Tucker Carlson’s “Sermon” | The Religion of Leftism

By-the-by, I have been saying this for MANY years. See for example:

ACE of SPADES has this excellent hat-tip:

Dennis Prager pointed out years ago that leftism is a religion. Tucker Carlson recently spoke on a similar theme, suggesting that many who are in power today, along with some of The Woke, tend to believe that they have no need to adjust to reality. They are in control of reality.

Yesterday, The News Junkie at Maggie’s Farm posted a video of Tucker Carlson speaking at a church for the first time. There is a link to the entire speech in the comments.

The shorter video below focuses on the belief of many in positions of power that they can overrule reality. In other words, their belief that they are God. Some quotes about the nature of political debate in our time – a debate about power:

“This is a theological debate”.

“The debate is no longer between faith and reason.”

“The root argument is do you think you’re in control of the universe or don’t you.”

the truth is the people who run most of our institutions in this country (and by the way they’re of both parties) tend to believe that they are wholly in charge.”

Tucker Carlson speaks at a church (CORNERSTONE NASHVILLE [an Evangelical Church, BTW])… here is the FULL VIDEO for those that wish to view it:

See these past examples of the bathroom issue noted in the video above: