Stephen Strang and Dennis Prager Discuss Donald J. Trump

This is an interview from July 2, 2019 (an Ultimate Issues Hour), and is merely an excerpt surrounding getting what you see with Trump. Stephen Strang had Dennis on his show as well (YOUTUBE). A lot of what Strang does can be found HERE — A recent article that caused me to upload this is this article:

From the linked article:

I didn’t vote for someone who promised to live a Christian lifestyle.

I voted for someone who promised to defend my right to live that way. Why, then, when we support President Donald Trump, do we feel the need to give a disclaimer that we don’t necessarily agree with all his tweets, but we admire his policies and what he has accomplished?

Maybe because we don’t see the bigger principles at work.

Ralph Reed, a respected political activist who was the first executive director of the Christian Coalition in the 1990s, was in Jerusalem when the U.S. Embassy was moved there from Tel Aviv. While attending the events celebrating the opening of the embassy, he heard Danny Ayalon, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., make the point that Jews believe only flawed men make great leaders.

The rabbis teach, in fact, that you should never put someone in leadership who doesn’t have a flaw in life.

“If someone is self-righteous and convinced of their own goodness, they won’t feel the need to redeem their past by bearing good fruit and doing great deeds. But if they have experienced real failure or a major setback in their lives, they are more likely to approach leadership or service redemptively,” Reed told me.

He said that this explains why Trump is such a great leader who is so committed to keeping his promises. Despite his past mistakes and failures — or perhaps because of them — he wants to do the right thing…..