to comment on it) my shorter post about my recent trip to Hawaii with the wife. I was only in one political discussion during the entire 14-day cruise, and I document the exchange in the hot-tub:


You would also enjoy Larry Elder’s Explanation of the Differences Between the Parties (Democrat & Republican): http://tinyurl.com/k7jl3k6

I also have some resources you may have already watched [?], but that are very enjoyable to recommend to fellow travelers, they are three parts from a series by David Barton:

Great Black Patriots From American History (Part 1)

From Bondage To the Halls of Congress (Part 2)

The Civil Rights Movement (Part 3)

Keep up the hard work Senator, my prayer are with you, and much thought and comradery your way.