Post-Debate MSNBC Meltdown

Liberal on Liberal Violence, MSNBC’s Fineman Equates Lehrer’s Debate Moderation to ‘Criminal Negligence’

Howard Fineman lamnets how the president was on defense during the first presidential debate and called its moderator, Jim Lehrer, “useless” and criminally negligent for not following up on questions that would have benefited Obama

Upset NBC Reporters Whine: Why Didn’t Obama Bring Up 47 Percent? (Is “rope-a-dope” a dog whistle?)

On NBC News’ live October 3, 2012 presidential debate coverage a clearly upset David Gregory was shocked that Barack Obama didn’t hit Romney with the liberal media’s favorite talking point as he whined: “He didn’t bring up the 47 percent!” Obama not mentioning the hidden camera video of Romney talking about the 47 percent also stunned NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams who asked Savannah Guthrie: “Were you surprised we didn’t hear the number 47?”

Dem Debate Meltdown: Obama Surrogate Refers To ‘President Romney’

How utter was Mitt Romney’s rout of Barack Obama tonight? In the post-debate spin room, a hopelessly muddled Martin O’Malley, Dem guv from Maryland and supposedly an Obama surrogate, wound up referring to “President Romney”!

Brokaw: If Romney Performed Like Obama Did Last Night Campaign Would Be Over