After the First Ladies 16th Vacation in 3 Years, Class Warfare Is Top Priority for Michelle Obama

Keep in mind also that Obama played more golf in his first two years than Bush did his entire 8-years in office! Gateway Pundit riley notes,

Michelle Obama bashed the rich during a big donor luncheon today in Cincinnati. She just returned from the family’s 16th vacation in three years.
The Examiner reported:

First lady Michelle Obama has joined her husband’s bandwagon to hit the rich and spread the wealth, questioning how well-off families can feel good if others are struggling.

To about 300 supporters wealthy enough to pay $300-$10,000 to attend the mid-day event, the first lady said, “If a family in this country is struggling, we cannot be satisfied with our own families’ good fortune.”

She also rapped the rich, as has her husband. “Who do we want to be?” Obama asked. “Will we be a country where success is limited to the few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off.”

Fundraising in Cincinnati, Ohio as her husband raised cash in Florida, she also said that the change President Obama offered in 2008 “does not come easy.” And she added, “change is slow, but we will get there,” according to a pool report of the event.

Didn’t Michelle come from humble beginnings? Then why is she lecturing Americans on a country where “success is limiting to the few at the top?”

This reminds me of a small portion where David Mamet is explaining how the irrational is defended by the left. He gives an example of taxes and jobs:

Here is an example. President Obama, in a speech in July 2010, declared that the Government should be ready to support Green Business—that if anyone wanted to create these jobs, the Government would be there to help.

What was the help? He was offering rebates. But what are rebates but tax cuts?

To suggest that giving back (to approved entities) some of the money drained from them in taxes, and to characterize this as “help,” is like a mugger pausing in administering his beating and characterizing this pause, to his victim, as assistance.

If, as President Obama announced perceptively, cutting taxes creates jobs (as it does; as anyone not blinded by theory knows: when taxes are raised, businesses close), then why not cut all taxes?

This inconsistency is ignored only by those who benefit from it (the administration), and the confused (Liberals).

David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture(New York, NY: Sentinel Publishing, 2011), 113.

Occupy Oakland ~ After Smashing Wells Fargo Bank Windows ~ Deposits $20,000 With Them


Why this is important (transfer money day):


San Jose Mercury News:

Occupy Oakland has voted to deposit $20,000 with Wells Fargo Bank — just days after Occupy protesters shattered windows of one of the bank’s downtown Oakland branches during the group’s attempt to stage a general strike in the embattled East Bay city.


Some members of the assembly, during the meeting, raised concerns about using Wells Fargo for the group’s bank.

“I understand that people aren’t comfortable with that, but this is a time sensitive issue,” one of the leaders of the general assembly stated, according to the minutes.

Occupy Oakland has pilloried Chase Bank, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and other major American financial companies for triggering some of the nation’s economic ailments.

“It takes time to transfer funds to a credit union,” one of the general assembly members stated, according to the minutes posted on the website. “We need to help people in jail now.”

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Here’s the actual vote: