44 Boys Is Too Many!

In this heartwarming video, see what a few little girl supporters wanted to tell Hillary Clinton. Their inspiring words remind us there is still much to do to break the highest hardest glass ceiling for every girl out there. We, too, can be corrupt politicians.


Violence Against Women Act ~ Newsflash: Domestic Violence Is Illegal In All 57-states!

Reasons to Oppose the So-Called Violence Against Women Act

….Like the misnamed No Child Left Behind Act, there are many reasons to oppose the VAWA. First, domestic violence was already prosecuted in every state prior to the passing of the VAWA. Why do we need a federal law for something that was already illegal in all 50 states? Isn’t that redundant?

The VAWA made domestic violence a federal crime but it is not an issue that should be handled by the federal government because it is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Like other wrongdoings such as murder and theft, it is properly handled on the state and local level, in accordance with the 10th amendment.

The VAWA cost a lot of dough—$660 million, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates— for a duplicative law that has shown no real evidence of reducing domestic violence.

What exactly counts as domestic violence? The newest version of the VAWA, S.47, contains very vague and broad definitions of domestic violence. A man that raises his voice at his partner, calls her an offensive name, stalks her, causes her any emotional distress, or simply just annoys her can potentially be prosecuted under the VAWA. Calling your spouse a mean name is not advised or polite, but it isn’t the same thing as violence towards her.

Violence against anyone is bad —that shouldn’t even need to be said. Unfortunately, the VAWA reinforces ugly stereotypes about men and women. Supporters of the law portray men as natural predators that are never on the other side of domestic violence. However, in a 2010 national survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that 40% of the victims of domestic violence are men and half of all partner violence is mutual.

Supporters of the VAWA portray women as helpless victims—this is the kind of attitude that is setting women back. Thank goodness that there are many strong and independent women, including the female members of the Independent Women’s Forum, who believe that there are real reasons to oppose the VAWA.

Women Selling Out Liberty for Culture

Token Liberty Girl nails the seemingly misplaced values of selling out to culture while at the same time demanding their fellow peer pay for their habits by supporting their “cultural mores” in the bedroom — and other places that a true conservative/libertarian do not feel tax-payer money should be spent. Or is allowed to be spent by Constitutional enumeration. Video Description:

Why are there so few female libertarians? It has nothing to do with our philosophy. It is because libertarianism is not yet mainstream and part of popular culture. Women are more likely to care about being socially accepted and fitting in with their peers. There is more societal pressure for them to fit in and be “normal” by popular culture standards. They are less likely to have political views that are considered outside the mainstream.