Leonardo DiCaprio ~ The 2015 “Boob” Award

“For such a model there is no need to ask the question ‘Is the model true?’. If ‘truth’ is to be the ‘whole truth’ the answer must be ‘No’. The only question of interest is ‘Is the model illuminating and useful?’”

  • Restated: “All models are wrong; some are useful.”


  • JoNova wriley says, “He [DiCaprio] may feel the heat, but the satellites didn’t ‘feel’ a record, and nor would ice cores, stalagmites, corals, sediments, or any other part of the natural world that has existed for longer than 41 years. Meh.”

Leonardo DiCaprio is even considering quitting acting to battle global warming. What a boob. Keep in mind NASA came out early to say 2014 was the warmest on record… and they retracted that [sorta] by saying, “NASA climate scientists: We said 2014 was the warmest year on record… but we’re only 38% sure we were right.” (As a relevant side note, now even Michael Mann admits the almost 19-year PAUSE is in fact real.)

Here, Reason Magazine notes the silliness just in satellite data (which started in 1979) in regards to DiCaprio’s statement above:

…satellite temperature data from climatologists at the University of Alabama in Huntsville suggest that 2015 was third warmest year since 1979 when satellite measurements began. The past year was particularly warm because of a large El Nino in the Pacific Ocean in which a massive amount of warm water sloshes toward South America from Asia. The phenomenon warms the atmosphere, but now appears to be fading which suggests that 2016 will be cooler than last year. 

Forbes notes,

Satellite temperature readings going back to 1979 show 1998 was by far the warmest year in the satellite era, followed by 2010. 2015 comes in third. And these results are only for the period since 1979.

2015 should have been warmer. This past year saw what is likely the most powerful El Nino during the satellite temperature record. With a record El Nino, we should have experienced record high temperatures. Yet we didn’t.

A record El Nino resulting in less-than-record temperatures is another sign that global warming is not all that activists crack it up to be. Indeed, if a record strong El Nino cannot bring global temperatures back to the warmth of 1998, what can – and when will that be? 18 years after 1998, global warming still has not created the runaway warming we were told to expect.

(Foden Toons of Facebook)

What else is DiCaprio wrong on? Reason continues with him,

DiCaprio expressed his concern for how climate change will deleteriously affect “indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people.” First, the good news is that the World Bank reports that absolute poverty (defined as living on less than $1.90 per day) has now fallen below 10 percent of the world’s population. The global rate of absolute poverty was 37 percent as recently as 1990. In large measure this amazing improvement in poverty rates stems from hundreds of millions of poor people gaining access to modern energy supplies. Total electric generating capacity has more than doubled since 1990 and most of that energy is produced by burning fossil fuels. DiCaprio would be better advised to direct his aid toward connecting the 1.2 billion underprivileged people who are still without electricity to modern power plants.

The Canadian Broadcasting Center noted that “The 41-year-old actor again highlighted his experience of a sudden change in temperature and loss of snow while filming The Revenant in southern Alberta as evidence of a warming globe.” One person at WUWT notes:

The key word here is “again”.

After the general hilarity that ensued his first blunder, Di Caprio’s handlers must have told him he made quite a basic mistake. So to see this 41 y old multi millionaire once again tell the world such a blatant idiotic line means that either he is an idiot or he is a dishonest advocate, for whom everything, or anything, is good to advance his proselytism, regardless of truth.

To end — again — with JoNova‘s comment, “He [DiCaprio] may feel the heat, but the satellites didn’t ‘feel’ a record, and nor would ice cores, stalagmites, corals, sediments, or any other part of the natural world that has existed for longer than 41 years. Meh.”

Truth doesn’t matter if you are rich, apparently, of a leftist. This has in the past led to great pains.