This May Be My Most Important Post, Ever

I have argued for years that toilet paper is manufactured a certain way. In other words, what the customer does with it when they get home is up to them >>

Here are some positives to each of the positions:

Fine… each position has it’s pros… okay. BUT, we are talking about HOW IT IS DESIGNED! The manufacturer produces the product with a position in mind. Here are some examples I often give…

The backside of the toilet paper is blank. IT IS DESIGNED TO HANG A CERTAIN WAY. But now there is patent proof from the original 1891 patent. Read it and weep you dopes! (Notice as well that the original idea had the roll hanging a certain way… the first drawing below has a holder that shows the intent of the designer hanging the roll a certain way):

The Venezuelan Diet!

See: Bernie Sanders Socialist Paradise!

Using an ancient Soviet method, 75% of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 pounds and so can you! Who needs human rights and free press when you can get back to your old college weight? Watch the video and let Remy show you how it all works.

Crazy Footage – Container-ship Hits Ship-to-Shore Crane

Again, WOW!

(G-CAPTAIN) An investigation has been launched after a CMA CGM containership struck a ship-to-shore crane while berthing at Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates, causing the giant to collapse.

The UK-flagged CMA CGM Centaurus contacted the quay while berthing at Jebel Ali on Thursday, May 4, causing the crane to collapse suddenly. A second crane was also shifted off its rails during the incident but remained upright and stable.

Amazingly there were no serious injuries even though there were many workers around at the time of the incident. ….

“The Day I Broke My Back”

FROM THE GUY WHO BROKE HIS BACK: I had a awesome day riding with a couple of friends, but I got alil’ cocky when I swapped with my mate and tried his KTM300EXC for the first time, little lite bike and too many revs equals pain, chopper ride and hospital stay. I landed straight on my arse and broke 2 vertebrae, but I was lucky as I was able to walk afterwards..