The Obama `We` All Know ~ Race Baiter

“White religionists are not capable of perceiving the blackness of God, because their satanic whiteness is a denial of the very essence of divinity. That is why whites are finding and will continue to find the black experience a disturbing reality.” quoted from James Cone’s book, A Black Theology of Liberation, page 64.

A book that was/is sold in the church’s book store the entire 20-years Obama went to the church and that his pastor promoted on Hannity and Colmes.

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The Daily Caller broke some video of a 2007 speech via Obama that the legacy media “sanitized” in order to make the Obama look good. The watered down video can be see here, but make no mistake… this is the real Obama… race batting, southern drawls, and the like. Stories related via the Daily Caller:

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PREACTION: DNC scrambles to deflate Obama video before Daily Caller story published
FLASHBACK: JournoList plotted to kill Wright story in 2008

National Review has the portions that were taken out of the presentation to make him look good:

1. Hurricane Katrina “was a powerful metaphor for what’s gone on [in America] for generations.”
2. “It was also there — at Trinity United Church of Christ on the South Side of Chicago — that I met Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., who took me on another journey and introduced me to a man named Jesus Christ. It was the best education I ever had.”
3. On his run for the Illinois State Senate: “And the second thing people would ask me gets back to the question about why we can’t seem to take the bullet out in this country and do the works and the deeds and unite this country.”
4. “[The poor] may need help with basic skills — how to show up to work on time, wear the right clothes, and act appropriately in an office. We have to help them get there. That’s why I have called for $50 million to begin innovative new job training and workforce development programs.”
5. “We need to give our young people some real choices out there so they move away from gangs and violence and connect them with growing job sectors. That is why I am also going to create a 5-E Youth Service Corps. The ‘E’s’ stand for energy efficiency, environmental education and employment. This program would directly engage disconnected and disadvantaged young people in energy efficiency and environmental service opportunities to strengthen their communities while also providing them with practical skills and experience in important and growing career field.”

Tammy Bruce posted the side-by-side comparisons of two speeches, the now known 2007 speech, with another one from 2008 (where he is not off script, i.e., on teleprompter). Here is some of her commentary:

Daily Caller came out today with a remarkable speech from Obama in June 2007, a short 9 months before Obama’s campaign race speech. Let’s just say the two a very different. Tonight Hannity presented a clip comparing a few elements of the two speeches. Obama’s hypocrisy is astounding. At the end of the clip you’ll hear Hannity and Carlsen wonder which Obama is the real Obama. I suggest neither one–both were theatre. I think it’s become quite obvious in the past 4 years that Obama’s agenda involves destroying everyone’s lives, and will morph into whatever the moment requires of him to accomplish that goal.

Here is the Tucker Carlson appearance on the Sean Hannity Show Tammy posted:

Here is the full video with the Daily Caller’s lead in, and take note that we all knew (know) who Obama IS, this is just another evidence that he is a two-bit race-hustler… like the cultural left:

In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.

“The people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much!” Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. By contrast, survivors of Sept. 11 and Hurricane Andrew received generous amounts of aid, Obama explains. The reason? Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government considers those victims “part of the American family.”

The racially charged and at times angry speech undermines Obama’s carefully-crafted image as a leader eager to build bridges between ethnic groups. For nearly 40 minutes, using an accent he almost never adopts in public, Obama describes a racist, zero-sum society, in which the white majority profits by exploiting black America. The mostly black audience shouts in agreement. The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.