Welcome to Los Angeles

(Brought to my attention by a reader, Tommy Boy.) I think this first picture (above) is a great contrast between what most would consider two extreme positions. On the right — can you see the irony? — a “revolutionary” socialist/Marxist. On the left a Bible thumper who is holding a cross intimating salvation either before Christ’s Second Coming or before one dies [or you will be forever damned]. The difference is that the Bible thumper wants stability and economic justice (as the Constitution provides). She would believe that her actions can neither speed up or slow Christ’s coming. She would also believe that nothing but a free choice would be involved in the accepting or rejecting the gift of salvation by said sinner. The “revolutionary” believes that those who do not want this change should be forced to make up their mind. Read here Pol-Pot, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and the myriad of revolutionaries in the 20th century. In other words, any person — believer or skeptic — would want that Bible thumper verses what you see below. (All pictures enlargeable upon clicking):

Unions and Communists March Side By Side at May Day Rally – Los Angeles, Ca 5/1/2011