Nigel Farage’s “BREXIT” Speech At European Parliament

Nigel Farage told fellow MEPs “you’re not laughing now” as he was barracked and booed at an emergency meeting of the European Parliament to discuss Brexit. The Ukip leader accused them of being “in denial” about the euro crisis, immigration and the imposition “by stealth, by deception, without ever telling the truth” of a political union.

A Left-Leaning, Pro-European Union, Activism vs. Daniel Hannan

What a joke she is… news reporter? Please.

Thank You NewsBusters! Christiane Amanpour looked so indignant throughout the “interview. Her “elitist” viewpoint was swelling up… the only problem was that Daniel Hanna had the facts, Amanpour was repeating leftist/activist talking points.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour took her left-leaning, pro-European Union activism to a new level on Tuesday during an interview of pro-Brexit politician Daniel Hannan. Amanpour, who recently blasted the referendum as an example of “xenophobia“, tried to implicate the British member of the European Parliament as somehow partially responsible for supposed post-vote “hate crimes.” Hannan didn’t take her clear bias sitting down, however: “You guys have been shouting ‘racist’ so long, you’re not listening to what we were actually saying…if I was relying on CNNI would think that this was nativist vote, a protectionist vote. It’s the opposite.” [video below]

The anchor began her unprofessional interrogation of the Brexit supporter by accusing the guest and his allies of not having a plan after the vote: “The question is being asked, what is the plan? And we’re not hearing it from the main Brexit leaders.” Hannan answered, in part, by noting that “48 percent of British people voted for no change….And so, we may have to temper what we’re doing, and go for a more gradual and more phased repatriation of power, while leaving some of the existing stuff in place.”…

Choices: A Sovereign Democracy Or A Federal Dictatorship

Here is an “introduction” to BREXIT (the documentary) by Pat Condell

Here is a must watch documentary on the issues at stake in Europe… which have eschatological ruminations:

Here is the videos desrciption:

BREXIT THE MOVIE is a feature-length documentary film to inspire as many people as possible to vote to LEAVE the EU in the June 23rd referendum.

BREXIT THE MOVIE spells out the danger of staying part of the EU. Is it safe to give a remote government beyond our control the power to make laws? Is it safe to tie ourselves to countries which are close to financial ruin, drifting towards scary political extremism, and suffering long-term, self-inflicted economic decline?

BREXIT THE MOVIE shows a side of the EU they don’t want us to see: the sprawling self-serving bureaucracy, the political cynicism, the lack of accountability, the perks, the waste, the cronyism, the corruption.

BREXIT THE MOVIE cuts through the patronizing intellectualism of the noble, higher goals of ‘Project Europe’, to reveal the self-interestedness of the political-bureaucratic class which runs and benefits from the EU.

BREXIT THE MOVIE highlights the danger of becoming a prisoner in an insular, backward-looking Fortress Europe. And it explores the exciting opportunities that open up to us when we look beyond the narrow confines of the EU.

BREXIT THE MOVIE looks to the future, arguing forcefully and persuasively that it is safer and wiser to live in a country which is free, independent, self-governing, confident and global.

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