Dispatches: Lessons in Hate and Violence (Islam Undercover)

(Updated Videos Sources – Original Post was 2011)

Chilling — undercover investigation into the influence of Saudi Arabian religious extremism throughout the UK. Despite being considered Britain’s principal ally in the Middle East, this disturbing report reveals Saudi Arabian Islam – Wahabism – is spreading a message of bigotry and hatred to a section of Muslims and predicting an imminent jihad. An undercover reporter joins Islamic worshipers…

Dispatches Investigation (Islam)
One-Year Later in the SAME MOSQUE

Dispatches: Lessons in Hate Series:

A New Dispatches, Christians Under Fire

A Left-Leaning, Pro-European Union, Activism vs. Daniel Hannan

What a joke she is… news reporter? Please.

Thank You NewsBusters! Christiane Amanpour looked so indignant throughout the “interview. Her “elitist” viewpoint was swelling up… the only problem was that Daniel Hanna had the facts, Amanpour was repeating leftist/activist talking points.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour took her left-leaning, pro-European Union activism to a new level on Tuesday during an interview of pro-Brexit politician Daniel Hannan. Amanpour, who recently blasted the referendum as an example of “xenophobia“, tried to implicate the British member of the European Parliament as somehow partially responsible for supposed post-vote “hate crimes.” Hannan didn’t take her clear bias sitting down, however: “You guys have been shouting ‘racist’ so long, you’re not listening to what we were actually saying…if I was relying on CNNI would think that this was nativist vote, a protectionist vote. It’s the opposite.” [video below]

The anchor began her unprofessional interrogation of the Brexit supporter by accusing the guest and his allies of not having a plan after the vote: “The question is being asked, what is the plan? And we’re not hearing it from the main Brexit leaders.” Hannan answered, in part, by noting that “48 percent of British people voted for no change….And so, we may have to temper what we’re doing, and go for a more gradual and more phased repatriation of power, while leaving some of the existing stuff in place.”…

The Soon to be Hailed `Racist` Frontman from the `WHO` Slams Immigration Policy in Britain

Via The Blaze

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has slammed the British Labor Party for its lax immigration policy which he says “destroyed the jobs of my mates.”

In a candid interview published this weekend in The Sunday Times magazine, Daltrey said he would never forgive the party which he used to support for welcoming the influx of immigrants, a policy he blames for the unemployment among Britain’s working class.

“I will never, ever forgive the Labor Party for allowing this mass immigration with no demands put on what people should be paid when they come to this country. I will never forgive them for destroying the jobs of my mates, because they allowed their jobs to be undercut with stupid thinking on Europe, letting them all in, so they can live 10 to a room, working for Polish wages,” Daltrey told the Sunday Times.

“I’ve got nothing against the Poles at all, but that was a political mistake and it made me very angry. And the people who get it in the neck are the immigrants, and it’s not their fault,” he said according to The Daily Telegraph.

The vocalist and songwriter laid blame not only on the Labor Party, but also the European Union as a whole for its “detrimental” bureaucracy which he said he “can’t stand.”

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32 percent of British Muslims believed in religious killing

What is the West to do!? Implement more multi-cultural studies? Maybe we don’t understand them enough? Kickin’ & Screamin’ h/t:


Washington Times:

A survey of 600 Islamic and 800 non-Islamic students at 30 universities found that 32 percent of the Muslims believed in religious killing, while only 2 percent of non-Muslim students felt religious murder was justified


Nearly one-third of Muslim college students in Britain support killing in the name of religion, while 40 percent want to live under Islamic law, according to a secret cable from the U.S. Embassy in London that reviewed public polling data and government population predictions.

A survey of 600 Islamic and 800 non-Islamic students at 30 universities found that 32 percent of the Muslims believed in religious killing, while only 2 percent of non-Muslim students felt religious murder was justified, the cable said, referring to a poll conducted by the Center for Social Cohesion.

The embassy cable, released by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, said the same survey revealed that 54 percent of Muslim students want to be represented by an Islamic-based political party.

The poll also showed that 40 percent of Muslim students endorse Islamic, or Shariah, law, which can impose the death penalty for religious heresy and adultery, often by stoning, or the amputation of hands for theft. Since 2008, Britain has allowed Muslims to follow Shariah law in civil cases, but not in criminal trials.

The embassy report, written in February, also noted that Muslims represent the largest non-Christian religious community in Britain. Although Muslims comprise only 3 percent of the British population of nearly 60 million, they have grown to 2 million from 1.6 million in seven years. The government projects the Muslim population will reach 2.2 million in the next census in 2011, the cable said.

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Some Historical Connections To The Ground-Zero Mosque Issue

PJTV h/t:

Just One Minute has an excellent post in regards to the Ground-Zero Mosque, here is the end to his post:

We were attacked by Muslim extremists; this mosque would be a powerful symbol of victory for extremists, it may be financed by extremists, and it may be that, regardless of the motivations of the founder, it will be one day be run by extremists.

If the imam seriously wants reconciliation and bridge-building, he should relocate.  If he wants to give offense (as is his right), he should stay on his current course, and we will see how the debate unfolds.

Personally, I doubt he can raise the money.  Any investor will be calling attention to himself, his family, his business associates, and all past deals, all of which will go under a microscope.  If there is a hint of a whiff of a suggestion of a link to extremists, we will read about nothing else.  Who needs the publicity?

THE DEBATE SO FAR:  From the cacophony I hear my people from Jersey: “Yo, fool, reconcile yourself to this!”  Yeah, I got something for you to tolerate right here, buddy.”

My main man, Chris Christie, punted; I guess he doesn’t have the body to tap dance.

LET’S PUT ALL THE ‘PC’ EGGS IN ONE BASKET… Maybe they can complete the mosque quickly enough that it will be available to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed during his NYC trial.


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