Seeking Low Taxes if Rich is Now a `Lifestyle Choice`

“I love this country but I’ve had enough” ~ actor Ray Winstone

Daily Mail on Richard Branson and Daily Mail on Ray Winstone

…Sir Richard Branson has had to defend his tax arrangements after a spotlight was cast on the billionaire’s decision to move to his luxury island in the Caribbean.

The entrepreneur, one of the most public advocates for British industry across the world, has not paid taxes on non-UK personal income since moving to Necker Island in 2007.
The founder of the Virgin empire has sold or transferred property he owned in the UK to his grown-up children, Sam and Holly.

A report in The Sunday Times highlighted the lack of British tax being paid by Sir Richard, who is frequently pictured with Union Jacks and has been reported to talk disparagingly of tax exiles.

Sir Richard said, in a blog post on Sunday, that he moved to the island seven years ago for lifestyle reasons….

Another article makes the point that “Critics of Sir Richard jumped on comments he made this year that Britain’s tax system was ‘reasonable’ compared with France’s. Responding to the actor Ray Winstone’s claim that he could see himself leaving Britain because the country was being ‘raped’ by high taxes…”

Just Before Filming Started, One of the Muslim Youths Punched a Girl (Adult Content)

The Manchester area has been plagued with violence by Pakistani and other Muslim immigrants against native whites. This is where two major cases of rape and so-called sex grooming gangs attacking young white girls occurred in the last two years. (Libertarian Republican)

Muslims attack White youths in England

This is a video that has been taken in Ashton Under Lyne, England that shows a gang of Muslim youths attacking a group of white kids. Just before the filming had started one of the muslim youths had punched one of the white girls in the face. This is becoming a regular occurence on the streets of the UK.

Jihad in the UK Deconstructed via Acts 17 Apologetics and Pat Condell

Via Creeping Sharia:

Video Description:

British soldier Lee Rigby was murdered and beheaded on a London street by two Muslims. Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson have assured the world that the attack had nothing to do with Islam. Yet the Qur’an clearly states that the penalty for “making mischief” in a Muslim land is death (5:33), and Rigby had served a tour in Afghanistan and was actively recruiting more soldiers for the British Army. How can Western leaders deny the obvious?

Melanie Phillips Touches on the Problem in the UK and Abroad

Denial is still a river in Londonistan

On one thing the British liberal class is certain – the hacking to death of a soldier in a Woolwich street yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with religion.  The murderers screamed ‘Allahu akhbar’ as they tried to decapitate the soldier (a barbaric hallmark of Islamic terror), announced proudly that ‘We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you’ and quoted the Koran as religious justification.

But the atrocity, we have been repeatedly told, had nothing to do with religion. Ever since 9/11, the UK and US political and media establishment, along with much if not most of the British security service and increasingly the US security establishment, has repeated this mantra. Killing in the name of Islam is a warped hijacking of the religion, a perversion of the religion, the very antithesis of the religion. But based on the precepts of the religion itself? Good heavens, no.

For more than two decades, the British political and security establishment has gone to extreme lengths to deny the true religious nature of the Islamic jihad, or holy war, against the free world and ‘backsliding’ Muslims (who are the jihad’s most numerous victims). There are several reasons for this state of denial, of which in my view the key is that to the official mind a holy war is such a fearsome prospect – it’s uncontrollable, can last for decades, is driven by wholly irrational motives immune to negotiation and is characterised by unmitigated savagery — they cannot admit that this is what it actually is.

So instead they come up with absurd statements like the one made to me some years ago by a very senior security official, who said this couldn’t be an Islamic religious war because to say it was would demonise all Muslims.

This was clearly a risible non sequitur. The fact that many Muslims not only do not support the jihad but are being themselves persecuted by it does not make it any less of a holy war against their perceived backsliding or heresy.

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To defeat Islamic terror, we must first acknowledge what it is

Ever since the spectre of Islamic terrorism in the West first manifested itself, Britain has had its head stuck firmly in the sand.

After both 9/11 and the 7/7 London transport bombings, the Labour government promised to take measures to defend the country against further such attacks.

It defined the problem, however, merely as terrorism, failing to understand that the real issue was the extremist ideas which led to such violence.

Accordingly, it poured money into Muslim community groups, many of which turned out to be dangerously extreme.

When David Cameron came to power, his Government raised hopes of a more realistic approach when it pledged to counter extremist ideas rather than just violence.

This approach, too, has failed. The Government still has no coherent strategy for countering Islamist radicalisation.

Following last week’s barbaric slaughter of Drummer Rigby on the streets of Woolwich by two Islamic fanatics, the Prime Minister has announced that he will head a new Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Task Force.

And the Home Secretary has said she will look at widening the banning of radical groups preaching hate.

But at the heart of these promises remains a crucial gap. That is the need to define just what kind of extremism we are up against.

The Government has been extraordinarily reluctant to do this — because it refuses to face the blindingly obvious fact that this extremism is religious in nature.

It arises from an interpretation of Islam which takes the words of the Koran literally as a command to kill unbelievers in a jihad, or holy war, in order to impose strict Islamic tenets on the rest of the world.


Of course, there are fanatics in all religions. Within both Judaism and Christianity, there are deep divisions between ultras, liberals and those in between.

In medieval times, moreover, Christianity used its interpretation of the Bible also to kill ‘unbelievers’, because early Christians believed they had a divine duty to make the world conform to their religion at all costs. 

That stopped when the Reformation ushered the Church into modernity, and today no Christian wants to use violence to convert others to their faith.

The problem with the extremist teachings of Islam is that the religion has never had a similar ‘reformation’.

Certainly, there are enlightened Muslims in Britain who would dearly love their religion to be reformed. But they have the rug pulled from under their feet by the Government’s flat denial of the religious nature of this terrible problem.

Some people instead ascribe the actions of the Woolwich killers to factors such as thuggish gang membership, drug abuse or family breakdown. 

But it is precisely such lost souls who are vulnerable to Islamist fanatics and who provide them with father figures, a sense of belonging and a cause which gives apparent meaning to their lives.

Many people find it incomprehensible that such fanatics remain free to peddle their poison. 

Partly, this is because the Security Service likes to gather intelligence through their actions. But it is also because of a failure to understand what amounts to a continuum of extremism.

There are too many British Muslims who, while abhorring violence at home, nevertheless support the killing abroad of British or American forces or Israelis, regard unbelievers as less than fully human, and homosexuals or apostates as deserving the death penalty.

Such bigotry creates the poisonous sea in which dehumanisation and religious violence swim.

To the failure to understand all this must be added the widespread terror of being thought ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘racist’.

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The English Defense League (EDL), Like in Other Countries, Are the Front Line

And as Libertarian Republican says… it begins. Can you blame them?

And so it begins… The English Defense League marched in the thousands on the streets of New Castle earlier today. 


“Long Live Native Brits!”


Crowd estimates are over 15,000.  Crowd heard chanting:

“Revenge Lee Rigby”


Scattered reports native Swedes are taking to the streets to defend Stockholm, suburbs from rioting Muslim youth.

Tommy Robinson simply states that “something has to be done.” He’s right. The question is, where will it end? However, at this point, it doesn’t matter… he’s still right:

So this is how I see it… even thought the EDL (English Defense League) has a varied ethnic group, nationalism will take hold and Europe will be faced with a choice: annihilation via the immigration policies and the State [proper] funding welfare mothers (4-to-1-man) having many multiple kids, versus the ethnically white woman having an abortion before having maybe one kid… or, join a group that will grow in its adamant proclamations and promises of beating back a real threat. While the net will be the “ultimate good,” it will merely incorporate a “cultural Christianity.” Remember, in Europe Christianity has been dying for generations. We will see something akin to the child killer, Anders Behring Breivik saying:

“Well, I am a militant Christian; to prevent the de-Christianisation of Europe is very important,” he said.

“But this does not mean we want to introduce a Christian theocracy. We are not Christian fundamentalists. I believe in God and I believe in a life after death.”

Answering questions from a judge he described himself as an “anti-Nazi”.

“A National Socialist would say, ‘Norway for the Norwegians’. I am more liberal, I would accept 2% perhaps (of the population not being ethnically Norwegian).”

But that is any war… walking the line of what could happen versus fighting evil. Fighting evil should be the first step… and when government cannot declare an evil action (political correctness), youth will do it. March on youth.

British Soldier Beheaded About 10-Miles Away from Big Ben by Jihadi ~ Religion of Peace

From Atlas Shrugs:

The savage jihadi who beheaded a British soldier on the street then approached a cameraman. He was still carrying the murder weapons and his hands were red with blood, and his victim was still lying in the street. He issued a dire warning. But the appeasers and apologists will keep on denying reality.

Telegraph, May 22nd, 2013

The horrific killing in Woolwich, where a man believed to be a soldier based at the nearby Woolwich barracks was beheaded by two machete-wielding assailants, has all the hallmarks of an al-Qaeda attack.

At the time of writing we are still awaiting confirmation from security officials about the precise nature of the incident. But having just watched some ITN footage, which shows a man with bloodied hands who is carrying a machete saying directly into the camera “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you”, it seems pretty clear to me what has happened.

For years al-Qaeda activists such as Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric who preached global jidad from his base in Yemen until he was killed by a U.S. drone strike two years ago, have been calling on their followers to launch their own home-grown attacks.

Rather than trying to carry out sophisticated operations on the scale of the September 11 attacks, or the July 7 bombings in London in 2005, Awlaki urged his followers to take matters into their own hands and conduct basic attacks, such as launching suicide bomb attacks in British shopping centres, or attacking  British military targets.

To date the intelligence and security services appear to have succeeded in disrupting these so-called homegrown plots, and a number of al-Qaeda terrorists have recently received lengthy jail terms. In one of these plots an al-Qaeda terrorist wanted to kidnap a British soldier in the Midlands and film himself beheading his captive.

Now it seems al-Qaeda has finally achieved its goal.

Prager U ~ The Moral Case for the British Empire (HW Crocker III)

Is there a moral case to be made for the British Empire? To even ask the question at your typical university would be to invite derision. That’s a shame because the British Empire’s legacy is one Western Civilization should be proud of. We’d be living in a much less free and prosperous world without it. Historian HW Crocker III explains why in this eye-opening Prager University course.

as many as 100,000 women in the UK may have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) procedures (either you protect life and liberty, or you don`t)

From the Blaze:

(From article) Britain’s Sunday Times is reporting that as many as 100,000 women in the UK may have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) procedures– with some medics allegedly offering to carry out the brutal surgery on girls as young as 10….


(Commentary by me) Here you have a clash of special rights with those on the left. “Do I defend Islam against the Islamaphobia of the right? Or, defend women’s rights?” If they defend the latter then they are going against an “ICON” of the left, cultural relativism, a weapon they wield well:

Also See:

It is like now people are getting gender abortions in Britain (and here, as around the world) only because they do not want a female gendered baby but a male. So here again is a clash of “special rights” instead of equality under the law. Or like this possibility:

☮ “If homosexuality is really genetic, we may soon be able to tell if a fetus is predisposed to homosexuality, in which case many parents might choose to abort it. Will gay rights activists continue to support abortion rights if this occurs?” (Dale A. Berryhill, The Assault: Liberalism’s Attack on Religion, Freedom, and Democracy)

It is all machinations of the Left trying to have their cake AND eat it too.

Here is a video from a recent article in the Guardian (some graphic scenes, warning):