Cultural Appropriation Alert: Honkeys Cannot Have Dreadlocks

To me, this is an example of the left eating itself. This hippie-dippie kid is probably left-wing, and this BLM styled activist is a leftist… and one is telling the other to groom themselves a certain way. I guess she is an employee of the university, but we will soon (like Iran) have a dress code police. Something Walter Williams coined as “lifestyle Nazis” (one and two). The positive thing that may come out of these types of experiences is that we will get more Republican voters as they leave the crazy left.

People were in a tizzy over Mitt Romney’s forced haircut on a fellow student. The Left said this prank was enough to disqualify him from the Presidency. Yet, here, we see the Left wanting to forcefully cut hair due to “cultural appropriation.” Breitbart notes:

The video begins with the woman threatening the man by asking her friend whether he has a pair of scissors.

An argument ensues as the student insists on his right to have dreadlocks regardless of the style’s cultural origins.

“You’re saying I can’t have this hairstyle because of your culture? Why?” asks the student.

“Because it’s my culture,” responds the student.

The woman proceeds to grab him as he begins to walk away from the situation. When the white student pushes back, she accuses the man of putting his hands on her….