44% Of All Covid Deaths –> 2-Weeks After vaccination

As an aside before the main post… while way to early to make a real connection due to the small numbers of people known, however… so far the only ppl with the new Omicron were fully vaccinated:

  • The preliminary report revealed all four [patients] had been previously vaccinated for COVID-19. (LETTER | GATEWAY PUNDIT)
  • Two omicron-infected people landed in Australia on Saturday night. The two individuals were fully vaccinated. (GATEWAY PUNDIT)

Even at that, they seem to be milder symptoms than that of Delta, which were milder than the alpha version (see more at RIGHT SCOOP).

We will see if this trend continues to be a “pandemic of the vaccinated” — what we do know is that Delta was less deadly than Alpha, and Omicron is like a cold.

Onto the main post via STEVE KIRSCH

  • 45% Of Deaths After COVID Vaccination Happen In The First 2 Weeks — It’s 59% at 4 weeks and 63% at 5 weeks. Doing some very conservative estimates on the number of Americans killed by the vaccine leads to the inevitable conclusion that the vaccines should be stopped.

My friend Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88) did a quick analysis for me on the deaths reported after vaccination in VAERS.

45% of all reported deaths happened within two weeks after vaccination.

Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s top pathologists, said that 30% to 40% of people who died within 2 weeks after vaccination died were killed by the vaccine. His results were replicated by other German pathologists (since no US pathologist would dare accuse the vaccine of causing death or they would be immediately fired).


So taking a very conservative view that VAERS is 100% reported (so only a total of 8664 deaths), then 44% of 8664 = within 2 weeks = 3812 killed in the first two weeks. If just 30% was caused by the vaccines, then that is 1,143 people killed by the vaccine at a minimum. For 230M vaccinated, then that is 4.9 deaths per million minimum killed by the vaccine.

This means these vaccines are at least 5X deadlier than the smallpox vaccine which we pointed out is deemed to be too unsafe to use. Note that this estimate assumes that only the deaths in the first two weeks are caused by the vaccine and assumes after 2 weeks all the excess deaths we caused by something else.

Note: The actual number killed by the vaccines is at least 150K (estimated 8 different ways), but we’re trying to be as conservative as possible here giving any critics nothing to complain about.


Here are the % of total deaths for each week for the first 5 weeks:

  1. 33.6% meaning that in the first week, 33.6% of all the vaccine related deaths happened in the first week
  2. 10.97% in the second week, so now we’ve killed nearly 45% of all the deaths
  3. 8.4%
  4. 6.04%
  5. 4.19% by the fifth week out, 63% of all deaths have happened

Here’s a link to Albert’s report.

I’ve asked him to extend it out to 12 weeks and will update the file when I receive the extended report.

This is just what is being reported, or suspected. I believe the numbers would hold if all cases were realized to be due to vaccinations. Here is a response to a friend, but first what he was responding to and what others said:

  • Friday (or Thursday I forget), one of our regular vendors dropped off some material and during our normal conversating he mentioned his nephew (a 40-year old healthy dude) died within days of getting his booster. He got his booster, almost immediately after starting feeling funny. After 2-days he went to the hospital, ended up in coma, and died. Just thought I would share. The entire family blames the booster…. I bet Pfizer won’t.

Found out he had a massive heart attack after complications stemming from the booster. Heart attacks [amonge other complications] are a main issue with these vaccines: “Renowned Cardiologist: Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines ‘Dramatically Increase’ Heart Attack Risk

To which others responded:

  • (Cory) An exercise instructor friend of mine got the booster and within a day experienced respiratory and circulatory distress — and has been in the hospital most of a month and isn’t really improving. Perhaps coincidental. Perhaps something else?
  • (Becca) My grandma (vaccinated) got covid from the vaccinated and is fighting for her life…
  • (GM) My father in law had a stroke about 15 days after his booster. I’m positive that was the cause

Here is my friend’s (JB) observation:

  • I got my booster I had no issues neither did my wife or father. But we are all different and our body’s are different. Regardless of the cause it is sad whenever we lose someone. And blaming something or Someone doesn’t help with closure and could end up harming them more. Sorry for your friends lose

I respond to JB:

But the mothers who lost their children in utero because of the shots, or the forced vax of children where for every one saved over a hundred will most likely die (as many reports already suggest that support the math), and the people who are not you, your wife, or father. in other words, your world and the many reports here (1000covidstories.com), or the whistle blower with evidence that well over 40,000 seniors within 2-weeks died of heart or blood clot issues within the Medicare system. Or the only two autopsies autopsies (one in Dr. Schirmacher performed autopsies on 40 people who had died within two weeks of receiving a Covid jab. Of those, 30%-40% could be directly attributed to the “vaccines.” The only other autopsy that made it to any medical journal was of an 80-year old man whom they say was directly related to the vaccine. (My section is linked here…. it is interrupted by the “INFO BREAK” (Autosies via RPT)

It is those bad consequences which Pfizer and Moderna knew of as well as the FDA…. which is why they want (one of the reasons they want) records sealed for 55-years.

I could go on, but I am watching the new Bond movie.


A 13-year-old Michigan boy died in his sleep three days after receiving the coronavirus vaccine in June and the Centers for Disease Control has opened an investigation into the death, a report said on Sunday.

Jacob Clynick — who was preparing to enter high school in the fall — received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a Walgreens in Zilwaukee, Mich. on June 13, his aunt told the Detroit Free Press.

Jacob was healthy and had no underlying health conditions. In the two days following the second jab, the only side effects he had experienced were the same ones most others had to deal with: fatigue and fever.

On June 15, two nights after receiving the second dose, Jacob complained of a stomach ache before going to sleep and never woke up.

“He passed away in the middle of the night at home,” his aunt, Tammy Burages, said…..


The post above this recounted short convo also lends to the issues with the vaccines… AS WELL AS THESE

Stillborn Births Skyrocket Among Vaccinated

Dr. Daniel Nagase, and Dr. Mel Bruchet, ring the alarm on the alarmingly high rates of disasters that governments and the MSM don’t want to share.

Doulas that work in women’s and children’s hospitals raised the voice about the alarming rate of stillbirths in British Columbia, Canada!

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The doulas had 13 stillbirths only in one day. There is another terrifying statistic from Waterloo, Ontario.

According to Dr. Nagase’s analysis, from January to July, there were 86 stillbirths, and the typical number of these cases is 5-6 per year. However, since the vaccine rollout, there have been 14 to 15 stillbirths per month in Waterloo.

Dr. Nagase shared that he has confirmed from the Waterloo, Ontario report that the stillbirths occurred only with vaccinated mothers…..

CDC Admits Tainted Statistics (Plus: Vaccine Updates)

Recently, Dr. Toby Rogers did a risk-benefit analysis showing we’ll kill 117 kids for every kid we save from COVID with the vaccines aged 5 to 11.

The ratio doesn’t really change if they change the dose, e.g., to a third of the adult dose. It means fewer kids saved and fewer kids killed, but Toby estimates the ratio would be about the same. Whether it is 117 or 10, it doesn’t matter. We will kill a lot more kids than we will ever save with these vaccines.

What Toby predicted is now coming true.

We can’t show it is 117 to 1, but we can show for sure we are killing more kids than we are saving because kids that would have never died before are now dying with COVID, only children with pretty severe health problems would die: we don’t know of a single kid, 5 to 11, who died from COVID who didn’t have some pretty serious health issues before they got COVID.

Those days are now gone. We’re now killing the healthy kids.

The vaccines rolled out for kids 5 to 11 starting on November 7. It is now just 12 days later and we are now killing perfectly healthy kids.

I just got this text: (to the right)

That’s hardly an isolated incident.

These deaths simply are never ever going to reported in the NY Times or on CNN. So you’re never going to hear about them except from alternate media sources like this substack article. So only around 20,000 people will ever see these deaths.

Here’s another example. Another canary in the coal mine.

First time in her 14-year career: seeing an 8 year old with myocarditis

I saw this Tweet from one of my followers. First time in her 14 year career she has ever seen an 8 year old child with myocarditis. Welcome to the “new normal.”

It’s happening for older kids too, not just the youngest. Here’s a video of Ernest Ramirez who lost his only child, his 16-year old son. I’ve talked to Ernest. His son had zero health issues. He got the first dose of Pfizer and just 5 days later his heart had doubled in size and he died of cardiac arrest while in the park. Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the nation’s most respected cardiologists reviewed the autopsy report and determined the vaccine killed the child. But the CDC simply ignores that because the medical examiner who did the autopsy (after a huge amount of pleading by the father) just said his son died of heart failure, not the vaccine.

Please click the image to watch the video, it’s only 2 minutes long: