Woah! Crazy Landslide Caught on Video

A powerful landslide near the town of Alta took eight houses into the sea off northern Norway, Wednesday, June 3.

More from RT:

Eight houses have been swept into the sea in the Norwegian Arctic after a powerful landside near the town of Alta.

The landslide Wednesday was filmed by local resident Jan Egil Bakkedal who said he ran for his life when he realised what was happening.

One of the houses that was lost belonged to him.

Police said the landslide in the village of Kraakneset was between 650 meters and 800 meters wide (2,145-2,640 feet) and up to 40 meters (132 feet) high.

Several minor landslides followed, and nearby houses were protectively temporarily evacuated.

No injuries were reported.

Some Videos I Find Some Pleasure In (LOL Riots)


Alarm Clocks (Armstrong & Getty)

These guy always make me laugh. And this “everything you didn’t need to know about alarm clocks” segment from their “best of” from today. I also relate because before my wife’s Fit-Bit, she was a 30-minutes before she needed to get up and hit snooze 6-times on that annoying car-alarm sounding noise. Anyways, enjoy the non-coronavirus/non-political break.

Friday Fodder ~ LONG Time Coming

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Arnold Swartzenegger’s 79,000 Calorie Sandwich (Kevin & Bean)

Kevin & Bean talk to Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time about cooking with Arnold Swartzenegger. Funny interview, small portion of video included.

(LA Times) An almost 80,000-calorie sandwich made by Arnold Schwarzenegger? We must be talking about Epic Meal Time, the popular YouTube show with the sole mission of making the most epic meals ever.

The Governator teamed up with the show’s Harley Morenstein to create what they’re calling the steak and egger sandwich. And the best part? They cook parts of the sandwich on Schwarzenegger’s M47 Patton tank.

Yes, it’s an actual tank, with Schwarzenegger’s name written across the side.

“What more do you want, Internet?” asks Morenstein in the video.

The two men layer slices of cheese, a loaf of baked ground meat, bacon and ostrich eggs on two giant buns.

“This section alone will build huge biceps,” says Schwarzenegger, pointing out different areas of the sandwich. “This section here, the calves.”

Before putting on the top bun, Schwarzenegger does some push-ups on top of the sandwich. So we can now add “The Terminator” star’s sweat to the list of growing ingredients.

According to an Epic Meal Time calorie counter in the video, the sandwich contains 78,583 calories and 4,172 grams of fat.

And would you believe us if we told you this monster sandwich is really for the kids? Schwarzenegger and Morenstein are using the sandwich video to promote the charity After-School All-Stars that creates after-school programs for kids. You can donate $10 for a chance to make a meal and video with Schwarzenegger and Morenstein, then ride with the two in his tank.

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