Obama Bragged About Bringing Down the Debt More Than Any Other Administration ~ Rick Santelli Explains the Washington `Shell Game`

  1. Still largest deficit compared to other admins;
  2. Lowered the most because he increased it the most;
  3. see “1”

Three Question Liberals NEVER ask:

  1. compared to what?
  2. at what cost?
  3. what hard-evidence do you have?


Round Two (*Ding* *Ding*): Bill Cunningham vs. Tamara Holder

The first encounter wasn’t pretty either, if you remember. Here are the “lovebirds” again… and Bill is right… this isn’t a game. His numbers are right as well, 220-trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Obama Calls GOP `Reckless/Extreme` ~ Let`s Look at the 2006 Obama (Mark Knoller)

In case you do not know who Mark Knoller is, here is an intro:

Now, here are his recent tweets of the President from 2006 (some with twitter commentary) — Via Twitchy!


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