U.S. Army Private First Class Naser Abdno admits to planning attack on Fort Hood

(For old posts on original shooting, see HERE) Child pornography was found on this Muslim’s computer, which prompted a EveryDayReggie to say:

❖ Muslim serviceman arrested for planning attack on Fort Hood. Says religion prevented from fighting, bt not child porn. http://t.co/avlr2gL

Here is an interview about his consciousness objection:


From NBC:

Soldier Admits to Ft. Hood Attack Plan

…Baldwin said a report of suspicious activity was reported on Tuesday. An investigation was initiated and on Wednesday Abdo was arrested on a warrant from the Fort Campbell provost marshall’s office charging him with possession of obsecene material and being AWOL.


During the investigation, suspicious material was found in Abdo’s hotel room that led investigators to believe there was a credible threat to military personnel. Baldwin said he expects federal charges to be filed.

When asked if Abdo resisted during his arrest, Baldwin said “Given the response that we provided, he didn’t really have a choice. He was taken down rather quickly, without incident.”

Baldwin said they believe Abdo acted alone and that they are not aware of any additional threats to the people in the region. He added that if gun store clerk Greg Ebert hadn’t alerted authorities to the suspicious behavior the press conference called Thursday might have had a very different subject matter.

Ebert said the man arrived at Guns Galore LLC by taxi Tuesday and bought 6 pounds of smokeless gunpowder, three boxes of shotgun ammunition and a magazine for a semi-automatic pistol, paying about $250. Ebert said he became concerned when the man asked questions indicating he didn’t know much about the items.

“(We) felt uncomfortable with his overall demeanor and the fact he didn’t know what the hell he was buying,” Ebert said. “I thought it prudent to contact the local authorities, which I did.”

The Army said Abdo had a bomb in his backpack, explosives materials in his motel room and had bought a uniform from a surplus store with Fort Hood unit patches.

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I will post some updates from a post at Libertarian Republican for the bottom line folks:

Muslim US Army Soldier gone AWOL, arrested near Ft. Hood found with Explosives, Child Porn on his Computer


Gun store owner turned him in

CNN is reporting that Adbo was arrested with a weapons cache in his room. And that he had purchased “three boxes of 12-gauge ammunition and a magazine for a pistol” at a local gun store. The gun store owner reported him as a “suspicious individual.”


Made “threatening statements to attack Army post”

From NBC News:

NBC News’ Pete Williams learned the solider was said to have been overheard making threatening statements to attack an Army post, possibly Ft. Hood.


Associated Press confirms suspect is Muslim

(AP)Police say an AWOL Muslim soldier from Fort Campbell, Ky., who had been granted conscientious objector status has been arrested in Texas on a child pornography charge.


Police now confirm suspect planned “to kill people”

(CBS) When police questioned Abdo at his motel, he made references to a plan to kill or injure people…

Obama Creates Consensus

HotAir points out that Obama has created unity only as he can:

Give some credit to Barack Obama for his speech last Thursday.  He managed to create in one sentence a consensus that has eluded other heads of state over the last few decades between the principals in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Both sides think Obama is all wet with his call to base a two-state solution on the 1967 borders:

Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said Monday that it was clear that US PresidentBarack Obama’s platform was not so different from the one adopted by former US president George W. Bush. According to Zahar, the 1967 borders, while “sacred,” were not the final borders on which the Palestinians should settle.

Speaking to Al-Emirate Al-Youm, Zahar asked “Why won’t we talk about the 1948 borders? Why won’t we discuss the partition plan which was internationally  recognized?”

Er, perhaps because that was based on a status quo ante that changed when the Arab nations attacked Israel in an attempt to destroy it?  Land gained in defensive war — as the war after the 1948 establishment of Israel was for the Israelis — is legitimately held by the victor.  That’s especially true when the land is needed to prevent further invasions and attempts at extermination.

If the Arabs wanted the 1948 borders, then they shouldn’t have invaded Israel.  For that matter, if they wanted the lands controlled after the 1967 war, then Egypt, Syria, and Jordan shouldn’t have plotted to attack Israel — an attack pre-empted by Israel’s strike against the Egyptians.  Israel could have annexed those lands after the war, but they didn’t, although they built settlements in an attempt to change the demography.  Israel doesn’t want to absorb the people living in the West Bank and Gaza for the same reason that the “right of return” is absolute anathema to Israel, because it would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state.  They’d probably prefer to give the West Bank back to Jordan, but Jordan won’t take it back, and for good reasons.

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Palestinians Kill 3-month old baby (Warning: Graphic Video)

From BigPeace.com:

Palestinian Terrorists Murder Family in Israel – Including 3 Month-Old Infant

….According to Israel Matzav, Israeli radio reported that this video has been taken down and ‘flagged’ by pro-Palestinian internet activists, apparently to hide the absolute savagery of their brothers-in-arms. Meanwhile, in Gaza, Hamas has heralded the attack and– like after 9/11– they’re passing out candy. Please make sure as many people as possible see this; as the video makes clear in the end, these are the “peace partners” Israel is to make concessions to….

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What America Buys With Its Money

From Caroline Glick over at BigPeace.com:

Two weeks ago, a Palestinian from Bethlehem was arrested by the US-financed and trained Palestinian Authority security forces. He was charged with “carrying out commercial transactions with residents of a hostile state.”

No, he was not buying uranium from Iran. His purported crime was purchasing wood products from an Israeli community located beyond the 1949 armistice lines.

Denied bail by the US-funded PA magistrate’s court in Bethlehem, he has been remanded to custody pending the conclusion of his trial.

This man’s arrest is part of what the unelected, US-supported Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has touted as his “National Honor Fund.” The goal of this project is to ban all economic contact between Palestinians and Jews who live and work beyond the 1949 armistice lines. As far as the supposedly moderate Fayyad is concerned, those Jews and Israel generally comprise the “hostile state,” that the Palestinians under Fayyad’s leadership are being compelled to boycott.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Palestinian Labor Minister Ahmed Majdalani said the PA hopes that by the end of the year all the thousands of Palestinians who are employed in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria will quit their jobs. What he didn’t mention is that if they don’t quit, they will be arrested.

According to PA Economics Minister Hassan Abu Libdeh, since the start of Fayyad’s campaign, the PA has confiscated $1 million worth of Israeli products including foods, cosmetics and hardware from Palestinian stores.

Fayyad’s measures come on top of previously enacted PA measures like imposing the death penalty on Palestinians who sell land to Jews. Less than two months ago, the PA reaffirmed that it will continue to execute any Palestinian who commits this “crime.”

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Creeping Sharia takes note of the most recent “wealth transfer” from American taxpayers to the Palestinians:

Another $150 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars, courtesy of Hillary Clinton and Obama to the corrupt and flourishing settlement of ‘Palestine’.

Watch the C-Span video [below], to see Hillary Clinton first blast Israel for building homes on its own land prior to announcing the latest donation to the unaccountable and corrupt ‘Palestinian’ Authority.


“…the United States has transferred an additional $150 million dollars in direct assistance to the Palestinian Authority. This brings our direct budget assistance to a total of $225 million dollars for the year, and our overall support and investment to nearly $600 million dollars this year. This figure underscores the strong determination of the American people and this administration to stand with our ‘Palestinian’ friends even in difficult economic times as we have here at home.”

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Hamas Proudly Claims Killing of Pregnant Mother-Palestinians Celebrate

“In a true peace it is impossible that a purely Jewish state of Palestine can endure,” Rauf wrote. “In a true peace, Israel will, in our lifetimes, become one more Arab country, with a Jewish minority.”

~ Feisal Abdul Rauf, Ground Zero Mosque Imam ~

(Pictures… Weep With These Wonderful People…

They Are Models For The Patience & Compassion of God)

A Palestinian shot up a car, then drug the four people out of the car and shot them a couple more times to make sure the deed was done.. One of the victims was a mother of six, pregnant with her seventh. What happened next? Palestinians danced in the street passing out sweets.

Eco-Fascist Killed After Taking Hostages

The co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, said something that I think rings just as true as when he said it:

“I now find that many environmental groups have drifted into self-serving cliques with narrow vision and rigid ideology…. many environmentalists are showing signs of elitism, left-wingism, and downright eco-fascism. The once politically centrist, science-based vision of environmentalism has been largely replaced with extremist rhetoric. Science and logic have been abandoned and the movement is often used to promote other causes such as class struggle and anti-corporatism. The public is left trying to figure out what is reasonable and what is not.” (Old Post)

Moonbattery makes a great point about when this nuts eco-fascism started:

….When a moonbat starts barking about “saving the planet,” anyone he bites should be tested for rabies. How did this kook get such crazy thoughts in his head?

Lee reportedly said he began working to save the planet after being laid off from his job in San Diego. He said he was inspired by “Ishmael,” a novel by environmentalist Daniel Quinn and by former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.

Discovery Communications is about as ecomoonbatty an outfit as you will find. One of its channels even runs “Whale Wars,” a program dedicated to glorifying the terrorist activities of sociopathic hippy pirates who sabotage whaling vessels. But to a moonbat, moonbattery could never go far enough.

Happy, Prince Albert? Your global warming crisis has finally claimed a victim.

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Here is part of the news from CBS:

(CBS News) A radical enviornmentalist who took three hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters while wearing what police may be explosives was shot and killed by officers, police said.

The gunman, identified as James Lee, was killed by police following four hours of negotiations but the hostages are all safe, said Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger.


In a rambling manifesto on Lee’s website, believed to have been written by Lee, the writer rails against “disgusting human babies,” “parasitic infants,” and says people should “disassemble civilization.” The manifesto also calls on Discovery to “broadcast to the world their commitment to save the planet.”

Click here to read excerpts of the manifesto on James Lee website

….The building, which houses the offices of Discovery Channel and its sibling networks including Animal Planet, is located just outside Washington DC.

Lee operates the Web site savetheplanetprotest.com and was arrested in 2008 following a demonstration held at Discovery’s headquarters. Lee was found guilty of disorderly conduct.

According to a post on his Web site, Lee said he was thrown “in the nut house” for four days following his arrest.

Lee has been demanding a boycott of Discovery Channel since at least 2008.

On his website, Lee posted a rambling manifesto under the title “My Demands,” which espouses a far-radical environmentalist and misinthropic philosophy and calls on the channel to cease programming about giving birth, war and weapons.

“The planet,” he wrote, “does not need humans.”

The document, which appears to have been created on July 17, is interspersed with references to esoteric philosophers, childish language, misspellings, and capital letters.

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