The English Defense League (EDL), Like in Other Countries, Are the Front Line

And as Libertarian Republican says… it begins. Can you blame them?

And so it begins… The English Defense League marched in the thousands on the streets of New Castle earlier today.


“Long Live Native Brits!”


Crowd estimates are over 15,000. Crowd heard chanting:

“Revenge Lee Rigby”


Scattered reports native Swedes are taking to the streets to defend Stockholm, suburbs from rioting Muslim youth.

Tommy Robinson simply states that “something has to be done.” He’s right. The question is, where will it end? However, at this point, it doesn’t matter… he’s still right:

So this is how I see it… even thought the EDL (English Defense League) has a varied ethnic group, nationalism will take hold and Europe will be faced with a choice: annihilation via the immigration policies and the State [proper] funding welfare mothers (4-to-1-man) having many multiple kids, versus the ethnically white woman having an abortion before having maybe one kid… or, join a group that will grow in its adamant proclamations and promises of beating back a real threat. While the net will be the “ultimate good,” it will merely incorporate a “cultural Christianity.” Remember, in Europe Christianity has been dying for generations. We will see something akin to the child killer, Anders Behring Breivik saying:

“Well, I am a militant Christian; to prevent the de-Christianisation of Europe is very important,” he said.

“But this does not mean we want to introduce a Christian theocracy. We are not Christian fundamentalists. I believe in God and I believe in a life after death.”

Answering questions from a judge he described himself as an “anti-Nazi”.

“A National Socialist would say, ‘Norway for the Norwegians’. I am more liberal, I would accept 2% perhaps (of the population not being ethnically Norwegian).”

But that is any war… walking the line of what could happen versus fighting evil. Fighting evil should be the first step… and when government cannot declare an evil action (political correctness), youth will do it. March on youth.