Now Anyone Can Be A Sniper ~ A Battlefield Changer

This comes via FireArm Blog, and I must say this tech will change the battlefield and its tactics quite a bit. Because now a gangly, untrained 16-years-old Afghan or Gaza strip teen Islamist can be a sniper.

The Remington 2020 is similar, both in software and hardware, to the Tracking Point system, but one major different is that the Remington 2020 is not connected to the trigger. Instead of releasing/unlocking the trigger at the exact moment the shot should be taken, the Remington 2020 simply gives the shooter a visual alert to pull the trigger. While the Tracking Point system has a range of 1,200 yards, the Remington 2020 can only provide targeting assistance out to 500 yards (although it should be noted that the laser range finding functionality will work out to 750 yards). The scope has a 3-21x magnification.

Along with environmental factors (Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Incline/Decline, Cant, Air Density, Magnus Effect Drift, Target Movement, Coriolis Effect Drift), the Remington 2020 factors in the specific rifle characteristics (Barrel Twist and Direction, Lock Time, Ignition Time and Barrel Time) and ammunition characteristics (Drop, Wind Drift, Spin Drift., Muzzle Velocity). While this should give accurate results, it does means that the scope is coupled to the specific rifle and ammunition combinations that Remington has developed 3D flight models for. At launch there will be three scope/rifle combinations available for purchase. There is one Bushmaster AR-15 chambered in .223, a short action Model 700 chambered in .308 Win. and a long action Model 700 chambered in .30-06. Each of these rifles is matched to two Remington loads and one Barnes load.

Two Stories of Sacrifice Beyond measure: `Medal of Honor` Holder, Ty Carter; and `Victoria Cross` Holder, Benjamin Roberts-Smith

Via the Washington Times

….After serving for four years in the Marine Corps, Sgt. Carter enlisted in the Army in 2008, according to his official biography. He currently is serving as a staff noncommissioned officer with the 7th Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state.

He has also received a Purple Heart, the Army Commendation Medal with four oak leaf clusters, representing multiple awards, and the Army Achievement Medal with two oak leaf clusters, his bio says.

Sgt. Carter is the 12th service member to receive the military’s highest award for valor in combat for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Sgt. Clinton Romesha, who served at the Keating outpost with Sgt. Carter and other members of Bravo Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, received the Medal of Honor in February for his involvement in the same October 2009 action, which he also survived.

Never forget these families ARE the measure of a man, and the sacrifice — the ultimate sacrifice — these families make shall never go unforgotten!

In my book, both are “Fathers of the Year!”

Not only thanking our guys, but other nations heroes as well. This comes via FireArm Blog:

The Australian Father’s Day Council has named Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith, VC, MG, Australian Army sniper and Victoria Cross recipient, ”Father Of The Year”.

Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith will on Monday be dubbed the 2013 Father of the Year for his devotion to his family and contribution to country.

The Brisbane-based Victoria Cross recipient, 34, has twin three-year-olds, Eve and Elizabeth.

Cpl Roberts-Smith accepted the award on behalf of all the parents who have sacrificed time away from loved ones to serve in the Australian Defence Force.


Roberts-Smith was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2010 when he drew the fire of an insurgent ambush when his patrol was pinned down by machine gunners, he then stormed a Taliban position killing two machine gunners.

As he approached the structure, Corporal Roberts-Smith identified an insurgent grenadier in the throes of engaging his patrol. Corporal Roberts-Smith instinctively engaged the insurgent at point-blank range resulting in the death of the insurgent. With the members of his patrol still pinned down by the three enemy machine gun positions, he exposed his own position in order to draw fire away from his patrol, which enabled them to bring fire to bear against the enemy. His actions enabled his Patrol Commander to throw a grenade and silence one of the machine guns. Seizing the advantage, and demonstrating extreme devotion to duty and the most conspicuous gallantry, Corporal Roberts-Smith, with a total disregard for his own safety, stormed the enemy position killing the two remaining machine gunners.

His act of valour enabled his patrol to break-in to the enemy position and to lift the weight of fire from the remainder of the troop who had been pinned down by the machine gun fire. On seizing the fortified gun position, Corporal Roberts-Smith then took the initiative again and continued to assault enemy positions in depth during which he and another patrol member engaged and killed further enemy. His acts of selfless valour directly enabled his troop to go on and clear the village of Tizak of Taliban. This decisive engagement subsequently caused the remainder of the Taliban in Shah Wali Kot District to retreat from the area.

A 4-Hour Firefight In Afghanistan To Take Antenna (video is 12-minutes) ~ HD (Added: Spec-Ops in `Sniper Battle`)

Not too eventful, but gives you an idea of the haps these men face everyday.

From the team:
4 hour fight compressed into 12 min, starts off quiet but will get better as it goes through the last 3 cameras. Far ambush on our 14 man element attempting to take Antenna Hill. First camera is the platoon medic, 2nd is from the 10 man element pinned down by the enemy, 3rd is my own camera as my four man section takes the top of the hill to relieve our pinned down element, 4th is our medic’s camera again during one of the enemy counter attacks.

You can see the dirt fly as their sniper gets close.

  • A MARSOC sniper exchanges fire with Taliban fighters in the village below. Accurate incoming rounds are heard snapping overhead.