We Want Answers! ~ Liz Wheeler

THE GOLDWATER SAYS:Democrat Gay Fascism

….The conspiracy theorists were correct. Now we have the proof that the Hillary Clinton campaign has sent up to 500 at a time to infiltrate Trump rallies in order to illicit responses from the less stable people In the crowds that is supporting Trump.The chaos that has been caused has resulted in the injuries of many people including police officers. Veritas released the proof of the Violation of Federal campaign coordination laws.By using consultant groups as she was able to direct the Clinton campaign to commit illegal acts with plausible deniability.

The activists that the DNC and the Clinton campaign sent to the Trump rallies were actually trained for weeks .They were trained in how to ask questions, and where to stand in the audience to get their questions answered. They were also coached in how to start confrontations with Trump supporters.

Scott Foval the National Field Director at Americans United for Change was Bob Creamer’s attack dog. Foval and his people trained the agitators to go on Trump rallies.

“ The thing that we have to watch is making sure there’s double blind between the actual campaign and the actual DNC and what were doing.There is double blind there. So they can plausibly deny that they knew anything about it. “

“ There’s a script, there’s a script of engagement. Sometimes the crazies bite and sometimes the crazies don’t bite.”

– Scott Foval

The tenacity that the DNC and the Clinton campaign have shown to get Hillary Clinton elected, has been revealed to be over the top and beyond that which is legally acceptable. The future of the United States lies within our hands and these evidences reveals the situation of the war that we are getting into.