Weird Iranian Happenings Days Prior To Possible Israel Attack

DebkaFile mentions a few interesting this, the most interesting to follow these pics and story:

…Tuesday afternoon, another Iranian high-up, defense minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, talked to reporters. He declared that the “long range UAV called Karrar would be unveiled on this day” – an apparent reference to the debkafile report of Monday, Aug. 16, that the death of Iran’s drone program head Reza Baruni had buried the program for years go come.

Regarding the delay in Moscow’s delivery of S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, Vahidi declared: “We build whatever we want inside the country… and the production of long-range air defense system in Iran is already on the agenda of the defense ministry.”

Former US envoy to the UN John Bolton Tuesday Aug. 17 repeated his warning that Israel has “eight days” to launch a military strike against Bushehr and stop Tehran from acquiring a functioning atomic plant. Once Russian loads it with fuel on Saturday, it will be too late because any attack would spread radiation and affect Iranian citizens, he said…

Here is the more interesting part of this story:

“Three drones hit the reactor killing at least five of its staff members”??

Are these drones being hijacked by Israeli hackers or Iranian patriots that dissent from the religious/political radicals in charge? These combination of events seem far from accidental – DEBKA Reports:

…Two mysterious incidents are reported by debkafile in the run-up to the fueling up of Iran’s first nuclear reactor Saturday, Aug. 21

Tuesday, Aug. 17, an Iranian F4 Phantom fighter jet was claimed by Tehran to have crashed 6 kilometers north of the Bushehr nuclear reactor in southern Iran. debkafile’s military sources report it was shot down by Russian-made TOR-M1 air-missile defense batteries guarding the reactor. A local government official Gholam Reza Keshtkar said the pilot and co-pilot ejected from the plane before it crashed and were rushed to hospital….


According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s Iranian and intelligence sources, Bushehr citizens were sure they heard three mighty explosions – not one. So the deputy district governor for security affairs, Mohammad Hossein Shenidi, who is responsible for safeguarding Bushehr and its reactors against air or missile attacks, pitched in with a lighter version of the communiqué: A single drone had indeed been fired, he admitted, but it carried no explosives because its only purpose was to simulate a loud bang to check the level of local alertness.

According to our sources, the townspeople were correct: Three drones hit the reactor killing at least five of its staff members….

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Russian Satanic Cults

This news is with thanks to Religion News Blog. I had posted another story about Russian Satanism earlier, “Russian Satanic Teens Stabbed Their Victims 666 Times Before Cannibalizing Them.” It seems Russia, persons enjoy being told how to think. They have had generation after generation of this ingrained thinking — and now cults and aberrant thinking are flowing more freely in their culture commanding their reality. Something they are use to and that people all over the world show their proclivity for. I ultimately do not know, but the fall of the Wall/Iron Curtain and the failure of their experiment in trying to marry free-markets wit their love for Dialectical Materialism and , in my humble opinion, has helped ravage these persons who are groping in the dark for answers:

Satanic rapists on trial

February 5, 2010 (edited July 19th)

Two young people are being tried in Russia for organizing a Satan-worshiping sect. Their adepts were subjected to abuse during gatherings, while some girls, including those below the age of consent, were molested.

The sect named “Nobilis Ordo Diaboli” – or the “Noble Order of the Devil” – was engaged in the secret worshiping of Satan in the republic of Mordovia in central Russia since 2003. It was organized by medical student Aleksandr Kazakov, 24, and had up to 75 adepts over the years, investigators say.

Kazakov, who is the prime suspect in the trial, used his charisma to lure young people from well-to-do families into the “Order”. New adepts were recruited from mysticism-loving friends of sect members and through satanic websites and internet message boards. Every initiate had to sign “a contract”, which gave the “high priest” ownership of his or her soul as part of the initiation rituals.

Under Kazakov’s guidance, members gathered in secrecy, dressed in black robes and performed “unholy rites”. They also indulged in orgies and drinking sessions that could last for days. For girls, sex with the man and his closest “apprentices” was a requirement, and those unwilling could be raped. The Satanists also didn’t hesitate to involve minors, say the investigators.

The second man on trial, Denis Danshin, 23, was Kazakov’s second-in-command and was responsible for suppressing dissent and doubt among the flock, sometimes through violence.

When police cracked down on the cult in 2009, they seized numerous books about Satanism and occult paraphernalia like animal sculls. The defendants claim that their sect was a mere role-playing club, and everything the members did was done voluntarily. They also deny charges of sexual abuse and violence.

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Take note, that Putin would love to implement this law, which is partially understood and reasonable. Putin, in his atheistic manner, would love to lump the historic faith in with these wacky cult: