MSNBC Panel Admits Media Bias in “Cruz Cartoon”

(NewsBusters) There was surprising consensus on today’s Morning Joe concerning the Washington Post cartoon that depicted Ted Cruz as an organ grinder and his youngs girls as monkeys. From Mika Brzezinski to Joe Scarborough to Harold Ford, Jr., there was universal condemnation of Ann Telnaes’ foul image.

Willie Geist said it best: “people look for moments of bias in the media. Here’s one right here. You can’t be selectively offended by cartoons. If that had been a Democrat, or God forbid the President of the United States, they would have lit the house on fire. There would have been wall-to-wall coverage on it.”

An AWESOME National Review Video of Morning Joe!

Television gets it more right than the Obama admin! Hat-Tip to Cyril!


Aaand, ISIS is J.V., aaaand ISIS is weak… Clown Shoes is what the Obama admin is. And Bernie and the other Democrats aren’t any better.


  • About 20 minutes earlier, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta confronted Obama over his claim during the press conference that he “had not underestimated ISIS’s abilities.” Acosta pointed out that “this is an organization that you once described as a J.V. team that evolved into a force that has now occupied territory in Iraq and Syria, and is now able to use that safe haven to launch attacks in the other parts of the world.” He then asked, “How is that not underestimating their capabilities and how is that contained, quite frankly?…I guess the question is, and if you’ll forgive the language, is why can’t we take out these bastards?” 

IRS HID PROBE UNTIL AFTER ELECTION ~ Memory Issues of IRS Chief Steven Miller (Paul Ryan Added)

Via Weekly Standard:

Report: IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election: “[I]f this fact came out in September 2012, in the middle of a presidential election? The terrain would have looked very different.”

Via Gateway Pundit:

IRS Chief Steven Miller told Rep. Dave Reichert at the House Ways and Means Committee hearing this morning that he can’t remember who was responsible at the IRS for targeting conservatives.

Paul Ryan gets Commissioner to admit the words “progressive” (and other liberal keywords/descriptors) was not used.