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Michael Shellenberger Rips Zuckerberg’s Threads Censorship

  • “There is no democracy without freedom of speech. Everybody knows this, and yet they’re trying to curtail freedom of speech in the name of democracy. It’s creepy. It’s totalitarian. I never thought I would see it in my own country in my lifetime. And yet that’s exactly what’s happening at this very moment”

Over ONE MILLION FISA queries were conducted ILLEGALLY under FBI Director Wray’s watch. No one has been held responsible or accountable.


Michael Shellenberger, Twitter Files journalist and founder of Public is in London to discuss the international censorship industrial complex. He explains to Winston how the complex web of government, big tech, intelligence and media collude to suppress speech in the UK, America and beyond.

The Four Women Of The Twitter Apocalypse!

GOP Rep Nancy Mace rips into fired twitter officials over covid censorship – admits she has devastating side effects from covid vaccine.

  • During Wednesday’s Republican-led House Oversight Committee concerning conservative censorship on social media, GOP Rep. Nancy Mace slammed Twitter’s former Chief Legal Officer for censoring the Harvard & Standford doctors because they didn’t support the Covid-19 vaccine. (100% FED-UP)

Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Yoel Roth for his pro child-porn activity while at Twitter:

  • Greene specifically called out Yoel Roth, the homosexual former Head of “Trust & Safety” at Twitter, explaining that she was amazed at his inability to remove child porn from Twitter. (LIBERTY DAILY)

Rep. Lauren Boebert grills former Twitter execs over ‘shadow-banning’ of her account:

  • “Who the hell do you think that you are?” Boebert, who narrowly won her re-election bid in November, asked the former Twitter executives, saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have wished for the type of election interference she accused the executives of carrying out. (YOUR NEWS)

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Catches Twitter Execs Lying, With Proof… Ms Luna brings the receipts!

“Almost every conspiracy theory … about Twitter turned out to be true”

  • Elon Musk: “Almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true”

This comes by way of POSTMILLENNIAL

On Saturday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk appeared on the All-In podcast and said that “every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.”

“Is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that didn’t turn out to be true?” Musk said. “So far they’ve all turned out to be true, and if not more true than people thought.”

The All-In hosts were asking Musk about the Twitter files, a series of reports detailing conversations at Twitter over several years concerning the company’s efforts towards censorship and collusion with government agencies towards information suppression.

When asked “is there a part of the files that really shocked you” Musk replied that the “FBI stuff is pretty intense.”………

One response was with this cool video:

FBI Shows “Utter Contempt For The American People” | Turley

Jonathan Turley says the FBI response to the latest Twitter Files revelations shows ‘utter contempt for the American people’

  • FBI’s Response to the Twitter Files Does Not Dispute Any Factual Allegation, But Slanders Any American Discussing These Facts and Faulting Their Eager Involvement in Censorship As “Conspiracy Theorists” — ACE