FLASHBACK: Prager Discusses A Reason He Changed Party Affiliation

This was from a C-SPAN recording of Prager in his radio show studio from 1994. Here he mentions a reason why he became a Republican 2-years earlier.

FLASHBACK | Moral vs. Immoral Politicians (Dennis Prager 1994)

Here is a throw back to 1994 via C-SPAN recording Dennis Prager in studio. This was only two years after Prager officially changed his identification from Democrat to Republican.

Dennis Prager continues his comments from earlier this week in his comments after playing Joe Scarborough apparently wanting Jesus for President. Y-e-s… that Joe that cheated on his wife with Mika Brazinski. Should Values Voters Summit attendees give Jimmy Carter a standing O?

“Ten Things You Can’t Say In America” |CSPAN|

C-SPAN Washington Journal FLASHBACK book discussion by Larry Elder and his first book, Ten Things You Can’t Say In America:

Mr. Elder talked about his book, “The Ten Things You Can’t Say In America,” discussing the political correctness, racial issues, and racism within the U.S. government. He also responded to telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

TAKE NOTE in this playlist of Larry Elder on YouTube, I have some audio from my channel included.

Sweet Sweet [and erudite] C-SPAN Revenge

HotAir h/t – I know it seems like a pretty uneventful discussion about politics and campus life between a bunch of nerds… but wait for it… its coming. If you watch it again, you can pick up on where it begins. Very Funny and Sweet! UPDATE: Due to some investigative work by a reader and friend this persons website was found, it is called Conservatism for Punks. The gentleman’s name is Todd Seavey.