Pro-Life Means Pro-Life, Even in Rape (Mark Davis)

I love when Mark Davis fills in for Prager. When he discusses Constitutional issue I usually tune in. This is a subject many are afraid to tackle, and that is why I grab this topic when I have the time and upload it. I will also include some videos below this audio to encourage the point (maybe even challenge a mind that has never heard this position in their life — which I find is often the case with the Left) and change minds. Much thought on this topic. I include a truncated disagreeing call near the end. I edit it a bit because the main disagreement is what Mark is good at zeroing in on. And that is the main point. The person Mark mentions, Jennifer Christie, her sites can be found here: | — Here is Jennifer’s story:

  • Rape Survivor Chooses Life for Son (YOUTUBE)

Here is Mark Davis’ audio from 9-16-2021:

My first introduction to this was a DVD [many years ago] with 22-people speaking about either raising a child conceived in rape or being a child of rape. Those stories can be seen here: CONCEIVED IN RAPE & OTHER EXCEPTIONS

Some of my past posts on this topic:

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The discussion revolved around Professor Reilly’s book,

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U N I T E D States – Mark Davis

Mark Davis filled in for Dennis Prager, and when he does, the Constitutional guidelines are typically discussed. (See my previous upload of Mark “Roe v Wade and States Rights Explained“) In this segment[s], he takes a call from a challenger and opines more on his previous statements.